Tuesday, July 3, 2007

~Our BUSY Sunday and Monday~

(Yesterday, I called the hospital where my Grandma is, and I got an update from a nurse. She said that yesterday Grandma's blood pressure was doing much better! Praise the Lord...please do keep praying for her when she crosses your mind...and for Daddy and Moma during this stressful time. (Talk about STRESS...a house and Daddy's office that are filled with boxes to unpack, Grandma in the hospital, and planning her 100th birthday party in Ohio on Friday. ={) Please pray that she will be able to attend her party!! Thanks for your prayers!)
Sunday, we got a RARE treat and took a taxi to church Sunday morning. (It costs twice or three times the money to take a taxi, and since we are supporting (with God's help) 4 Colombian churches with our own monthly salary, we try to take buses most of the time, to save money!) Got to church early, Kimberly and I practiced "Thou art Worthy" in Spanish to sing as a duet, and then we had time to pray before the service started. There were 20 people there, and God helped Phillip to preach, and the subject was about Cain killing Able, with lessons for us all to learn from their story. (Lessons like, Don't kill your brother! ;) After church, we passed out my cookies, and then took a bus half way down the mountain to meet our friend Jason, who attends our church, but could not that day.
~Our kids playing while we waited to meet Jason for him to take us to his Mother's house for Sunday dinner.~

We met him, and he was going to take us to his Mother's house for Sunday dinner. So, he put Noah, and his son Jason on the motorcycle, AND our keyboard and stand too, ran them to his Mother's house and then returned for Kimberly and Sarah to get to ride on the motorcycle, while Phillip and I walked behind them (AND I PRAYED!!!=)
~Kimberly and Sarah taking a ride with Jason...We forgot to get a picture of Noah, Little Jason, Jason and my keyboard and stand all on the motorcycle.~

We had a nice visit with Jason's Mother, she is such a sweetheart! I took her a tray of cookies and she was touched, and happy. They served us some "Tinto" (basically hot coffee with sugar) and then while we were visiting, Jason mentioned that we would be eating FISH!
~Jason, his son Jason and Our family eating at Jason's Mother's house!~

Phillip began to pray silently that the fish would NOT HAVE HEADS ON THEM....for you see here...it's expected that the person eating the fish SUCK OUT THE BRAINS OF THE FISH OUT OF IT'S HEAD...and we don't do that, and didn't want them to think we were waisting "MEAT". Thank the Lord, the fish arrived HEADLESS...and we had a good meal. It was a little oily tasting, but with the rice, we got it down. =)
~Phillip took a picture of our family, Jason, his son Jason, his Mother, his sister-in-law and her son, Walter.~

Afterward Jason wanted us to go and dedicate his new home (new to him), to the Lord.
~Phillip dedicating Jason's home.~

After Phillip dedicated Jason's house, we said our goodbyes, and then we took a taxi to our Sunday evening service. We got there about 20 minutes early so laid down on the hard wooden (Backless) church benches to try to catch a 10 minute "nap" or rest before we started service. Had a good service, with 25 people there! That's the most we've ever had in our new church there. God is helping the people there, and for that we praise Him! Came home Sunday evening, exhausted, (and that's when I got the email about my Grandma being in the hospital with HIGH blood pressure due to her heart, so I went to bed CONCERNED AND SAD!!)
Monday, we had a Family day. Took the kids to that road that Bogota opens on holidays (it's open from 7:00-2:00) where people ride bikes, walk, skate, etc., and our kids had fun for a few minutes.
~Our dear friend Pastor Jimmy came by and walked with us for a little while on that road.~

Due to being busy that day...We didn't get there until near 2:00 and we expected that the police there would tell us when to get off the road, and when they would open it back up for the cars to drive on... but no...we were going down one lane with Kimberly, Sarah and Noah, when I happened to turn around and there were 2 cars behind us! EEKK!
~Our family on the road. Vendors set up little stands along the road to sell freshly made fruit drinks, fresh fruit cups, empanadas, etc.~

So, we quickly got on the sidewalk...and decided we'll never be on that road that close to 2:00 again. =)
~Phillip decided to be crazy to "ride" Noah's bike and surprise us.!!~

~We took the kids to our little park for a few minutes on our way home!~

Came home and grilled some hotdogs for our lunch/supper and the kids roasted some marshmellows.~Grilling out!~

Met up with the TLC team and got to visit with them in their guest home for about an hour and a half. It was a lot of fun! We laughed, talked about their trip, compared stories on INTERESTING foods that we have had to eat, saw some of their pics, and there was a computer there at the guest house so we watched part of their commissioning service too.
~The TLC team and us watching their commissioning service.~

I brought them 2 plates of my cookies, and they seem to enjoy them. They also had some NICE things that my DEAR friend Kayla from FL. sent with them to give to me. Originally, we didn't think we knew any one in that TLC group...but it was nice, for I was able to connect with each of the 7 members. Josh is from "Dad" Sankey's church, Jonathan is from Uncle Carson's church, I know the Dad and Mom of the other Jonathan, Holly attends GBS, and is currently dating a cousin to my sister-in-law, Renee attended GBS, and is from PA, near AYC camp, the girl from GA (her name is slipping me right now) attends the same church as my friends, Joy and Phil Budensiek, and she also attends my camp meeting, "Pell City Camp", and Elizabeth is from Westfield, and attends the church that my parents are now pastoring. IT'S A SMALL WORLD!! We had a lot of fun visiting with them. They should fly to FL. today, and then on to their homes tomorrow. I'm sure that they will LOVE being home, but I think that they had a nice trip, and were a blessing! ~Us and the girls from the Amazon TLC team~


Beth Dickinson said...

Wow Heather what a busy couple of days. You make me tired just reading about it. lol We love and miss you all.


Vonnie said...

The family day yesterday sounds like alot of fun!! I just can hardly imagine anyone needing coats in July. :) It is up to 90 again today here in North Pole!!

I'm glad the fish didn't have heads! UGH!!!

Les said...

I'm glad to hear your grandma's bp is coming down and praying she can make her own party!
Your food never ceases to amaze me! Fish heads and brains! God Bless You!!!!!

Kim M. said...

Heather I love reading your updates. Keep them coming! I am looking forward to talking to Josh and hearing about the TLC trip too! Also, I am so glad too that you didn't have to eat fish brains!!!

Darlene Bray said...

How busy you have been! Thanks for taking the time to post. I especially appreciate your kindness to the TLC team. It was nice hearing about your time with them and seeing Johnathan's picture there.

Kelly S said...

I'm not sure which is worse - Phillip's soup with the cow's foot or fish brains! You are true missionaries! I'm so glad you are so open and willing to let us peek inside of your lives. Your updates are really eye openers and so strongly reminds us how much we need to pray for you and other missionaries. Sometimes our prayers can be so vague, "God, help the missionaries", but reading your posts makes us have specifics to pray for. We love y'all and are praying for you.

Marty said...

So sorry to hear about Grandma B. We are praying for yer recovery...I can't believe 100years old!! What a blessing!

Your parents will be richly blessed for all the care and love to her!

Loved the post and seeing the pictures of the TLC team!

Teresa V said...

I've been "catching up" on your latest blogs. Sounds as if you've been living life to its fullest, as usual! I'm glad the fish story ended happily for you... when we visited Peru several years ago, I saw some foods that I did NOT want to put in my mouth, either..I'll be praying for your grandmother and for your parents as they continue to care for her and move into their new home. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Heather, I was thinking and praying about wishing (how's that for butcherin' the King's English) that we could just be able to SEND YOU THE MONEY for a Taxi EVERY LORD's DAY... that would make your lives SOOO Much easier. GOD IS ABLE and we'll keep praying for that end. I know how much the bus rides were stressful in Russia when that is all we had... praying for your hearts today. You are my FAVORITEST missionary... Love you and am PROUD to call you my sister... but it's a GOOD PROUD! Laura

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