Wednesday, August 13, 2014

~Baby Update and Comargo Camp 2014~

 Baby and I went for a check-up on Monday and all is well, Praise the Lord.
Like I said earlier, unless she decides to come on her own, she is due to be induced in just 7 days...on Wednesday, Aug. 20th.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Our Comargo camp started on Monday and goes through this Sunday, so I'm blogging from camp.
Last Comargo camp we never dreamed that we'd get to attend THIS Comargo camp...but God sent us our baby and we GET TO BE HERE AGAIN THIS YEAR!  =D  We are soooo happy!
~The other day Mary decided to "look like Mommy" and used a little yellow pillow to make herself have a baby bump. =) ~
 ~Here's Laura and I working in the kitchen at Comargo camp.  The ladies don't let me do much, but at least I get to be in there and helping them a little.  =)  
My apron is a gift from one of my dear friends and it says,
 "This Mama cooks!" 
When someone read that on my apron they said,
"She sure does...she has a little Bun in the oven right now!" =) ~
 ~Some of our dear friends the DeMints and Phillip, baby, and I after service on Tuesday night.~
 ~Our kids wearing their Argentine from our dear friends Leo and Caro.  =) (We thought that we didn't have Mary's Argentine blouse here at camp, but found it later.)
We are LOVING Comargo camp and can't believe that it is already Wednesday night.   =(  Before we know it another camp will be history.
We LOVE Comargo camp for LOTS of reasons!!!
Here are just a few of the things we love about Comargo camp!
~the wonderful fellowship with God's people here at camp,
~Grammy's yummy cooking,
~the youth and children's activities and services,
~and the awesome morning and evening services with the sense of God's presence.  =) ~

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

~Baby Update and what's up.~

So, baby and I went for our baby check-up yesterday and Jesus helped everything to go good.
My midwife said that baby did GREAT on her non-stress test and that everything looks wonderful.
I asked her if she had a guess how big baby girl is and she didn't.  She said that I have a way of hiding bigger babies. =)
I'm HOPING she won't be much bigger than 8 lbs., but we'll have to wait and see.
We've scheduled her to be born (induced) on Wednesday, Aug. 20th...unless she decides to come earlier.
But, I'm not holding my breath that she'll come early, for NONE of my babies have come early.
Like I said, the only one that came ON HIS OWN (without my being induced), was Noah and he came 12 days late and was the size of a 3 month old. =D

Though I haven't gained but a pound or two this whole pregnancy (In Jan. I weighed 128 and yesterday I weighed 130)...I'm feeling pretty miserable and can hardly walk.

God is helping Phillip on our 3rd floor bathroom as well.  It's not a fast process, but each thing is progress.
Your continued prayers for our 3rd floor project and for baby and I are SO APPRECIATED!!!
~Baby and I...only 2 more weeks left, Lord willing!~
~Elijah and Mary "helping shop" at Whole Foods. =) ~
~The girls' cousins invited them to sing an acapella special with them at church.  The Lord really helped them and it was beautiful.~
Kimberly's not home right now, but maybe later she can upload the video of them singing so I can put it on here.
~Sarah playing her violin in the orchestra at our church.  Kimberly couldn't play that service.~

Thursday, July 31, 2014

~Baby update and some pics.~

 ~Baby and I went for our weekly ultrasound, non-stress test, and midwife appt. yesterday.
~Baby passed her non-stress test with a 10 out of 10.  =)
~My technician said that my fluid levels look great!
~My midwife sound that my blood sugar numbers are wonderful, and whatever I'm doing, to keep doing it! Praise The Lord!!!
~Last week my ultrasound technician changed the heads on her ultrasound machine and got this FUN 3D pic of our baby's face.  (see below)
~She has her hand up to one side of her face, and her FOOT up to the other side of her face.  =)
I LOVE her little eyes, nose, and lips in this pic.
Sooooo precious.
We're getting excited to meet her about 3 weeks or so.
THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED PRAYERS, we've got LOTS to do before then!~
~Recently Michael, Beth, and family came down on a Saturday and spent the day with us.  We had a lot of fun being together!~
 ~We've been doing LOTS of sorting of kids' clothes and toys, so the kids enjoyed playing with the empty boxes.~
 ~Mary has been WANTING a ROBE like Mommy wears.  Jesus helped me find one on Clearance, and she is thrilled.  Mommy added a LARGE ruffle, so no matter how fast she grows... she won't out-grow it any time soon.  =D~
 ~My sweetheart helped me "frame" one of our family pics for our mantel.  =) ~

 ~ I just bought a piece of foam board at Dollar tree, we glued some brown paper to it, then we glued our picture to it, and tucked it into this frame.  =) ~
 ~Kimberly was VERY happy that the Lord worked it out for her to go with a group of young people from our church to Athens Youth camp in Michigan.~
 ~She came back with all kinds of fun stories to tell us of her days at youth camp....~
 ~But the most exciting story she had to tell ....was how GOD CAME IN SUCH A SPECIAL WAY IN THEIR SATURDAY EVENING SERVICE.  Altar service after altar service, young people minding God, out in the aisles praising God, their services lasted for hours.  How we PRAISE THE LORD for meeting with our young people in such a wonderful way!!!!~

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

~Our baby bump family pics!~

Last week we went to Portrait Innovations and got our baby bump family pics taken.
Our Kimberly will be gone this week, and I didn't want to take the chance of going into labor while she was gone and missing getting our "baby bump" pics with this baby.
(I had quite the night last night with LOTS of today the girls are helping me pack the diaper bag and my suitcase, and finish baby's nursery...just in case baby decides to show up early. =)
Baby and I went for an ultrasound and check up this past Monday and all is going great.  
I'm 35 weeks along and we hope to meet her when I'm 39 weeks along.
(With my last 2 babies and with her I plan to get induced at 39 weeks, so as to AVOID having another Noah who though I did EVERYTHING natural I could think of to get him to come...he was 12 days late and weighed nearly 10 and 1/2 lbs.
His was a VERY DANGEROUS birth...and We both could have died.)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 ~And now....our baby bump pics.
We had never used Portrait Innovations before...and were very HAPPY with how they turned out.  The nice thing is the cd we got saved us money, 'cause we didn’t have to order all these poses. :-)
Here we are..."At the Ocean." =) ~

~"All Framed In."~

~Mary, Mommy, and baby.~
~My Sweetheart and I..."Out in the field."~

I'd love to know which pose is your favorite...if you care to leave that in a comment. =)
We are getting VERY excited to meet our new little SWEET girl!   =)
Thank you for your prayers!!!  Baby and I need them...and We also need them as we continue to work on the 3rd floor!

Monday, July 14, 2014

~Baby Update and fun times!~

~THANK YOU for your prayers for Baby and I.  
Like I mentioned last week, my midwife was concerned about what she thought looked like extra fluid that I was carrying.  So she scheduled me to go to the hospital for a more thorough ultrasound to make sure I wasn't high risk.
So, Today baby and I had that ultrasound.
~The ultrasound lady said that my fluid level is NORMAL!!!! YEA!!!!  Praise the LORD!!!
~I'm due to have baby around Aug. 19th.
~She weighs around 5 lbs. 2 oz., and I'm 34 weeks along.
~You can't tell it so much in this picture, but she has the CUTEST chubby cheeks.  
We are getting EXCITED to meet her.  We are working hard on getting her nursery and clothes ready.
~In case you aren't used to looking at ultrasound pics, this is her profile pic of her precious little face.
~She's lying on her back and her little forehead, nose, lips, and chin are facing upward.  
Her chest is to the right. =)~
~Fun times with family.  The boys' cousin Bryan had a birthday, so we joined his family at the park for a fun evening together.~

 ~Out for a YUMMY supper and a fun evening with our DEAR Pastor and Grammy.~

 ~I ordered a Spinach salad, and Shrimp Scampi...and then only ate the shrimp and tomatoes (since I can't eat the pasta.)
It was DELISH!!!~
 ~Such a fun evening and WONDERFUL fellowship.  We LOVE our pastor and wife!!  They've been our pastor since we were newly married.~
 ~I ordered this mini cheesecake, ate 3 or 4 bites then let my family enjoy the rest. =) ~
 ~Phillip has been working on our 3rd floor, getting it ready for Kimberly, Sarah, and Mary to move up there.
Right now Mary has no bed to sleep in and sleeps on the floor. =(
The girls let her sneak in their bed sometimes, but it's an antique 3/4 bed, so is pretty SMALL for 3 people, and the girls don't rest well when she sleeps with them.
So, it will be nice for Mary to have a BED when she gets moved up to the 3rd floor.
Phillip tore out a closet on the 3rd floor and is putting a bathroom with a shower up there.
Right now we only have a tub, and so he's trying to get that shower in before I have baby.~
Please pray:
1. For God-speed on our 3rd floor project!!
2. That God will continue to keep His hand on baby and I!
3. Pastor Jimmy from the Bogota, Colombia church requests prayer for a family in the church.
4. Please pray for the other 2 pastors and congregations in Colombia.
5. Please pray for those we left behind in Argentina.
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