Friday, November 27, 2009

~Our Thanksgiving day.~

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! It was a special day being with family and praising God for alllll He has done for us. Here are some pictures of our day. =)
~Everybody pitched in and helped get ready for Thanksgiving dinner. Here Gramp is cutting up the bread for the homemade dressing while Elijah drags a bear around the kitchen. =)~
~Even Grandma Bryan...102 (plus) helpd to get ready for Thanksgiving dinner. Kimberly was Gram's right hand lady in getting ready for company on Tuesday and the Hausman's arrival on Wednesday...and then Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday.~
~Setting up and playing with Gram's train.~
~A sweet lady from Daddy and Moma's church baked this beautiful choc. cake and brought it in for our Thanksgiving dinner! Thank you, Pam, it was delicious!!~
~It is always a blast to be with the cousins.~
~UNCLE PHILLIP MADE US SMILE! He found these edible wax mustache and lips on sale for a few cents a piece and bought them for our kids to have some fun with.~
~Sarah blowing a kiss.~
~Gramp reading the grandkids a story.~
~The girl cousins enjoyed spending the night together in the motor home.~
~Having fun...giggling and talking late into the night. I came to the motor home and knocked on their window and scared them half to death. It was fun. =D~
~The pretty centerpiece. Sis. Kemp got me these adorable fall candle holders years ago, and I have been letting Moma borrow them.~
~The pretty Thanksgiving table. I was thrilled to get these placemates for 80% off at Hobby Lobby, and so I offered that we could use them for our Thanksgiving table.~
~Natasha, Brittany, and Kimberly playing a game of scrabble~
~Elijah "playing a piano duet" with Aunt Laura. (I think he was asking her what note he should play next. =)~
~How many blessings we have! Our family...getting to with them for Thanksgiving...and serving Jesus, to name a few!~
~Moma and I made the yummy pumpkin pies.~
~Elijah agreed that the pumpkin pie was delicious! He picked up someone's pie that he found and licked the filling out of the crust and then ate the crust. =)~
~Gram bought fun Christmas coloring books for the kids and gave them to them after Thanksgiving dinner.~
~It was special to get to celebrate Thanksgiving with Grandma Bryan who is 102 plus!~
~Darla and Sarah, Bryan and Noah did a little program for us.~
~Gram and Gramp listening to the little program.~
~I trust that y'all had a very Happy Thanksgiving as well!~

Thursday, November 26, 2009

~We packed a lot into our short visit together.~

Could you please pray for Rigoberto and Ilce...serving Jesus in Cartagena, Colombia? Thank you!
More of our trip with Dad and Mom, Michael and Beth and family.
We surely enjoyed getting to see the beautiful mountains, cactus, and western landscape in AZ again.

~Then Phillip and Michael came back and took Beth and I (and Elijah) to see the neat desert.~

~The shells that Noah picked up in the desert.~
~While in AZ we were happy to eat a neat treat again called a "Big Hunk". Here's my Big hunk--Phillip-- holding a "Big Hunk". =D

Monday, November 23, 2009

~Catching the Gratitude Attitude~

I want to wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving! While the world thinks of this day as nothing but "Turkey day", football, and another day off of work, we Christians love this Holiday for it reminds us to catch the Gratitude Attitude! To stop and count our blessings and name them one by one!
God has been VERY good to me! God could have saved us and sancitified us and then said that that was all He was going to do for us for there is NO WAY that we could ever repay Him for those! But...He didn't do that...He cares for every one of our needs (and even some of our wants.=) I Thank Him for ALLLLLLL He has done for Me. Below are pictures of my 3 main praises. (I THANK GOD for my family as well, but I don't have any recent pictures of them! =(
~One of the main blessings I have is my WONDERFUL man that Jesus gave me. He's the best husband in the world!!!! (I'm glad if you don't agree...for I WANT you to think that yours is the best!! =) I Thank the Lord for Phillip!~
~And when I married Phillip I got the best in-laws that a lady could ever get! I love Dad and Mom D. and Michael and Beth (and family) Tons!~
~Then I am extremely GRATEFUL that God "loaned" us 4 precious children to love and raise for Him.~~Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!~

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

~Even more AZ pics~

~Since we all were together for a week, we decided to take a trip in the motor home and go see family we hadn't seen in years. Dad and Mom, and Michael, Beth, and family loved the motor home that the Demint's have loaned us.

~Little Elijah in the dessert.~
~On the way we had a blowout in the motorhome. But God helped us and it happened near a town that had a nice tire shop that changed it for us.~

~Trying to take pictures of the neat Western mountains while going down the road. =)~

~Dad and Mom wanted to show us this neat train in Kingman, AZ.~
~Our family at the train.~

~Michael and Beth and kids with the train. Michael LOVES being goofy in if you look closely you will notice his eyes crossed.~
~Grandpa and Grandma and their 6 GRANDkids. =)~

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