Tuesday, June 30, 2015

~Happy Anniversary, Daddy and Moma!~

Kara and Bethany just left!  
Please pray for a safe trip home for them!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
A very Happy Anniversary to my Daddy and Moma!!
 If I'm correct it has been 54 wonderful Happy Years of married Bliss! :-)
THANK YOU for staying true to Jesus and to each other!!!
We soooo appreciate your Faithfulness and Godly examples!!
~A picture of my Sweet Daddy and Moma (that I borrowed from Laura's blog! :-) ~
We love and miss y'all bunches and hope that y'all have had a great day!
(In case any readers missed it, I posted a post below of our trip to Uruguay with Kara and Bethany.)
~Heather~ (and family!)

Monday, June 29, 2015

~We took Kara and Bethany to Uruguay!~

Kara and Bethany leave tomorrow. :-(
It has been fun having them here!
Please pray for that God gives them a safe trip back!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
You might note that we've been having a lot of ice cream and coffee shop stops! :-)
Thanks to Kara and Bethany's parents who sent money for us to do LOTS OF FUN things with them. 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
One of the things Kara and Bethany wanted to do was to go and visit Uruguay so they could have that among their list of countries in which they have been.
So one Saturday we took them to Uruguay!
We just took the One hour boat ride across the Plata River to Colonia, Uruguay.
We had never been to Colonia, a fun antique small town.
We had a Blast together!
Please enjoy the following few LOTS of Fun pics!
 ~On the boat!~

 ~Arriving in Colonia!~
 ~Abigail Playing peek-a-boo...wearing her Daddy's hat! (Her Jean skirt (Falda) got pulled up!)
"Now you see me,...
  ~Now you don't!"~
 ~Above Abigail and I is a sign that reads "Cafe and Mate Bar!"  We thought it was cute that they had a place to sit and drink Mate...and Argentine tea.~
 ~The kids on one of the main old streets of Colonia.~

 ~Phillip, Abigail, and I!~

 ~Kara took this FUN silhouette picture of our family!~
 ~And a fun one of Phillip and Me!~
  ~An Old church!~

 ~Beautiful flowers everywhere!~

 ~The Plata River is in the background of this pic.~
 ~The neat light house~
 ~Bones from a large animal~
 ~Walking to see the Plata river!~

 ~The kids enjoyed a few minutes climbing on the rock by the River!~

 ~The girls...minus Abigail and I!~
 ~We found a very yummy restaurant where we ate lunch.~
 ~A fun Fall pic of the grasses and trees from our Outside table at lunch time.~
 ~Where we ate lunch~

 ~The is Phillip's and my typical lunch!  It was DELISH!~
 ~The kids in their new warm hats!~

 ~Fun colors and fun buildings.~

 ~The light house at night!~
 ~Ice cream and coffee right before we got back on the boat!~

 ~The front of the boat we rode back to Argentina!~
 Fun Memories that will Last a Lifetime!

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