Friday, August 31, 2007

~Lady Bug appetizers~

~This is my friend Misty's "lady bugs"! A picture of mine are below, but they don't look the same, for I can't get some of the ingredients here!~
I thought this was a cute party favor idea!
Ladybug Appetizers From Quick Cooking Cherry tomato quarters form the wings of these adorable little ladybugs dreamed up by our Test Kitchen. The delightful creatures are perched on crunchy crackers spread with a seasoned cream cheese mixture.
2 ounces cream cheese, softened
2 tablespoons sour cream
Black paste food coloring
1/2 teaspoon snipped chives
1/8 teaspoon garlic salt
1/8 teaspoon minced fresh parsley
36 butter-flavored crackers
18 cherry tomatoes, quartered
18 large pitted ripe olives
72 fresh chive pieces (about 1-1/2 inches long)
PREP 30 min.
TOTAL 30 min.
In a small mixing bowl, beat cream cheese and sour cream until smooth. Remove 1 tablespoon to a small bowl and tint black. Place tinted cream cheese mixture in a small plastic bag; set aside.
Add the chives, garlic salt and parsley to the remaining cream cheese mixture. Spread over crackers. Arrange two tomato quarters on each for the ladybug wings.
For heads, halve the olives widthwise; place one half on each cracker. Insert two chives into olives for antennae. Use tinted cream cheese mixture to pipe spots onto wings. Yield: 3 dozen.
~Since I can't find Cherry tomatoes here, I had to use bigger tomates, and so I couldn't use small crackers, but used med. sized circles of toasted bread. The black spots that I used were PAPAYA SEEDS! =) And the "BLACK" olives here are "PURPLE"! It was fun at least trying to make the "Lady Bugs", with what I can get here. =)~
Thursday night, on our way to our church service, we took a taxi. BUT, the taxi driver decided that he WAS NOT GOING to take us all the way to that Poor area of Bogota, so he just dropped us off in the middle of nowhere, and we still had about 3 miles to go to church (and half of it was up the mountain). There was no way we could walk it with Bro. Edwards so we started walking, but were happy to hear a bus coming behind us. We waved at him to stop...AND HE JUST SAILED ON PAST US!! =( So, finally a few minutes later another bus came and took us to our church and we arrived 20 mins. late. PLEASE HELP US PRAY THAT THE LORD WILL SEND US TAXI DRIVERS THAT WILL TAKE US ALL THE WAY TO OUR CHURCHES. THIS HAPPENS A LOT WITH THEM NOT WANTING TO GO AND LETTING US OUT TO FIND ANOTHER WAY, AND IT IS FRUSTRATING. HERE THEY ARE COLOMBIANS AND ARE SCARED TO GO TO THE AREAS OF OUR CHURCHES, AND WE AMERICANS GO THERE 3 TIMES EACH WEEK! THANKS FOR PRAYING! PLEASE ALSO PRAY FOR OUR FRIEND, BRO. EDWARDS, WHO IS VISITING US! HE'S 83 AND ALMOST 84, AND IS FEELING REALLY WEAK, AND SLEEPY! WE THINK IT'S DUE TO THE HIGH ALTITUDE HERE, BOGOTA IS 9,000 FEET ABOVE SEA LEVEL, SO MANY VISITORS HAVE TROUBLE WITH THAT. PLEASE JUST PRAY THAT GOD WILL STRENGTHEN AND TOUCH HIM! HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE HERE FOR 2 MORE WEEK! THANKS!! (HE IS FEELING SOME BETTER TODAY, THANK THE LORD AND THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYERS!)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

~What is a HOME?~

~Noah LOVES to line up his can always find a line of his cars in our home.~
~Phillip's "office" is in our dinning room/living room so he's always with us when he's working on newsletters, his Bible institute and our mission work.~
Kelly Stamper and I were emailing each other and she made some comments on the home, that inspired me (with God's help) to write the following poem!

A home is made up of more than just four walls,
it's love, homemade cookies, kids playing with balls.
No matter your style, you can make a home,
And you can make one, wherever God may have you "roam". (like Colombia, Romania, Mexico, etc. =)

A home is not the latest fashion, and all the latest decorations,
It's LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER and GOD, and hearts full of dedication!
It doesn't have to look like your neighbor's house, we're not all alike,
You may decorate in antiques and they in black leather and "BIKES".

The point is that "Daddy and Mommy" Love each other more each day,
And love their children too, lovingly teaching them to obey.
Spending time together playing games, reading, and just chillin'
Or going shopping together, not necessarily to buy, just millin'.

Eating our meals together around the a FAMILY...
Not each one in their own chair, reading a see!
Giving each other hugs, and asking "How was your Day"?
And taking time daily to read the Bible together, sing and PRAY!

So, no matter if you can decorate like Martha Stewart or not,
Or if you don't cook well at all, and always burn the food in your pot!
Cheer up, God made you Y-O-U, and LOVES YOU JUST LIKE YOU ARE,
So, hug your family, spend time together, and YOU'LL BE THEIR STAR!!!

Each home will be different, that's how God made us...
To love each other, and to not to fuss. =)
The devil HATES happy Christian Homes filled with God's love...
So, let's love one another, and help each other get to our Heavenly HOME above.
~HEATHER D. Aug. 2007~
~Mommy playing "Guess Who" with Kimberly, and Sarah, while Noah, and a FREEZING Bro. Edwards look on.~
~Enjoying yummy popcorn and hot chocolate together, because it was a cold and rainy evening.(My dinning room is my "sewing and Scrapbooking" room too!)~

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

~Our trip to the park, and the girls' skirts I made.~ REPOSTED!

On Monday, Bro. Edwards, and our family went to the park, for our kids to have some time to play and try to fly the kite again. ~Kimberly and Sarah playing at the park!~Kimberly and Sarah enjoying the park!~
It's a nice park that we had never been to, but we loved it. ~Noah on a rocking dinosaur.~
It had a lot of nice places for the kids to run, has a little lake in the middle and is surrounded by beautiful trees and mountains! We had a fun time there.~Bro. Edwards, Phillip and the kids~
~The kids looking at a duck by some water.~~We went to walk through this tunnel to get across to the other side of the street, to get a taxi to go home, but it was FILLED with water! We had 2 choices, walk through the water (that was COLD and DIRTY) or cross 12 lanes of traffic with our kids and Bro. Edwards! We chose the water...UCK! We told Noah to pull his pants up to walk through the water, but we didn't mean for him to pull them up to his neck. HA!~
~Noah, Kimberly and I had already crossed "THE RIVER", so we took a picture of Phillip, Sarah and Bro. Edwards.~
~These are the neat skirts that I just made for the girls. My dear friend Roseanne sent us the idea, the skirt tops (she bought 2 mini skirts from the Thrift store) and she sent adorable Winnie the Pooh material for Kimberly, (SHE LOVES POOH!), and adorable Strawberry shortcake material for Sarah...(She LOVES S.Shortcake!) She also sent cute ribbon and rick rack for the skirts too. Roseanne tells more how to do it on her blog.~ We had a VERY stressful day today! Thanks for your prayers...We need and value them VERY MUCH!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

~"Christmas in August", orchestra, and our Sunday!~

Praise God that Bro. Edwards arrived safely (and all of his things too) on Thursday night, Aug. 23rd. We visited and had a snack, and our kids were DYING to open up the suitcases and get their gifts, but we wouldn't let them say anything, knowing that Bro. Edwards was exhausted. FINALLY, at 11:30 PM Bro. Edwards said, "If I were these kids, I'd want to see my gifts"...and I said, "They thought you'd never say that!" =) So, we opened the suitcases and we are really enjoying our new gifts.
~Enjoying seeing our goodies!~~A neat car and trailer that Grandpa and Grandma D. got Noah!~I won't list everything we got, but we love everything we got from Dad and Mom D., the Evans, the Edwards, and Julie Miller! ~The girls' cute nightgowns with hearts and frogs on them, from Grandma and Grandpa D.~
Some of our gifts are: books for the kids from the Evans, a scrapbook kit for me from the Evans, from the Edwards: vitamins, popcorn, P.B., choc. chips. I WAS THRILLED THAT MOM D. sent me her IHC pictorial issue from last IHC, and one of the Ladies Companions that I had not received! From Dad and Mom D. some crayons, a couple neat cars for Noah, other goodies from them, and things we had ordered and had sent to Dad and Mom D.. From Julie Miller: WONDERFUL PATTERNS. From the Evans: yummy, fun cereal. And MANY MORE goodies from the Evans, Dad and Mom D. and the Edwards, but I won't list them all. We feel sooo blessed and loved! We were up until 2:00 AM and then we crashed, knowing that the girls' violin teacher was coming the next morning at 8:30 to take us to watch a neat Symphonic orchestra practice for their concert that night. (Watching them practice was FREE, where that night was going to be expensive!) When we got there they told us that they were NOT allowing children in that day. Adriana told them that these were her violin students and assured them that they would be very quiet, so they let us in...PRAISE GOD! ~The orchestra practicing~
~The violin teacher, Adriana, and her husband, Kimberly and Sarah!~

~Adriana, Kimberly, Sarah, and I~
~A visiting violinist and celloist. We think they might have been from the USA. =)~
Adriana told us a cute thing about the string family: That the double bass is the Grandfather of the family, the cello is the Father, the viola is the Mother, and the violin is the child. =) We really enjoyed our time with Adriana and her husband and enjoyed the orchestra, then we came home tired, but happy.
Saturday, I made a couple skirts for the girls. My dear friend, Roseanne sent us some really cute material and a great idea for skirts, so I'll post about those later! Also, Please continue to pray that God protects Bro. Edwards here. He fell on Saturday, but Praise God, he is ok. The ground is so uneven and full of holes, etc. where our churches are, no nice sidewalks to walk on. Thanks for your prayers for Bro. Edwards. We are LOVING having him here, and he is enjoying himself too.
We had a good Sunday, just as busy as ever. God helped us in both of our services. Poor Bro. Edwards was about DONE IN with walking the 3 miles today. ~Kimberly teaching her S.S. class. She made 2 puppets and taught about the Tower of Babel, and at the end of the story when God mixed up the languages...she made one puppet talk in Spanish and the other in was cute. She had 8 children today.~~A mother brought this little baby and let her sit in her stroller and watch the kids in Kimberly's S.S. class. So, I snapped a quick pic of her and Noah. Noah wanted to wear a tie like Bro. Edwards today! =)Since our people are so poor, Phillip doesn't usually wear a tie to our churches. Too much dressing up is intimidating to the people in those neighborhoods.~
We hurried home and had a yummy Sunday dinner of roast beef, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, cooked carrots, cucumber salad, hot, buttered, Sourdough bread, homemade grape juice, and strawberry shortcake for dessert. Now, that may sound like a normal Sunday dinner to you, but you have to know 2 things. FIRST THAT IS THE FIRST TIME WE HAVE HAD ROAST IN ABOUT A YEAR! THEIR BEEF HERE IS SOOO TOUGH. BUT, MY DARLING PHILLIP JUST BOUGHT ME A NICE PRESSURE COOKER, AND WE MADE OUR ROAST IN THAT, AND IT WAS DELICIOUS! Still not as tender, but close! Also, the potatoes here are sooo HARD to peel, they kill your hand! So...I have started baking them in the microwave the night before, then the next day, they peel easily, and then I dice and boil them to make sure they are done, and soft, then mash them, and we have yummy mashed potatoes! =)~Phillip is interpreting while Bro. Edwards testifies.~
~We have not had a pulpit in our newest church, so Phillip had the guy on the right (that attends our church) make this one, and he brought it tonight.~Thank you for your prayers, WE REALLY APPRECIATE THEM!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Preaching at Pastor's Jimmy's church, Bro. Edwards arrived, etc.

Pastor Jimmy and wife Farley (who are in charge of the ACE school here) had to go to a ACE training convention in Peru this week, so they asked us to take charge of their service at their church on Wednesday night. I played my keyboard, and Phillip led the singing, our kids sang for "offertory" and God helped Phillip to preach.
~Our family at Pastor's Jimmy's new church. Kimberly did Sarah's hair that way, and she looked sooo CUTE and little girlish!~~All the people that were there that night, and our family.~We enjoyed being there at their church, and everyone was very friendly to us. I gave out 3 mini loaves of Friendship bread: 2 to Pastor Jimmy's parents and 2 daughters, and one to our friends Monica and Antonio. Pastor Jimmy's parents brought us home, and we had a nice visit with them. God gave us a good night.
~Here's Kimberly, Sarah and Noah playing on our street, in front of our house. Now that Noah knows how to ride his bike, he rides it all of the time! He is ALL boy and LOVES to play in water!~ =)
~Today I made a fresh peach cobbler, and a fresh strawberry pie, and drizzled white choc. on it! The crust didn't turn out too pretty, because I had to try to wrap it around the edge of the pie plate, so it would not slide down inside while it baked. I have no aluminum pie plates here to place inside my single crust, to keep them from sliding while they bake. (Excuse the fake strawberries, I used all of the real ones in my pie.=)~Phillip is at the airport picking up our dear friend "Grandpa" Edwards from AZ! =) We're excited that he's come to visit us. He is just now walking in the door and it looks like he and his suitcases all arrived safely, THANK GOD! He's also bringing us some goodies from he and his wife, our dear friend, Julie Miller from N.C., our kids' precious Grandma and Grandpa D., and our dear friends David and Roseanne Evans too. So...our kids are excited to have "Christmas" in August! Bro. Edwards brought us a lot of microwave popcorn, and we just enjoyed 2 bags together!

Happy Birthday to the Greatest Father-in-law in the World!

~A nice picture of Dad and Mom D.--Feb. 2007!~
Happy Birthday Dad D. I remember meeting you and greeting you almost daily on the campus of GBS for 2 weeks or more, before I even knew Phillip. I also remember that after Phillip and I started dating, you teased me that I had known that you had a son my age, and was trying to win him through being friendly to you. =D However I won him, I'm glad I did...for I love him with my whole heart and am VERY THANKFUL for him and for y'all, his family too! I love you and Mom TONS (Michael, Beth and Isaiah too)!! I couldn't have better in-laws! Thanks for loving me like your very own daughter! We love and miss you tons, and hope that you have a GREAT day! ~Another nice picture of Dad and Mom, taken June, 2007 in their back yard in AZ!~

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

~Go Fly a Kite....Okay, that's what we'll do!~

August is the month to fly kites here in's VERY WINDY! Phillip bought our kids a nice kite, but we haven't had to many chances to fly it, and our kids have been DYING to do it. It seems that every Sunday on the way to church we see HUNDREDS of kites being flown in the parks that we pass, but on Monday our family day it's always RAINY OR NOT WINDY! This past Monday, we woke up to it pouring the rain AGAIN! So, Phillip and I prayed HARD that God would help the rain to quit, and we told God that on Sunday we had honored Him and had gone to church 3 times on HIS DAY and didn't fly the kite, and now on Monday we wanted our kids to see that God cared for them, and their desires! God helped it to quit raining and the sun came out and we went to an open field, flew the kite, and we had a blast! I LOVE IT THAT OUR GOD CARES ABOUT US!~Up, Up, and AWAY!~~Watch out for "MR. AIRPLANE", who is flying quite low!~~Kimberly, Sarah, and Noah each took a turn to hold the kite...and when Noah was holding it I said to Phillip, "You don't think he could let go...?" And right then he did let go and the kite blew away...but THANK THE LORD the string caught on the fence near by, so we rescued it.~ ~While Kimberly and Daddy were flying the kite...Sarah and Noah were playing in the tall grasses, picking berries and flowers for their food...~~And they made themselves a little "home"! When it came time to go, they were very sad to leave their home!~~Before we left, Kimberly wanted to race Mommy! I'm glad to say, that I can still beat her, even though she is a fast runner. You see, I have ALWAYS LOVED TO RACE AND TO HIDE FROM PEOPLE! I still have FUN hiding from my kids quite often. When I was young, I used to have lots of races with my 2 older brothers, Lincoln and Andrew. One time when Andrew and I were returning home from going to the store together, we got out of his truck I said, "Do you want to race?" And he said, "SURE!" So, we took off running with Andrew carrying a gallon of milk, and of course, since he's nearly 9 years older than me, HE WON! BUT I BEING A LITTLE GIRL SAID, "ANDREW, IT'S NOT FAIR, YOU HAD THE GALLON OF MILK!" =D Our friend, Bro. Jowers told us to switch to using "FireFox" instead of Internet Explorer, and our computer is like new again! PRAISE GOD!
Lord willing, tomorrow, our dear friend, Bro. Edwards from our church in AZ (Where Phillip pastored for 5 years) is coming to visit us here in Bogota for 3 weeks or so. We're excited to have "Grandpa" Edwards come! He is 83 almost 84, SO PLEASE PRAY THAT HE HAS A SAFE TRIP AND A SAFE TIME HERE, WITH NO PROBLEMS! =)
Both of my Grandmothers are doing some better, but still need prayer, and so do my parents. THANKS!

Monday, August 20, 2007

~A peak into my Journal....~

I keep a journal each day, for our lives are so filled with excitement, then discouraging times, then God working things out, etc. that I want to be able to remember it all one of these days. Besides, since we were engaged, I've written down the ways God has worked in our lives, so on those discouraging days, I can give the devil a BLACK EYE, and show him that God does know us by name and have the hairs of our head numbered! =) On Saturday, I finished writing the 150 Thanks You notes to our supporters, that I've been working on. We have just found a secure way to send out Thank yous from here, so we're trying to catch up on getting our Thanks yous written. The only time that we had mailed something to the USA from here (using a local company) the box had arrived EMPTY to the USA. =( But, we have now found out that we can send a package of Thank You notes that doesn't weigh too much by Fed-ex or DHL, doesn't cost too awful much, and they arrive safely there in the USA. Praise God! I also baked one of the small pumpkins that I had purchased, roasted the pumpkin seeds with some salt (yummy!) and then made 2 homemade pumpkin pies. Now, if you are sweltering hot, and wanting to drink ice tea and go swimming, those pies probably sound "out of season"...but you have to know that here in Bogota, usually the weather is like FALL year around. I have always LOVED Fall! I was born in the fall, and I've always loved the fun memories of BEAUTIFUL FALL LEAVES, smelling them burn, carmel apples, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin cookies, or gingersnaps with pumpkin dip, school days, wearing sweaters, plaid skirts, etc. Then, Phillip and I started dating in the FALL, so that just made me love the fall all the more! Thank the Lord my pies turned out yummy, and my family has enjoyed them this weekend. ~I used a little pumpkin cookie cutter to put pumpkins on my pumpkin pie!~Sunday was a more busy day than usual, IF THAT IS POSSIBLE! We had a good service Sunday morning, and God answered our prayers and He met with us. God helped Phillip preach and there was conviction in the service, with at least 2 women weeping, and later an alter call and 2 ladies praying. We thank God for His presence, for without Him being there, it's not worth going to church. RIGHT?! Kimberly had 11 kids in her Sunday school class, and God helped her. Her story this week was Noah's ark, so she made each child an elephant puppet (with a whole for the trunk where you put your index finger), and then since I had some foamy animals left from Noah's "Noah's ark" room, she passed those out to her happy S.S. kids too. After service, Kimberly's best friend, Diana, had a birthday dinner, and we were invited. We ate quickly, promised to bring a gift for the birthday girl next Sunday (since we didn't know about her birthday until we arrived that morning for church,) thanked them for their kindness in including us, and ran home. Got home, and since we were already full, we didn't eat the "Arroz con Pollo" (rice with chicken) that had made for lunch, but I made some fresh grape juice (I had to make it, for I was afraid the grapes wouldn't last another day) and we had a piece of the yummy pumpkin pie, and then we grabbed a 20 -30 minute nap. Jumped up and ran to our evening service. We had no electricity in that area, so had church with no lights, and no piano, but we had a good service, and God helped us. (We have a big window and a HUGE garage type door, so we had enough light coming in for service.) Jumped on the bus came home at 8:00 PM, stripped off our "Flea church clothes", ate a bite, jumped into more clothes, did our hair, and ran out the door to an ALL NIGHT SERVICE (9:00 PM-6:00 AM) that we had been invited to. Some of our friends invited us to participate in this service; Phillip was to preach, our family was to sing, and Kimberly was to play her violin. (Sarah is doing good on her violin, but has really only been playing for one month, and we didn't think "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" would be appropriate for church, what do ya think? =) We were aware that the service was going to be interesting, for not only are we in a Different culture, but a different church than we are used to. It was different all-right, and we're thankful to God that we still have our hearing today. =) This culture LOVES LOUD MUSIC, SPEAKING, ETC. and so we nearly went deaf, and we were sitting pretty far away from the speaker. Phillip and Noah were wearing an ear plug in their ear closest to the speaker, and I was "casually" plugging my ear too, WHEW! It was VERY LOUD! BUT, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, Noah fell asleep on the bench in the midst of all of that noise, I Have NO clue HOW! There was a band that played...and then Phillip preached and we sang.Poor Sarah fell asleep on my lap, while I was sitting on the platform, while Phillip preached. I told her that she could go to sleep, but that I would wake her up when it was time to sing, and I did, and she woke up fine and sang well. We were not really wanting to sing and play the violin, for after a BAND, our music was quite different, but we asked God to please help us, and take away our nervousness, and He did help us, and for that we Thank Him! ~Kimberly, Phillip and I singing a trio~~Sarah and Kimberly singing, and Heather playing for them~
~A close up of the girls singing.~
~Kimberly playing her violin.~After that there was another band, and some interesting prayer time, and then we were taken out of the church and they fed us a snack. ~Noah found some new friends that let him ride a little rocking horse, while we were eating our snack.~Then we came home...arriving home at 2:30 AM. We were afraid if we stayed the last 3 1/2 hours, we'd have been deaf for life! =D! After church 2 different people from another church asked for our phone number to have us come and sing and preach at their church, Help...maybe you should pray for our hearing if that happens. HA! No, Phillip said he won't be exposing our kids to this again. We had no idea what we were getting into. Even though we felt like a "fish out of water" there, they were very kind to us, and treated us well. God helped us, and gave us a good weekend, but we're pretty tired today! Thanks for your prayers!

Friday, August 17, 2007


~Noah's twin "Elephant" bed with his new Elephant blankets that he chose.~
I'm just now getting Noah's room decorated. Again I say, when you move to a NEW COUNTRY, AS A FAMILY OF 5, with ALL of your things in just 11 suitcases, there are a lot of things to buy, and that takes time and money! I was trying to think what theme I wanted to do in Noah's room, when I remembered my friend Melinda Shirk's words to me...."Heather, with a son named Noah, surely you have his room decorated in Noah's ark!" I was praying and asking God to guide me in what theme to do, and to help me find things for that theme. (I'M GLAD THAT NOT ONLY NOAH FINDS GRACE IN THE EYES OF THE LORD, BUT THAT HIS MOMMY DOES TOO! =D) When we were shopping the other night, (when Phillip almost got robbed) we bought blankets for Noah's twin beds. We were asking everywhere if they had blankets with Noah's ark, or a boat, or water, or something, but all that had were animals. So, Noah chose 2 nice, thick, soft blankets (with the same picture) with elephants on them. He didn't want ANY other animal, only an elephant! HE's very happy with his "ELEPHANT BED". It's probably not what I would've have chosen had we had more choices, but I'm happy that he's happy, and it does go with the Noah's ark theme!The only problem is that here (Being a Catholic country) they don't have Noah's ark stuff, for they don't believe in reading the Bible! In the USA, you can find Noah's ark things in a lot of stores; thank God for our Christian Heritage. A lady here in a store, told me that with them being CATHOLIC here, they don't have those Biblical things. Then she said, "We are just Catholic in name, and don't really practice, where your country is more Christian and does practice." (Wish that were always true about the Good ole USA!) I'm SAD for I have a HUGE, ADORABLE Noah's ark picture that's matted and framed, that our cousin Rob Dickinson gave us for Noah, but it's in the USA, and too big and fragile to bring here. I know that if I'm going to do Noah's room in Noah's ark things, it will have to be when he's young, for he won't be "into that" when he's 14. HA! The kids and I went into about 7 to 10 stores in the mall asking for Noah's ark things, and THANK GOD, one souvenir shop had an adorable handmade clay ark with animals, and a Colombian looking Noah and Mrs. Noah. It was soooo cute, and so I bought that...and here it is!
While we were in that store buying that cute Noah's ark, the man asked Noah's name, and when he heard that both Sarah and Noah had a Bible names, he asked about Kimberly's name. To which I told him that her 2nd name was a Bible name, Kimberly "Anna". He got all happy looking and said, "Oh, we have the "SAINT ANNA," if you'd like to buy it for her!" HELP! I thanked him, but declined. =D
I also have a CUTE frame from my dear friend Mrs. Kemp that is Noah's ark, with my Noah's picture in it. We bought little animals to set around this on his dresser.
Then, I bought what we call "Foamy" here, and Phillip helped me make an ark, and I cut out letters that say "Noah's Ark" and I put foamy animals all over the letters. Thank the Lord it turned out cute, and we have that on the main wall of his room. So, his room looks really cute FINALLY, and I'm happy, and so is NOAH! Thank God for His help!
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