Friday, July 13, 2007


Our family used to LOVE to shop at Walmart! We could get great prices there, and with having kids, it's was a one stop shopping for EVERYTHING that our family needed. So, I thought that I'd show you a couple pictures of our "WALMART" here!
This is Wal-mart's competitor here in Colombia! I don't think that Wal-mart could carry more things to buy than this does. =D
~This is actually a CAR...with mop handles attatched at the back to haul more things.~

~The neat thing about this "Wal-mart" is that you don't have to walk up and down the aisles to find the things that you's all before your eyes.~

Also, we are blessed to have 2 grocery stores within walking distance of our house...OK..."within walking distance" means...we walk 1 mile to the grocery store, and we walk one mile home. =)(Pulling our market cart full of heavy groceries.) One day we were in our grocery store, and I'm not sure what the occassion was...but they had a Mariachi band playing while we shopped...TALK ABOUT NEAT...BUT LOUD!! =)
~The Mariachi band playing while we shopped.~

~Behind them is a sign saying that the spaghetti noodles costs $2,180 pesos...which would be a little over a dollar.~

We miss our Wal-mart...but are blessed to have some nice stores here. =)


Leah said...

I had to look hard to find the car underneath the "wal-mart". Maybe you should call that the "blue light special" - remember KMart?!?! I remember being in Mexico and taking a picture of the $500 for a tank of gas. When you remember it's pesos it changes things but it is a scary sight!!

AuntEllen&UncleDan said...

What memories you and your children will store of living with other cultures! (I did do a double take on seeing the price behind the musicians so glad you explained.)

Gayle said...

Thats Great! Do they come to your house? It reminds me of when I was a child. Everyone came to your house. The Milkman,butcher,farmers selling produce, Ice cream,Jewel man sold everything, a man we called the sheeny came every saturday and picked up junk. We burned coal so the ash man came around and pick up your ashes. We did have to walk a mile to school one way and come back home for lunch another mile and back again and then back home, so that was 4 miles a day. Then we would walk back up town to go get a fountain soda or candy and walk all over town. I kind of miss those day's!

Anonymous said...

Heather, that's hilarious! I laughed and the kids really enjoyed seeing the pictures! We have never seen things like that here in Europe. It is just individual little stores everywhere. So we enjoyed seeing another taste of your culture... great reading the comments and the other "cultures" people experienced. We understand the $2,180 bit... for when we 1st got here it was "millions" to purchase a loaf of bread... the money has changed a bit but it still cost us $1.030 (lei) to purchase a loaf of bread today! That's about $.70, U.S. cents. Don't you love our lives... so broadened! Love you and miss you lots, I'm gonna call Moma soon to wish her a Happy Birthday WEEK! Love, Laura in RO

Marty said...

Gives my trips to Walmart a whole new meaning!!!

Thanks for sharing!

Lenita said...

Hey Heather,
I am having trouble with my blogspot. trying to figure it out.
I will post a note soon.
Love ya,

Lenita said...

hey Heather....that is too funny..I tried to see if I could post a note and of course now that I told you I'm having went thru. Go figure!

Vonnie said...

Cute "Walmart", that's funny! I have never seen that either.

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