Friday, November 16, 2018

~Drew a&Hannah's wedding, 17 mile Bike Ride, Missions services in NC & VA, Abigail goes to the dentist,

~"Neutral" Leaf Swag~
Saw this on Pinterest.
Many of you have already decorated for Christmas, (And I'm sooo Excited to do that too, AFTER Thanksgiving dinner :-) but this is a fun project to do for the Fall.  
I decorate with more Neutral colors for Fall.  
So, Here's what I did.  
1. You can Get Fall leaf swags at Dollar Tree, 
2. Then Spray paint them gold and bronze.  
3. Turning them over.  You don't have to get them perfect.

Below see how they turned out. ~
step 1: buy your paint
 2. Buy your swags at dollar tree~
 ~3. Lay them outside on trash bags. 
4. Spray them, turning them over.~
 ~All Painted...Gold and Bronze.~
 ~I Love how they turned out.  
I hung tulle and my PAINTED LEAVES in the doorway between the living room and ...~
 ~And in the dinning room.~
~Abigail's cute little legs and boots~
~Dear Kim made us some of her YUMMY pumpkin muffins.~

 ~Dad and Mom Sankey (I call them that because my brother Andrew is married to their Vonnie :-) and Daddy visiting before Drew's wedding.~
 ~Dad Sankey and Abigail~

 ~Brittany and Darla and the Keep young man, along with Julia did a great job with the wedding music.~
 ~Hannah and Drew~

 ~Gram and Kelsea and Gramp.~
 ~The Bryan clan.  WOW!  All this because Gramp and Gram fell in LOVE!!~  
There are 34 of us now!
(Sadly we were missing Natasha who could not come, and Keith, Natalie, and Carson and Charlotte cause the kids were sick. :-(    )
 ~The Reception~

~Their reception was in a neat old Barn~

 ~Kimberly made Drew and Hannah some Macarons.~
 ~Silly Lincoln said his head was cold so he used a cloth napkin. :-) ~
 ~Then he found a hat as part of the display and borrowed it.  He made us laugh.~
 ~Grant was the Best Man and did a Great job with his speech.~

~We provided the music for the Sunday we were in GALAX, VA~
 ~Mary with the little CANDY train she made in Sunday School.~
 ~We had a YUMMY Sunday dinner at the Spivey's house.  Maren and Mary are two peas in a pod....two very cute "peas."~

~We Love the Spivey family!!~
  ~We had a missionary service on Sunday night at Galax, VA~

 ~Kimberly shared about her 3 recent missions trips as well.~
 ~Jesus helped her~
~Mr. Mitch teasing Kimberly about her Argentine Yerbe Mate.~
 ~Macey, Abigail, and their friend.~

~Our 17 Mile Bike Ride through 
Creeper Trail in VA~
David and Jamie and family planned a fun 17 mile bike ride.
Creeper Trail is where the old train track was...and the train had to CREEP up the steep hill.  
So David took us to the top of the Mountain, drove the van down to the bottom, then took a shuttle up to meet us.  Then we all rode the bike trail Down the hill...but the last 5 miles were flat ground. :)
It was a Beautiful Fall Bike ride with DEAR FRIENDS!
 ~Noah carrying Abigail, and Kaden carrying Macey. ~

 ~We decided to stop by and surprise Mr. Mitch at his office.~

 ~Soooo pretty~

 ~Abigail and Macey in the bike trailer.~
 ~Us ladies before we started the trail~

~Maren and I had similar tennis shoes.~
 ~So Beautiful~

 ~Our Dear Friends the Spiveys~

 ~Our family~

 ~By the old Train Station~

~Such a neat sign in the old train station.~
 ~Maren and Mary~
 ~Elijah and Kameron~
 ~Bro. David and Noah enjoyed riding together~

 ~Sarah and Kimberly~
 ~Noah and David exploring.~
 ~Maren and Mary~
 ~Macey and Abigail~

 ~Noah and Phillip~

 ~Kimberly and Sarah~
 ~Playing by the Creek~

 ~Along the way we met this couple and started chatting.  Bro. David happened to mention that we are missionaries to Colombia and Argentina...and come to find out this couple is FROM COLOMBIA!!!!!  WOW!   
It was definitely a HUG from God to get to meet up on the side of the trail.  We exchanged info, hugged, nearly cried from Joy, and took a pic together!~

~Pizza and Fried Pickles For supper. :-) ~
 ~Abigail gets a hug from her "uncle David." ~
 ~Such a Delicious supper and FUN fellowship.~
  ~The kids enjoying playing together while we were getting ready to go back home.~

 ~Abigail helping Mommy at home.~

Abigail helping Mommy make fudge.~

 ~And we took this yummy apple cider over that my sweet friend Cindy had given me.~
 ~Yummy dark choc. Walnut fudge with sea salt on top.~
 ~Saturday morning Sarah and Mary made us banana pancakes.  They take no flour. 
Banana, Egg, and cinnamon.  Sort of flimsy and not thick, but Pretty yummy.~

 ~Steve and Kelly and family came for dinner~

 ~Matchy Matchy girls at church...unplanned~
 ~When we came home for dinner I noticed that we had some orange roses that would match our dinner table.~
 ~We served a new-to-us recipe of Mexican Slow Cooker Carnitas Tacos with fresh lime, fresh avocado, and fresh cilantro!  Slow Delish!~

 ~The Harveys brought a delicious salad and this yummy choc. cake and ice cream.~
Dad D. needed Phillip's help for a couple days with a big project, so we all went.~
 ~Taking out one smaller window in the living room....~
 ~TO THIS BIG PICTURE WINDOW!!! It lets in so much light and brightness and cheeriness.~
 ~Daisey Mae and Abigail~
 ~I made a 4-druple batch of cinnamon rolls.~
 ~Grandpa showing us one of the LOGS WITH THE BARK STILL ON that was one of the studs in his house.~
 ~Elijah carved this for Grandma~
 ~Kimberly brought her yummy macarons and they were yummy with vanilla bean ice cream.~
 ~Pictures that Mary drew~

 ~and Elijah drew~
 ~Candy from Grandpa and Grandma~

~Abigail goes to a pediatric dentist in Chillacothe~

 ~It's FALL~
 ~Such a pretty ride~

 ~She had to get 2 caps on her teeth and had laughing gas, so it was a pretty BIG deal. :-(  She cried a lot we got some pain meds and a couple toys, including this little gingergirl...that smells like cinnamon and whom Abigail named  "Cinnamon Roll." ~

 ~We enjoyed attending Tyler and Anna's wedding.~
 ~We enjoyed staying in the dorm there at Salsbury.  They provided delicious breakfast and lunch items.
We had requested that they provide us a packed lunch for Sunday dinner, because we had a 3 hour drive on curvy mountain roads to get to our service that night in Floyd, VA.~

 ~Kimberly faithfully practicing her violin ...even while traveling. :-) ~
 ~Mary, Noah, Elijah, and Abigail playing games.  We missed Sarah who couldn't come with us.~
 ~Jesus gave us a good Sunday morning service.~

 ~The Lord helped Phillip as he spoke~
 ~It was fun to visit with Sis. Karen Kline.  Different people have told me that I remind them of her. :-)~
 ~Pretty scenery on the way to our Sunday night service.~

 ~Jesus gave us a good Sunday night service as well.  Kimberly and Sarah...the pastor's daughter.~
 ~Mrs. Belinda and I (Heather) ~
 ~Since we LOVE the Spiveys so much and they offered us a place to stay that night, we drove over to Galax and spent Sunday night there.  The next morning Phillip interviewed Mr. David in Spanish on the CHRISTIAN HOME!!
Our kids enjoyed playing while I was getting things ready to load up the truck and head home.~
 ~Macey letting Abigail ride her bike.~
 ~It was the day before my birthday...and Phillip and I were Matchy-Matchy so we had Kimberly snap a pic of us. :-) ~
 ~The Mexican restaurant in town has a $2.99 lunch special.  You can't get much cheaper than that.  Someone gave us a $15.00 coupon, so our lunch was just under $10.00!!!! ~
 ~Macey LOVES Noah.  So when we went to pray together before we drove home, Macey grabbed Noah's hand. :-) ~
 ~Mary and Abigail get a ride on Daddy's shoulders.~
 ~Happy Birthday To Heather~
~Phillip, Elijah, Mary, Abigail brought me coffee in bed. :-) ~
 ~My FREE Birthday coffee.~

 ~I wanted to run to get my FREE (Gratis) coffee so Emily and the girls went with me.  How FUN!~
 ~From my sweet sister Laura and family: Beautiful Fresh Flowers and A fun plug-in for our home and some yummy smelling lotion from Bath and Body Works.~
  ~From Emily Albertson.  A fun Fall candle and some candy!~
  ~Kimberly and I ran to VOTE together on my birthday.~
 Our family attended every service of the Local IHC.  (I only missed one service.)
The Lord really helped the Cassadys and Matt Ellison as they ministered! 
The first night it was in our own church, and was on MY BIRTHDAY.~
 ~So afterwards the Ryans and our family went to Skyline to celebrate my birthday. :-)  (Our family rarely gets to go to Skyline, so It was a GOOD EXCUSE to enjoy us some SKYLINE. :-) ~

 ~LOVE our Friends the Ryans!!  Rob and Stephanie, Phillip and I went to school together at GBS, and have been Great Friends ever since.~
 ~The Local IHC at GBS Chapel the next morning.~
 ~Sweet and Fun Birthday gifts from the Ryan family~
 ~Sweet Jenny found  me this fun scoop at Goodwill.~

 ~My Fresh Cranberry scones I made for my family~

 ~Fun soaps from my in-laws.~
 ~And my sweetheart got me this FUN sign for my birthday!  It hangs above the wall heading into our kitchen.~
 ~I found my Bro. Garen Wolf coffee mug the other day and enjoyed coffee in it.~
 ~Local IHC at Burlington church.
The Lord helped Josh Stamper as he preached in the before service.~
 ~The Lord helped GBS as they sang.~
 ~Jesus helped Tyler Edwards as he preached in the pre-service as well.~
 ~Kelsey S., Abigail, Mary, and Klarrisa...and across the way Bro. James Plank.~
 ~Jesus helped Bro. Matt Ellison each time he preached.~
 ~Katie, Samantha, Kristin, Sarah, and Darla.~
 ~Sarah, Katie, and Kimberly~
 ~Abigail, Elijah, and Mary dressed up in Daddy's clothes and coats~
~A fresh and yummy lunch Sarah and I enjoyed.~
 ~A simple table I set for my Family~
 ~I enjoyed using the "Gather" sign that Stephanie and the Ryans got me.~
 ~Kimberly's macaron was a perfect color and addition to my table. :-) ~

 ~Last Sunday morning Abigail woke up with a bad cold, so she and I stayed home while the rest of the family went to church.~
 ~Kimberly had made her a TINY she enjoyed that that day.~

 ~Sunday night Phillip came home and stayed with Abigail and the rest of us went to church and sang "Everyday is Thanksgiving Day." ~

~Meeting up with Andrew and Dad and Mom Sankey~

 ~Last Monday we got to see U. Andrew for a few minutes on his way back from AK to VA.  It was fun visiting with him and the Sankeys.~

 ~At the Boy's Guitar Lessons   1.....~
 ~3  Stooges...or Best Siblings. :-) ~
 ~RaeQuelle sent Kimberly this pic of little Tiny Abigail Dec. 2016! 
WOW! Where has time gone?!~
 ~We enjoyed seeing the ice all over the world outside!~
 ~Sausage Gravy for Breakfast!~
 ~Sweet Sarah with a fun scarf from Sweet Sis. Kemp.~
 ~Enjoying my "Happy Fall Y'all" Sign. 
We're planning a pretty Thanksgiving dinner here next no Christmas Decorations in our home until AFTER DINNER!! :-) ~
  ~Playdough "food" that the kids made to serve to Abigail while I was making treats last night!  They said this was Carrots with stems, pie,a pineapple, and a Macaron.~

We are getting all ready to head to Grandpa and Grandma Dickinson's house to celebrate Thanksgiving with them and U. Michael and A. Beth and family!!  
So, we're EXCITED!!
I'm making fun treats like these spiced nuts, and Sweet potato casserole and Phillip is doing the Turkey! Beth and Grandma are doing part of the meal too.~
So Saying, I will post this so I can RUN OUT THE DOOR TO GRANDMA'S HOUSE!!~
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