Thursday, June 30, 2016

~Kimberly's graduation party....part 2!~

~A very happy 55th anniversary to my sweet Daddy Edgar A Bryan and my precious Moma! Thank you for being faithful to God and to each other. Thank you for always flirting with each other. ­čśő Even though we acted like it drove us crazy, it was a good example for us kids to follow in our own marriages. ­čśÇ❤️ I'm pretty convinced that I have the best parents on earth! We love you all bunches and bunches! ~

Here's Part 2 of Kimberly's graduation party pics!
Like I said in the first post, my niece Brittany and I both took pics on my phone,
so excuse any repeats.~
 ~Lots of fun playing volleyball, corn hole, and other games.~
 ~I love these drink dispensers, so fun.~

 ~A situation arose on Their end and Sam's gave us Kimberly's cake for FREE!
#hugfromGod!  #thatdoesn'thappeneveryday!  ~
 ~I thought they did such a great job.  I loved her picture on top!~

 ~Myself and our Dear Kimberly.   I pretty pleased with the young lady God has helped her to turn into.  I love her to pieces!!!~
 ~The sun was in Phillip's eyes...but he said I could post this pic anyway.
This Daddy LOVES his little girl...and Kimberly LOVES her Daddy!~

 ~Gramp prayed for the food at Kimberly's party.~
 ~Our Menu: Caesar salad, chips, and Colombian Rice with Chicken.~
 ~The Colombians serve this with Ketchup.~
 ~The "1 Smart Cookie bar."~
 ~Another shot of The coffee bar.~ (In honor of "Aunt Luann" who couldn't be with us. :-) ~

 ~The Harvey's beautiful lawn.~
 ~Abigail says it's DELICIOUS!!~

 ~We were pleased that if we didn't forget to count anyone...there were around 83 or so at Kimberly's party.~

 ~Since Kimberly has spent her life Traveling for Jesus...we did a traveling theme.
Kimberly chose a map on a canvas for everyone to sign.~

 ~She had a journal in which she asked people to write advice to her.~
 ~Kimberly's little doggie from her Kindergarten graduation.~

 ~And then the lights and candles were so fun when it got dark.
If you need Citronella candles (Mosquito repelling candles) BIG LOTS sells some fun ones in tins ...3 for $6.00!~

 ~Having fun visiting with some of my dear friends.~

 ~The Harveys invited us to spend the night Friday night...since we were cleaning up until 1:30 A.M., so Saturday we cleaned up more, loaded our trailer, and then just chilled for a bit, before coming home.
Here's Sarah and RaeQuelle working in the garden.~

 ~After Abigail swam one of the kids wrapped her up and placed her here...That's when I noticed that the SPRINKLER from the garden was hitting her.  :-) ~

 ~These 3 girls worked very HARD for Kimberly's party.~

~Great friends.~
Jesus really helped us and gave Kimberly a wonderful Graduation party!!
A HUGE THANKS to the Harveys for letting us have Kimberly's party in their beautiful lawn.

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