Thursday, December 18, 2014

~We are leaving for S. America on Christmas day!~

We just purchased our tickets to go to Colombia and Lord willing we are leaving on CHRISTMAS day!  
God didn't open the doors for us to purchase those tickets until yesterday.  

We are His ambassadors and Go and Stay at HIS BIDDING.  =)
We have soooo much to do my head is spinning.  
(excuse the poem, it wasn't planned. =)

(Lord willing we will be going to Colombia to serve our people there for a couple weeks or so. This will also fulfill our requirements for our Colombia residencies. 
Then we will go on to Argentina to work for Jesus again there.)
PLEASE, PLEASE pray that we can get all the loose ends wrapped up in these few short days.
~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
One of the things our family REALLY wanted to do before we left for S. America was to attend our Christian Nation Church Christmas dinner.
We LOVE our Church, we LOVE our Church family, and we LOVE our Church Christmas dinner!  Grammy (and her helpers) always make the Christmas dinner SO SPECIAL!  :-)
Jesus DID LET us attend our Church Christmas dinner....and Here's some pics of our Wonderful evening. =)
~Our family~
 ~We have the BEST Pastor and wife, and the BEST Assoc. Pastor and Wife in the world! =) ~
 ~Kimberly and 2 of her cousins.~
 ~Kimberly, Katrina, and Brittany.~
 ~Abigail in the CUTE little hat and dress (and socks) one of our dear friends sent her.~
 ~A little closer shot of Our family~
 ~My sweetheart and I.~

 ~Kimberly went to take the above picture and Elijah jumped in too. =) ~
  ~Elijah and his good friend Sammy.~
 ~Here are all the young people!  (except a few that didn't know we were taking a pic. and were elsewhere.)
We are blessed with a good group of DEAR young people whom we LOVE to pieces and for whom we are PRAYING.  We want each one of them to ALWAYS serve Jesus! =) ~
 ~At the Christmas dinner there was a table full of fun gifts and we each put our names into gift bags marked, "Men", "Ladies", "Girls", "Boys."
Mary, Elijah, and I got our names chosen and so we got to chose a gift. =)
Here is Mary looking at her gift, a fun mouse story book.~
 ~Elijah got some fun hot wheel cars, and I got these fun Christmas mugs with Scripture verses on the back.~
1. Choose what to take,
2. PACK, and weigh all suitcases,
3. Make sure all of our laundry is washed (you can't leave dirty laundry to set for a year),
4. All dishes are washed up,
5. All food crumbs from the kids vacuumed up so as to not draw bugs or mice while we are gone,
6. Christmas purchased and wrapped up so we can open Christmas with the kids early so we can pack the gifts!
7. Do a whole HOST of other things too many to mention! :-)

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

~God Spared our girls from a stray bullet!~

The Angel of the Lord Encampeth round about those that fear Him, and delivereth them! 
Psalm 34:7
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Last Sunday night we had just crossed our street to come home at 11:30 or 11:45 P.M. when just 15 minutes later 5 gun shots went off right outside our house!!!!
Phillip ran to check on the boys, and they were asleep.
He hollered up to the girls on the 3rd floor to stay away from the windows and not turn lights on.
I then went up to Kimberly, Sarah, and little Mary on the 3rd floor and Kimberly said,

"Mommy, that 2nd bullet HIT our floor!!!"

Later I asked Phillip if he thought that they really had felt a BULLET HIT THEIR FLOOR!  He said that he doubted it, but that maybe their floor had creaked at the same time that the shots happened.
The next day Phillip was in his office...the room right below the girls room...and he found...
a bullet hole through both panes of glass in the window, through the curtain, through the top of the wall and headed up into the girls floor...just 3 inches away from where the girls were standing!!  

Even when we are in our USA home ...we are still on the MISSION FIELD!
(We are checking ticket prices and waiting on God about when to go back to S. America!)

How we PRAISE Jesus for protecting our girls (and all of us) from that bullet!   
~Our Sarah, my college roommate's daughter RaeQuelle, and our Kimberly at our Church Christmas dinner!~


Saturday, December 13, 2014

~Sarah has a birthday!~

Our Sarah recently had a birthday. We had a special birthday breakfast for her and then later that night we had a fun girly party!  Here are a gazillion pictures for you to enjoy!  =)

~We did a fun blue snow flake table complete with blue candy canes.~

~Fun coffee with a candy cane.~
~A few weeks ago Deanna talked to me about combining her Kiana and my Sarah's birthday's party. It sounded like a fun we started making plans!  She told me that she wanted to keep it a SURPRISE to Kiana!  I think we were able to keep Kiana from guessing about the party!  She knew SOMETHING was up...but I think she didn't guess about a party for her.  :-)  The evening turned out so FUN, FESTIVE, and Girly!!!  Lots of fun, good food, giggles, and good times! =D
The kids and I made a fun treat for each girl that came.~
~And these fun cupcakes.~

~And Oreo cake pops!~
~Sean was such a great babysitter to Abigail!~
~I also made pepperoni rolls and dip and then Dee made fun Jalepeno poppers, veggies and dip, and yummy potato wedges!~
~And Dee and her kids decorated their home so cute and colorful!~

~The hot chocolate and coffee bar!~

~Lots of yummy food!~

~Dee made a delicious punch!~

~My little snow man held the cards for the girls.~
~The girls~

~Dee made this fun birthday cake!~

~Sarah and Kiana~
~Dee and Kiana~
~Dee, Kiana, Me, and Sarah.~
~Sarah and I.~
~Precious little Abigail~

~Mary and the twins got to be at the party too.~

~And of course SWEET Baby Abigail gets to go everywhere Mommy goes for the present.  =) ~
~Love this sweet little outfit I found for Abigail at Once Upon a Child!~

~Singing Happy Birthday in front of the cake!~
Thanks, Dee, for the idea, for opening up your home, and for all you did to make the party special!
It was a very FUN evening and the girls loved their evening they will remember for a long time!!  :-)
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