Friday, July 6, 2007

~Happy Birthday Beth, July 7th~ my sister-in-law is NOT turning 100, but I hope she has a very special birthday just the same! =D We love you, Beth, and we couldn't have asked for a better sister-in-law...Michael "DONE GOOD" when he got you! We love and miss you and your precious family! I hope that you have a Happy Day! =) ~This picture was taken this past December when we were celebrating Michael's birthday. Beth and I had run into Dairy Queen to buy a Birthday cake for Michael. There was a guy that was helping us choose what cake we wanted and what we wanted written on it. We chose a cute cake with 3 snowmen on it (one for Michael, Beth, and baby Isaiah!) When the guy took the cake to the back to get it written on, out of the clear blue Beth said to me, "I like 'em!" I sort of looked at her shocked thinking she meant "him" -- the man, and then she said, "OH...I MEAN THE CAKE..NOT THE MAN!" We cracked up, It was hilarious! We always have a BLAST when we are with Michael and Beth!~


Beth Dickinson said...

lol, That was so funny! Thanks for the Birthday Blog:-)

Miss you all very much.


Sherry L said...

I was thinking just today HOW MUCH I love my 2 daughter-in-laws and wondering how I could be so BLEST having their love in return. Happy Birthday Sweetheart Beth! Our love always, Mom & Dad Dickinson

Vonnie said...

Happy Birthday Beth!! :)

Monte & Amy said...

Happy B-day sis you are GREAT and WONDERFUL and the best sister anyone could have. Thanks for beings so loving.
love amy

Gayle said...

Happy Birthday Beth!
Sis E

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