Saturday, October 18, 2014

~Look who is 2 months old!~

Phillip would appreciate prayer.
Normally we do not do revivals when we are in the USA, for we are so tired and only travel for missions, but this time Phillip felt that the Lord would have him do a weekend revival at the Spanish church in Shelbyville, IN.
So he is preaching there tonight and tomorrow.
(and for the kids and I here!)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 ~Jesus helped me and I snapped these pics of little Abigail Elizabeth!
(She moved her arms around and hid one of the letter's of her name behind the little shoes.
I didn't realize it until I was done taking her pics. =)
 ~This little baby gets LOTS of hugs!!!
She's a keeper.  Most nights she sleeps 6-7 hours in her own bed.  =) ~
 ~Thank you, Dear Jesus, for sending us little Abigail.~
~Love those pretty blue eyes.~
 ~How we L.O.V.E. this little dolly!~

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

~School 's in Session~

We are not for sure exactly when we will head back to Argentina.  
Our times (and our tickets =), and Abigail's passport are in God's hands!
However, Lord willing... we should be heading to Argentina sometime before Dec. 27th.
On the way to Argentina we will have a week or so stop off in Colombia to keep our Colombian residency visas valid.
Please pray that God's Will be worked out in when we go back.
(In the mean time, we are enjoying our U.S.A. Family/Friends/and Home! :-)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
School DAZE!  =)
What with having a new baby girl in our home, and with working HOURS on the 3rd floor to help the girls get moved up there...I decided that we could start our school year a tad late.  =)
Besides, I knew we could catch up when we get to Argentina.  For...When we are on the mission field we have a lot less family, and activities , (which We MISS!) so the kids get LOTS more school work done on the mission field. =)
So saying the above...our first day of school was Monday, Oct. 13th.
~I made these fun "breakfast take-along cookies" from the Hobe Sound cookbook, and boiled eggs, and Daddy made us some Chinese green tea to drink for our School morning breakfast.~
 ~So yummy!  with shredded cheese and bacon in them.~
 ~Earlier I had purchased some big erasers and pencils to give to the kids for their first school day.~
 ~One eraser said, "oops!" Another said, "My Bad", and yet another said, "Not again!"  =D~
 ~This year is Elijah's first year of school.  He is in kindergarten.  I had told Mary that she could listen in...and then we got to thinking that she's probably ready for school too.
So, Both Elijah and Mary started Kindergarten this year!
They are excited and love studying together.  They are best buds and are together ALL THE TIME!~
 ~Mommy's precious Mary!
I loved little Mary's tights and boots.~
 ~Aunt Laura loaned us these cute little desks for them to use.~
 ~Mommy's SWEET Elijah~
 ~For lunch we had brown buttered noodles with shredded chicken in them, a fresh veggie tray, and then I made these YUMMY cupcakes for our dessert!~
 ~I was looking on line for a MOIST chocolate cake recipe...and my search is over!
This cupcake recipe is to die for! 
Sooo super moist.
I know it's NOT Friday...but I'm going to post this as a Fun Food Friday. (For with a new baby... I can only blog...when I can blog. :-}

I DID NOT use her icing recipe, here's the recipe I used.

~Mocha Filling/Icing~
Taste Of Home
Cook together on stove top stirring constantly til thick:
5 T. flour in 1 cup of milk!  LET COOL!
Cream together with mixer:
1 cup sugar, 1 cup butter, 1 t. vanilla, 1 T. instant coffee, 2 t. cocoa, and cooled mixture.
Beat WELL...for at least 5 mins. to avoid your sugar being gritty.~
 ~These cupcakes were so melt-in-your-mouth delish that one could swoon eatin' them! =) ~
 ~For fun I added a colorful paper straw to some and Reeses candy bar pieces to others.~
 ~Here's a picture of the people...students/staff of our school house! =)  
Principal Daddy,
Teacher Mommy, and...
Kimberly 11th grade,
Sarah 8th grade,
Noah 5th grade,
Elijah and Mary kindergarten, and ...
 ~Mommy and her T.W.O. precious kindergarten students!
They are so excited and eager to learn.  (And patient with Mommy and she stops to feed, change, rock, etc. baby Abigail! ;-) ~
 ~Just one more glimpse of these TO-DIE-FOR cupcakes.
(and if you make these...and you don't nearly faint, just know that you and I have different taste buds.  =) Hee!  Hee!  =)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

~Enjoying my U.S.A. home!~

Thank you so very much for your prayers for Phillip and Bro. Becker as they were in Colombia.
Jesus really helped them and they got back safely last Monday night.  =)
God helped in their services and classes.
* * * * * *
And Thank you for your prayers for our 3rd floor.
We've made great progress, but have TONS left to do.
Jesus really helped the girls and they got lots done last week and got moved into their room.    They got finished painting their walls and trim, we moved their beds in and got them made up, and moved in their dressers...and Phillip got home just 30 mins. later from the Airport flying home from Colombia. =)
The electricity and the insulation still need to be done, and their floors need to be sanded, but at least they are in their room. =)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I am LOVING being home!!!  =)
Here's just some pics of my being at home, baking, decorating, jelly-ing, :-) etc.
 ~I spray painted this fun basket to hold plates and silverware.~
 ~When Baby Abigail was only 8 days old, my Sarah helped me make some fresh red raspberry freezer jam!
(I L.O.V.E. this old silverware that my Moma gave me.  I tied some burlap around it and love to see it on my little table.)~
 ~I enjoyed making homemade whole wheat bread using a yummy Red River Hot cereal our Canadian friends graciously bring us when they come down. =) ~
 ~I had fun putting this center piece together.~
 ~I added some sprigs of berries and a burlap bow to my bird cage that I painted last Christmas.~
 ~I really enjoyed using these candle sticks I got at Goodwill YEARS ago and this was the First time I got to use them.~
 ~Elijah is GREAT with paper, scissors and tape, so he made this hat for baby Abigail.
As you can by her face she LOVED wearing this hat.  =) ~
 ~I made yummy cinnamon rolls.  We cut a piece of burlap (and then put a layer of Saran Wrap on top) to make my floral tray a FALL TRAY to put my cinnamon rolls on. =)
 ~My caramalized cinnamon rolls.~

 ~My "pumpkin" made out of my cinnamon rolls.
We arranged my cinnamon rolls like a pumpkin.  
We iced them with orange icing for the pumpkin part and the little cinnamon roll stem we iced brown.~

 ~I made this for breakfast for our kids while Phillip was still in Colombia.  Normally we don't have such a sugary breakfast, but I wanted a fast fall breakfast, and I already had the cinnamon rolls made up. =D ~
 ~My Kimberly washed her hands with a Bath and Body works kitchen soap called, "Pumpkin Pecan Waffles."  She smelled it and said, "Mommy, I want some Pumpkin Pecan waffles."  So the other morning I surprised her and made some, only I used walnuts.~

 ~And while the girls were working hard on their 3rd floor room, I made some Lattes to cheer them up.~

Monday, September 29, 2014

~Celebrating our Mary~

 ~Gramp and Gram came over on Friday before Mary's birthday, so here is Gram giving Mary her present.~
 ~Years ago I got a cake pan to make a checkerboard cake.  So, I had fun making a pink and white Checkerboard cake for Mary's birthday. ~
 ~I got adorable Choral, Gray, and white pom poms from a friends' wedding (I rescued them from being thrown away) and planned Mary's birthday dinner around those colors. =)
Here's little Mary's place setting.~

 ~Mary's coffee cup.~

 ~I ran a gray and white chevron ribbon down the table as a table runner.~
 ~Her cute little spoon and fork.~
 ~In between the cake layers was my homemade Raspberry jam.
The icing was vanilla pudding mixed with 1 1/2 cups milk and instant coffee.
Then I stirred an 8 oz. coolwhip into it.
It was DELISH...but was more runny than I had planned, so my plans changed for the top of the cake.
I just put down a small piece of saran wrap and used a BRAND NEW gray and white polka dotted hair bow I had just purchased for Abigail as the topper. =) ~

 ~Mary and her table.~

 ~I made raspberry lemonade and Laura made a pear salad that perfectly matched my table.  =) ~

 ~I hung the choral and white pom poms in between the L.R. and D.R.   The Hausmans were able to join us for Mary's little celebration.  (Sadly, Daddy was in Colombia and couldn't be here.) ~

 ~Her pink and white Checkerboard cake.~

 ~Mary opening her gift from Darla and Bryan and family.~
 ~Mary in person!  =) ~
 ~Mary and her SIDEKICK...Elijah!~

 ~Mary's tiny sister Abigail.  =) ~

 ~We made Colombian Arepas and coffee for Mary's birthday breakfast.  An arepa is sort of like a cake made out of corn flour, with cheese in it.  It is very popular in Colombia and reminds us of the taste of Popcorn, due to the salt in it and the butter it is cooked in.~
 ~Mary's gifts.  A whole lot of LITTLE gifts...put into big gift bags.  =) ~
 ~Mary wearing her new blouse from Grandpa and Grandma!~
 ~our family loves to do S'mores, so I thought this blouse was fitting.~
 ~Mary opening gifts.~
 ~She got a little metal tea set, which she is enjoying with her brothers.~

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