Wednesday, July 25, 2007

~SEWWW Fun!~

Since we only have a little more of Summer left...we have been sewing like crazy, for when school starts, we won't have a lot of time to sew. =D Many of you asked me to post pics of what we sewed, so here are more pics. My dear friend Julie M. from N.C. emailed me this link that tells one how to make a wrap skirt. Thanks Julie! With Phillip's help measuring and drawing us out a pattern, we made 3 of them. Both Kimberly and Sarah (with Mommy's help) sewed up their skirts, and then Mommy finished their waist bands and belts.

~These wrap skirts are reversible, so we have 2 skirts in one, which makes for 2 different fun outfits. My inside skirt is a beige and brown plaid, Sarah's is all different colored fun stripes, and Kimberly's is white with small light blue dots.~

~Ladies, this machine that Jesus gave me is amazing! Phillip helped me and we figured out how to embroidery with it, and so I made a jean skirt and the machine embroidered this on my skirt. Seeewwww NEAT!~

~Kimberly wanted a skirt similar to Mommy's. I plan to make Sarah one too.~

~This is a skirt that I made for Sarah (out of the scraps of her material) from a skirt that Kimberly has. I drew myself a pattern, and the Lord helped it to turn out. =)~

~Sarah in her new skirt~

Thank the Lord we were able to get on our blogs today! Also, Thank the Lord for His protection. Last night after I got done posting that note on my blog at the internet cafe, I came home to see Phillip carrying a HURTING Kimberly inside our house. Kimberly had been skating in front of our house last night, and fell, and fainted (Often, when she gets hurt badly, she faints) and when she woke up there were 2 policeman (who happened to be walking by), our neighborhood guard, and Phillip all looking at her. She hurt her wrist, (must be a sprain) but thankfully didn't break it. God is awesome!


Beth Dickinson said...

You all did a good job on your skirts.

Hope Kimberly is ok

Love you all

Sherry L said...

That sewing machine does such wonderful things, and I'm glad you're finding ways to make patterns for neat skirts. I am so proud of all that you girls keep busy doing & learning. Is Kimberly related to this 'faint-hearted' grandma who can't stand the sight of injuries or blood? Your lives are never dull or boring it seems. We love you five dearly. Mom & Dad D.

Denise Truesdale said...

Dearest Heather,
So many memories! Lorna was looking through my patterns the other day and came across a wrap skirt that I made in high school. She wants to make one too! She got a lot of good laughs at the styles of some of the patterns I still have ;. Oh well, they may come back in style.
Thanks for looking at DJ's blog and ...... leaving a COMMENT! :) That is one of his pet peeves too!

Brenda said...

Very cool! Enjoy seeing what you sew!

Janette said...

Awesome embroidery! That is really cool! Very neat and fun skirts!
Glad Kimberly didn't break anything.

Les said...

I'm glad Kimberly is ok. I have one son that throws up with pain, not faints! I love your skirts! You are full of talent.

Tara said...

Beautiful work, Heather. I can't sew to save my life, so I'm doubly impressed. The embroidery is really something.

I feel worried about your Kimberly. That would scare me to death if one of mine fainted like that! Has she been examined to rule out anything of concern? Hope she's feeling better.

AND, glad your internet is back up. Our computer was struck by lightning last week and I was without access for a few days. I even felt "lonely" so can't imagine being halfway 'round the globe without it!!!

Vonnie said...

The skirts are beautiful!! The embroidery work is awesome. Glad Kimberly is OK.

Anonymous said...

Great Job, Heather! Could I send you my size too?! :) Those skirts are all so cute, I don't know if I'll let our girls see them or not... for then I'll have to do it to keep up with "Aunt Heather, Always does the funnest things with HER KIDS!" (inside joke...:)) Love you and miss you so much! Keep encouraged... I've gotta get busy finishing my scrapbooking for I need to get this Haus ready for company too! Love Laura in RO

Susanna Pilmore said...

Maybe you could start selling your skirts on ebay!! We would be your first customers!!! They are adorable! Tell Kimberly we are so glad she didn't break anything!! The Lord has been so merciful to us also. We have never had a broken bone with All the many falls they have had!!! We love you all!!

Kim M. said...

Poor Kimberly, I am so glad she is okay!
Those skirts are so cute. If you keep posting these, I will have to go ask the Lord will forgive me for being so jealous of all your talents! :-)

Gayle said...

You need to open a store or start a catalog:)
I would be your first customer!
Well, I've got to get cracking those eggs for the 10,000 choc chip cookie recipe you sent me.:)
Sorry Sarah hope you are ok.

Kelly S said...

If you ever move nearby, I want to take sewing lessons from you! I love seeing all the things you sew and cook. The skirts are beautiful. I am going to try that bananna bread yet - it looks easy enough, I think I can handle that one!

Monte & Amy said...

love your new skirts, and your sewing machine is so cool. wish I could play around with it.
love you all

AuntEllen&UncleDan said...

Hi Heather, Kimberly & Sarah. You all did a GREAT job on your skirts! LOVE the embroidery. LOVE all of you, too!

AuntEllen&UncleDan said...

Sorry, I'm slow to realize--I saw the skirts and quit reading. Kimberly, I'm glad you're okay and I know the sprain hurts a lot. Jesus will soon have you feeling LOTS better.

julie f said...

Beautiful projects!!!

Love hearing about your days...hope the baptismal goes well. How special! Our Lauren (9) has expressed interest in getting baptized as well.

Enjoy your last days of play with your kids before school starts again! :)

You are prayed for...

Misty said...

Hi Heather,
I don't think we have ever met but I have enjoyed looking at your blog. I know your family, Darrell & Laura use to be our neighbors. I was raised in Papua New Guinea and have a big heart for missions. I came across your blog through Janie & Deanna. Here is a pattern you and your girls would probably like. It is really easy to do. It is fun to make reversible. You can alter the measurements to make whatever size you want.

BTW, I LOVE that machine, when Harold told me he had those machines sitting in their wearhouse, my jaw dropped! God works wonders :-) I am glad to see that you have put it to good use.

Misty Peterson

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