Tuesday, July 10, 2007

~Happy Birthday Moma!~

~OOPS! That is my arm behind Moma. This is the Best Moma in the world!~
Sorry that you are still in boxes on your birthday. I wish that life would slow down so that you could get unpacked, either that, or maybe I could come and help you. HEE! HEE! (First, Grandma went into the hospital, then she came out, and Moma threw her a 100th birthday party with out-of-state guests in their house that was filled with boxes, then this week their church has VBS, so life has not slowed down for them to get unpacked and set up. =) I know the parsonage will look like a doll house when you and Daddy get all of your things in place. We can't wait to come and see "OUR NEW HOME" and meet your new church people there in Indiana! You are an AWESOME Moma, wife, Gram, Christian, pastor's wife, and lady! I love you Tons!! Hope you have a Happy Day!


Sherry L said...

Martha is top-notch in my estimation. You were blessed with a mother like no other, Heather. Happy Birthday Martha! Love, Sherry Dickinson

Beth Dickinson said...

Happy Birthday!!


Gayle said...

Happy Birthday Martha!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Moma,
How I miss you, just seeing your picture. I love you and am praying for you. Hope to call you later on this your "birthday week". We are scrapbooking pages from our Canada days last summer and makes us miss everyone. we love you... you're the BESTEST! Love, Laura in Romania

Vonnie said...

You forgot awesome mother-in-law... :) Happy Birthday Mom. Love you!!!

Les said...

Happy Birthday! I'm sorry you couldn't spend the day with your mom, I know how you wish you could! I'm sure that she is so proud and thankful for the daughter, wife, and mother you've become!
I was looking at your other posts that I missed, and I loved your scrapbook pages! I'm so happy you found a violin teacher also. My son Joshua started to play the violin 2 years ago. When we found out we were moving to a different school district, they don't have strings at this school. He wanted to be able to play at school, so he switched to the sax. God has given him a great talent too, and it's been fun!

Roseanne said...

Happy Birthday Sis Bryan. You are very special

blondiesdoodles said...

Happy Birthday Gram! Love YA Heidi

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