Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Our family has been enjoying life to the fullest.  Staying Busy working for Jesus, homeschooling, spending time together, having company over, etc.  
Sure, there has been our SHARE of laundry and dirty dishes to tackle, 
but God is good and we are counting our MANY BLESSINGS that come from Him!!!

~Here's some Fall Decor for you to enjoy~

 ~My Friend Sherry gave me this fun trunk.  I decided to make it a "Coffee table" in front of the couch.~

 ~Blueberry scones for my fam~
 ~Mary and Abigail "helping me" decorate for Fall. :-) ~

~A fun Fall table ...using the new paper plates at Walmart.  Sooo cute and sturdy!~

 ~So Fun having Jake and Kate over for Sunday dinner~

 ~Kimberly shared her amazing Macarons with us...the ones that didn't quite meet her HIGH standards!~
 ~We enjoyed having the GBS choir at our church.~
 ~A giant pumpkin that my Daddy grew.~
 ~Enjoying Hot chocolate in my cute little pink hot chocolate pitcher.~
 ~YUMMY PUMPKIN COOKIES...from my sweet friend Aunt Nesi~
  ~Kimberly is selling her delicious macarons during this month of raise $$ for her trip to Honduras.  She has to raise $1,300 by Dec. 31st. 6 Macarons for $25.~
 ~Devotions and coffee in our cozy room~
 ~Cute little craft porcupine and owl that Elijah and Mary made.~
 ~Kimberly has a NEW FLAVOR.  Her Chocolate Macarons are SOOO Scrumptious!!~
 ~Mary and their buffalo plaid~
 ~I love this old barrel that a dear friend in LA gave me!!~
 ~This ol' barrel sits by our front door~
 ~On the Mantel~

 ~We enjoyed having the Alexanders and Jenny over for Sunday dinner.~
 ~I enjoyed using my Fall dishes.~
 ~Penny, myself, and Jenny.~

 ~We were thinking of our Beloved Colombia today as we enjoyed hot chocolate Colombian Style.  This hot chocolate comes in bars that include sugar, cocoa, cloves, and cinnamon. You use one bar per cup you make. You make it in the stainless steel chocolatera on top of your stove and stir it with the wooden stirrer.  #gotthechocolateatJungleJim's   #Enjoyingourchocolatera  (and our Colombian wooden stirrer.) ~
 ~Enjoying my Mums that my friend Sherry helped me get from a farm near her house.~
 ~The Fall wreath on our front door.~
 ~Abigail got the chicken eggs today.~

 ~Joining the "Couple Challenge"~
Posting a pic of us "Yesterday" and here we are Today!
I found the most amazing man in the World and then I fell in LOVE with him...and got to Marry him!!
I get the privilege of being MRS PHILLIP DICKINSON
Here we are "Yesterday" ...and Today!
I love this man bunches and oodles!!!  Each day I love him more!! 

Monday, October 8, 2018

~Recording our family Music CD and our time in Louisiana~

After FL we went to Louisiana where we spent some INTENSE DAYS practicing, and recording our songs for our Family Music CD.  This is a ministry we felt God wanted us to do.  Shortly before we went to record God sent in some $ specifically to help pay for this CD.  That was a Huge answer to our prayers!   (When we made our first CD back in 2004 ...I sold my Amish built dining room table and chairs to pay for the CD. Trint Castle did a great job being our Engineer on that CD.)

Jesus helped us and we made lots of memories during those recording days.   David Fogleman recorded us and did a great job.  He is a very patient man to put up with all of us. :-)

My Daddy pastored in LA when I was 12-16 years old, so I have LOTS of fun memories from my LA days.  I love the people, I love the food, I love the church, I love it all. :-)  So, it was fun sneaking time in here or there to be with DEAR LA friends when we were not practicing or recording.

Here are LOTS of pics for you to enjoy from our days in Louisiana.

  ~Phillip and I were being silly in this pic.  This was our first of many nights recording.  We recorded every night from 7:00--Midnight or AFTER!!!
 I spent many HOURS on this piano bench recording the piano tracks for our music CD.  Phillip stayed by my side and was a great encouragement.~
~Day #1 of Recording~

 ~On Friday Morning the girls and I watched the funeral of this dear young man who just passed away with cancer.  It was sooo incredibly sad!!  Though he had a wonderful testimony, I put myself in the place of his parents, having to say goodbye to one so young.  He was younger than our Sarah!~
 ~Time with Daddy in the cottage.~
 ~Time out with my good friend Kimberly N.~
 ~She took us to an arepa and taco restaurant.  We were thrilled to see all the things from Colombia and enjoyed our arepas!!!~
 ~Madisonville, LA~

 ~Yummy Arepas.  We enjoyed these lots in Colombia and haven't had them for years.~
  ~Then we enjoyed some coffee together.~

 ~Recording Day #2.~
 ~Recording Day #3~
 ~Kimberly recording her violin.~
 ~Praise the Lord after LOTS of hours recording piano tracks, we were basically done with the piano tracks when I took this pic!~
 ~Our First Sunday in Louisiana~
Sweet Mrs. Rachel and Abigail~

 ~Our family singing a special Sunday A.M.~
 ~Mary and Abigail sitting with "Aunt" Kimberly N.~
 ~Kimberly / the Neuenswanders got this yummy cake for Phillip's 45th birthday...which was the next day.~

 ~Elijah and Noah practicing their guitars together before they played in church.~
 ~Playing for the offertory.~
 ~Carson and Mary were the ushers for the offering.~
 ~Phillip spoke that evening.~
 ~Mr. David and Abigail~
 ~That first Monday was Phillip's birthday!
 ~Some nice sock from Mr. Joel.~
~I set up a birthday table in the annex and invited the Foglemans over for Skyline.~

 ~In FL Thomas had given us these drinks from Hawaii...which enjoyed that day with our Skyline.~
 ~Sweet Ms. Nellie dropped by with these fun desserts...perfect to enjoy with coffee after Skyline.~

  ~Phillip's birthday gifts.~
~LA Snowball time!~
(I used to run a snowball stand when I was a teenager, and I LOVE them.) 


 ~Thank the Lord, God protected us from the Hurricane storm that was supposed to hit us hard.  
God even gave us an extra day to record out of it.  :-) ~
 ~Laundry Mat time~

 THE COTTAGE sits behind the parsonage in Ponchatoula.  It has been such a great asset to the church and provided many a weary traveler a comfortable stay!!
It is as cute as can be, and was such a Blessing to our family during our Recording Days.
 ~We bought these things to leave in the cottage for those who stay there to enjoy.
(the pizza pan wouldn't fit in the small oven, so we couldn't leave that.)

  ~Snacks to help us and our engineer between the long hours of recording. :-) ~
 ~Sarah's turn to record.~
 ~I spent many an HOUR at this piano!!  But, I called out for Jesus to help me, and figuratively... I almost felt like He slipped on the piano bench beside me...HE HELPED ME SOOO MUCH!!!~
 ~Eat, Pray, Hustle.  As a Busy Missionaries wife and Mommy this cup describes My life. and our BUSY DAYS OF RECORDING TOO. :-)~
 ~Noah recording~

 ~I thought this was so cute Noah riding back to the cottage...after recording... with his guitar on his back.~
 ~We might have been rushing it a bit, but we were Enjoying a fall candle in between recording.~
 ~Elijah recording.~

 ~Ms. Nellie and Ms. Rachel took us for 
Cafe De Monde coffee and beignets. ~

 ~We had such a WONDERFUL time with these dear ladies...our Sweet friends!!  How we Love them!!!
We ENJOYED our yummy cafe and beignets.
We laughed and talked, and wanted to cry missing Sweet Ms. Cleo who just recently went to Heaven.  ~

 ~Abigail had just received her "Balance Bike" for her birthday.  She had a Blast Flying across the sidewalks in between the cottage and the church in LA.~

 ~Sarah and Elijah took a recording selfie.~
 ~The Neuenswanders...our Dear Friends...invited us over for yummy pizza, and coffee, blond coffee cake, Bride's cake ice cream by Blue Bell, and of course some delicious coffee that Mr. Paul made.
Abigail playing her violin for them.  She got this with birthday $ from "Grandpa Hyatt."~
 ~Abigail, Kimberly N., and Abigail~
 ~Abigail using Kimberly N's little coffee cup from when Kimberly was little.~
 ~Sweet Mrs. Naomi and Kimberly N. and the girls and I.~
 ~How we love the Neuenswanders.~
 ~One night Noah slept out in his "wool blanket hammock" he made.~

 ~Mary and Abigail recording~

~Dear Stacey teaching Sunday School.~
 ~The "3 Stooges" during Sunday School~
 ~Praise the Lord...10 years later...the church paid off the debt for the new addition...and here they were burning the mortgage!!  It was so special that we got to be there for it. Bro. David did a great job with the little mortgage burning ceremony!~
 ~Our dear friend Mr. Danny.~
 ~The Foglemans invited the Neuenswanders and our family over for a delicious Sunday dinner.~
~Heather, Brittany, and Kimberly.~
 ~Yummy Cheese cake Factory Cheesecake.
 ~Such a yummy dinner and wonderful time with the Foglemans and the Neuenswanders.~
 ~"Aunt" Kimberly, Sarah, and Kimberly~
 ~Sadly I can't find the pic or two that I took of our kids playing with David and Brittany's kids.  But, our kids really enjoyed playing games with their boys.  They spent every spare moment together!!  :-) Our family really enjoyed being with their dear family! ~

 ~What a Beautiful Church....and all paid for, Thank you, Dear Jesus!~
 ~Phillip preaching on the last Sunday night.~
 ~We got to help Ms. Nellie and Mrs. Rachel clean some in ....the late Mr. Willard ....
and Mrs. Rachel's house.  They are selling it now, so we wanted one last pic of this cute house that Mr. Willard built.~

 ~Ms. Nellie and Ms. Rachel took us out to Popeyes...So yummy and Fun to be with them.~

 ~Mr. Danny and Mrs. Stacey and boys took our family out to a Chinese Buffet.  It was delicious and SO FUN to be together!!~

 ~Brittany Fogleman took pics of us recording and took our pics for our CD.  She did a great job!
She wrote this sweet post about Abigail.~
 ~"Aunt" Kimberly N. gave the kids some goodies.  Notepads...and ....~
 ~Bro. David and our family spent some intense, exciting, hard, wonderful, Fun, and Neat hours/Days together while recording our family CD. We stopped regularly and had PRAYER for the next one recording, or when we couldn't seem to get a part, or when we were nearly too tired to go on, etc.   Jesus was very close and helped us, and for that we PRAISE HIM!!!~
 ~Dear Bro. David, Mary, and Abigail~
~Our Last night recording ...
we Finished at 3:40 A.M.~
~I dosed during the times I wasn't needed.~

 ~We were so LOVED by our DEAR Louisiana friends.  They showered us with Love and lots of Yummy Food!! :-)
Mrs. Elaine DELICIOUS pound cake!!!  (And Thanks to Brittany Fogleman for the strawberries and coolwhip.) ~
  ~Shrimp Gumbo...My favorite!!!  Thanks to Mrs. Earline!~
  ~She brought us so much delicious food.  This coconut cake and a whole bucket of ice cream was our dessert.~
  ~I love her potato salad too.~

So, we drove left LA and drove all night and got home at 5:00 A.M.  Needless to say we were EXHAUSTED!!!  So we slept some that day, but then when we tried to go to bed that night, our bodies were so used to being on Louisiana time and recording from 7:00 -- midnight or LATER, that we could sleep for HOURS that night nor the next. 
On Friday A.M. Abigail and Mary woke up with a stomach bug. :-(  

 ~God's Beautiful rainbow~
~The next day Abigail and Mary woke up with a stomach virus.  Thank the Lord it only lasted a few hours and the rest of us didn't get it.  
We were all EXHAUSTED from the hours recording.~
 ~Daddy got them these little Doggie purses as a "Get-Well-Soon" gift.~
~A Bunch of us met EARLY Saturday morning at Bob Evans for Breakfast.  Since we leave our house at 4:30 A.M....Our boys tease Mary that this is the ANNUAL TIME SHE WEARS HER NIGHTGOWN TO EAT AT A RESTAURANT. :-) ~

 ~The Lord's Sweet presence was at our Ministerial~

 ~Our First Sunday Back to Church, 
Getting to see our new parking lot,
....and Abigail's 1st Sunday at Jr. Church!~

 ~Nurse/helper Kimberly~

 ~And she got this nice little stool for coming her first Sunday.~

~Tim giving his report.~

 ~Jake from PA giving his report.~
 ~Our Kimberly giving her report.~
 ~Scott giving his report.~
 ~Darla giving her report.~
 ~And she told us, that she wasn't gonna lie..that "she was tiptoeing to see over the pulpit." :-) ~
 ~Mrs. Michele Fling, team leader.~
 ~Mr. Bryon Fling, team leader.~

 ~Then we invited the whole team (except the Flings, which already had another invitation) over for a snack at our house.  
We had not been grocery shopping in 5 weeks (we had just gotten back from being gone), so we made homemade rolls for our bread and homemade choc. chip cookies, 
Tim and his parents brought chips, and we had an enjoyable evening together.~

 ~A Peruvian llama was present in our decor that night.~
 ~We had a lot of laughs that night.~
 ~Tim's parents and Phillip and I.~

Up Next Lots of recent happenings!

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