Tuesday, September 5, 2017

~Our First Day of the 2017-2018 School year!~

Click here if you want to see Phillip's birthday post.
Today was a Happy Start to our school year!
~First off, we were SOOO GLAD to get our Kimberly safely home to us last evening.  She was gone for nearly 3 weeks taking care of her Great Grandmother (GG.)~
 ~Kimberly helped me make a special breakfast for the kids this morning.  She made the biscuits, and coffee, while I sat the table (then I fried the bacon and made the soppy chocolate!)~

  ~Complete with Gold chargers and gold and white napkins. :-) ~
 ~Kimberly's yummy biscuits.~
 ~Yummy Soppy Chocolate~
 ~Mary, Elijah, Noah, and Sarah are our Students in our Dickinson Home School this year!~
 ~Mary is our Favorite 2nd Grader~

 ~Elijah is our Favorite 3rd Grader!~
 Noah wanted his picture with our Dog named Flint.
But, it's hard to get a dog to pose...and to get him to "look at you with the background you want behind him." :-)
~Noah our Favorite 8th Grader!~ 

~Sarah Our Favorite Junior in High School!~

Mommy's Lil' Helper.
 ~I felt like this BEFORE the day had even started.  HA!~
~ Hey, she looks tired, maybe I can sneak in a nap!! :-D ~

 ~Mary reading to Abigail~
~We got a new pencil sharpener at Sams, that we love.  It's called Ipoint Orbit. A friend of mine said that you can find this on Amazon.~
 ~The Teacher, her Students, and her Lil' Helper!!~
 ~Our oldest student...holding our little Helper!~
  ~Kimberly and I had to run to Sam's and Abigail insisted on pushing the cart...more like "RUNNING behind it" ....at a great speed. :-) ~
 ~The Lord helped us to get a new car seat for Abigail on SALE for $20.00!!
 Thank you, Dear Jesus, for a good Start to the school year.

Friday, September 1, 2017

~This is my Phillip's BIRTHDAY WEEK!~

My Sweetheart has a birthday on Sunday, but since we will be busy attending our own service Sunday AM, and then having a missionary service in IN, we celebrated his birthday as a family a tad early.

We were trying to figure out what we could do as a family to make Daddy's birthday SPECIAL!  All of the sudden, the idea popped into my head, WE COULD ORGANIZE DADDY'S OFFICE!
You see, Phillip's office had become the STORAGE room, as we have gotten settled in, organizing here, cleaning out there, moving this bed there, the "EXTRAS" had landed in PHILLIP'S OFFICE, and thus HE COULD HARDLY GET INSIDE THE DOOR!! :-(

He hasn't had his own office since our AZ days in 2004...so I WANTED him to have his office back. So, the kids and I snuck upstairs and started working on it, EVER SO QUIETLY!!! 


We have BOXES of books that have come back from Colombia on different trips that still needed to be unpacked.  So, while Noah and I were working on Daddy's office (Phillip was HOME that day...so we had to be REALLY QUIET)...we decided that we needed another book shelf.
So Noah and I snuck out the door, PRAYED THAT JESUS WOULD HELP US FIND A BOOKSHELF, and ran to a re-store that is close by.
We found us a book shelf for CHEAP and hurried home.  Thank you, Dear Jesus!!!

Just as we got home Phillip came out on the porch to go on a walk to PRAY!

The MINUTE he left, we all FOUND OUR MUSCLES...to carry that book shelf from our Suburban to the 2nd floor and started WORKING HARD TO GET A TON DONE IN HIS OFFICE BEFORE HE CAME HOME FROM HIS PRAYER WALK!!!

I kept PRAYING That Jesus would help us!!!

JESUS DID HELP US!!! In just an hour an a half or so, while Phillip was on his prayer walk, God helped us to organize, put in the new bookshelf, unpack SEVERAL boxes of books, rearrange things, vacuum, and set up some of his treasures that had not been set up yet!!!
(The walls themselves in his office haven't been re-done yet, so please ignore those!:-)

We are so HAPPY with what all Jesus helped us to get done.... AND
Phillip was so SURPRISED AND HAPPY!!!


~Phillip has 3 special chairs that are in his office.  They all belonged to Dear Saints of God.
The office chair belonged to our Pastor Carl Eisenhart.
One belongs to my Daddy, Edgar A. Bryan. It is a black rocker that says God's Bible School and College on it.  I believe that Daddy received this as a gift when he graduated from college from God's Bible School?
The other unique tribal type chair belonged to a Dear saint associated with God's Bible School.~
~The checkerd board table was built by Bob McChesney from Phoenix.  They attended Gospel Center Church where Phillip was raised and then later was pastor.
His son Bill McChesney was a missionary martyr for Christ.~
~Here and there we put things from Costa Rica and Colombia in his office.  
He  has a Ball jar with his foreign coins and all his foreign bills are together.
 Pastor Rigoberto and his family gave us this from Cartagena, Colombia~
 ~Our friend Juan Martin made this for us.
The majority of Phillip's Spanish books are from our beautiful years in Colombia!!~

 ~We have a DEAR friend in AZ named Frank Holladay who was a REAL COWBOY.
Mesquite wood is very common and loved in AZ.
Phillip LOVES AZ!!
The Mesquite wood is used for grilling.
Phillip loves the smell of the Creosote leaves.  Mom D. used to send them in her letters to us when we were on the mission field!!
When Dad Dickinson had a mesquite tree fall down in his wash beside their home, our friend Bro. Frank took it and made a neat HAT RACK for Phillip out of it!!
Noah helped me hang this while Phillip was on his prayer walk.~
 ~Dad D. welded this neat cowboy lamp together and then our Good friend Frank Holladay gave Dad one of his old cowboy hats to be the lamp shade!~
 ~All lit up.~
 ~Bro. Frank's hat even has his BRAND of Lazy E 7 on it. :-) ~

~The sheep skin on the floor came from Argentina~
 ~These are hand painted children from Peru.~

 ~At night.~
 ~That neat tribal chair.~
 ~When I woke up this morning, Phillip was in His office, Reading His Bible, and drinking his Argentine Mate.~
~Phillip is so HAPPY and I am too!  Thank you, Dear Jesus, for your help to the kids and I.~
~Last night Phillip got home from working with someone, and I got home from shopping at the same time.  He ran upstairs to get cleaned up, and while he was gone...

 ~We surely MISSED our Kimberly who is in TN taking care of her sweet Great Grandmother (GG)!!!~

I was thinking yesterday that I have to be the MOST BLESSED Girl in the WORLD to have you as my husband!!! 
Thank you for falling in LOVE with me, and staying in LOVE with me!!!
Life with you is SO WORTH DOING!! :-D
I Thank the Lord (And your high school friend Matt Johnson who called and told you about me :-) for bringing us together!!~

Monday, August 28, 2017

~Road Trip to FL 2017~

The loads of laundry are pretty much done for today, my family is all fed, and my sweetheart and Elijah and Mary ran to work on the house that my in-laws purchased here in Ohio, so I have a few minutes to blog about our FL trip. :-)

If you did not see it, click HERE to see my COMARGO CAMP POST.
In July we were HAPPY to be heading on a road trip to Florida!  Friends of ours have a home in FL that they have graciously allowed us to use when we get a chance to get away.  And a HUGE PERK is that our DEAR U. Scott and A. Libby and family live just 4 blocks from their home.  :-)
So, Here's LOTS of pics from our time in FL,
It was a MUCH NEEDED R & R (Rest and Relaxation) time for our family!
~Abigail eating cherries as we go down the road.~
 ~Florida WELCOMES you! ~
 ~This trip seems like it last FOR-EVAH!!!~
 ~We finally arrived and here's Abigail ready to swim~
 ~Mary hadn't been in the water very long, when she got stung by a bee! :-(~

 Knowing that we would get into Hobe Sound, FL in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, I had asked Sweet A. Libby if she would get a SMALL amount of groceries for us to eat the next morning, and I would pay her back.
When we arrived....we found that she had purchased one of EVERYTHING that Walmart carries.  :-)  Lots and LOTS of goodies for the kids and us to enjoy...and her homemade cookies and cinnamon rolls too!!!
~Here Abigail is carrying TWO packages of Oreos that A. Libby bought for us to enjoy!!~
 ~The Dear Shamber family.  Mrs. Shambers prays for our family everyday!!~
 ~Our Dear U. Scott And A. Libby and family~
 ~A Yummy snack together at their house.  A. Libby's food is always delish!!~
 ~These are some of the treats she purchased for our family~
 ~Delicious...we had these in Colombia~

 ~Nothing like A. Libby's cinnamon rolls~
 ~Sweet Abigail...and Sweet Leah~
 ~U. Scott and Abigail~

 ~The kids LOVED these building blocks that were in the house where we stayed.~
 ~Sweet Abigail and Sweet A. Libby~
 ~Pool and sun time~
 ~A Yummy salad that reminds us of Argentina / Uruguay salads.~
 ~On Tuesday night we invited U. Scott and A. Libby over for pizza, and we were going to pay.  (They had already purchased a TON of groceries for us...so it was our turn, right?!  Well, I asked Rachel and Leah if they would order the pizzas on line and then Leah and I would jump in the car and go pick up the pizzas, and I would PAY!!
The little stinker SWEETHEART snuck and paid for the pizza!!! :-) ~
 ~Family time.  WE LOVE OUR DEAR U. SCOTT, A. LIBBY, JACOB, BETH, RACHEL, OSTYN, and LEAH to PIECES!!!  WE ABSOLUTELY LOVED getting to be with them!!!~

 ~Noah and one of his great creations~
 ~David W. and his little girl and ours. ~
 ~Noah took this selfie of himself to send to Ostyn, because Ostyn had been trying to find Noah after church on Wednesday night, to tag him, but Noah had hidden himself and we picked him up down the road.  He and Ostyn had a continual game of tag going each time they saw each other. :-D~
 ~Sarah and I started an instagram account together...so this was our profile pic.~

 ~Sweet Abigail~
 ~The pool, Sarah's towel and glasses, the mug that says Florida with coffee...you can't get much better than this. :-) ~
 ~Strawberry shortcake~
 ~A fun hat I got...that totally matched my blouse.~
 ~We ran down to the ocean together~

 ~Loved all the tropical fruit we got to enjoy.  Made us miss our Beloved COLOMBIA!!~

 ~Mango for breakfast....yummy!!!~
 ~Going down to the beach on our bikes.~

 ~Bikes for as long as you can see. :-) ~

 ~Sarah took the time to play with Abigail in the sand.~

 ~The girls half covered with sand.~

  ~Heading home...to get ready to go to Cracker Barrel to meet U. Scott and family for supper.~
 ~Mary in front of me.~
 ~Abigail fell sound asleep on the way home!~

 ~Ostyn and Noah playing Checkers~
 ~On Saturday morning we ladies went out for breakfast.~
 ~Berry Fresh Cafe~

 ~The Stuart Lighthouse.~

 ~Abigail made such funny faces before she would jump into the pool~
 ~I was slicing an avocado and the knife slipped and cut a deep gash into my finger.  (It is STILL sore weeks later. :-(  )
Phillip made sure I could move it with no problem and then he superglued it shut for me. ~
 ~Ostyn, Elijah, and Mary building a tower~
 ~Quesidillas galore!~
 ~Fresh mango and fresh pineapple~
 ~This little girl (Abigail) got soooo TANNED!~
 ~Shoes, Shoes, and more shoes.  We Loved it when U. Scott and family could come over to visit.~
 ~Mary's creation~

 ~Company coming over for Sunday dinner.  There were 19 of us...and I served Skyline chili, my homemade French bread, a pickle tray, and A. Libby made us her yummy Strawberry shortcake for dessert.~

 ~The guys sat in the formal dinning room.~
 ~Us girls sat off of the kitchen~
 ~Rachel and Abigail enjoying A. Libby's strawberry shortcake.~
 ~With Elijah photo bombing~
 ~A. Libby's yummy shortcake...and adorable cake stand.~

 ~Ostyn and his brother Eli~

 ~Noah and Surge's sister building blocks.~

 ~Benji playing Ring around the rosies with our Abigail and his little girl.~

 ~My finger.  It turned black and blue and Phillip had to make me a splint so it would heal better.~
 ~Rachel and Leah took our pictures Sunday evening before church.  We enjoyed attending Hobe Sound Bible church every service while we were there.~

 ~Abigail put this empty toilet roll on her arm for a "CAST."  She has seen her brother Elijah wear 2 casts on his arms, and Mary a cast, so she was feeling left out. :-) ~
~On Monday evening the Shambers invited us over for a nice visit.  
Here's Abigail and Bro. Shambers.~

 ~Their daughter Mary made us a yummy chocolate cake with Peanut Butter icing.  Kimberly and Sarah ran their Mary to the store and got some ice cream to go along with the cake.  Their son Rodney made us some coffee.  ~
 ~We had a mini missions service for them and sang for them.  God's presence was close and we cried and prayed together.~
 ~Silly Abigail pics from Rachel~
 ~ The pool...and a storm coming in.~
 ~A. Libby showing Sarah about crocheting.~
 ~A yummy cucumber, tomato, onion, and feta cheese salad I made.~
 ~Tuesday evening we were invited over for a delicious LA meal at my dear friend Kayla's house.   We really enjoyed getting to be at Harold and Kayla's house. ~
 ~Kayla, Liz, and I spent about 4 of our teenage years together in LA where my Daddy pastored their church.  We laughed and laughed about LA and Pell City, AL camp and youth camp memories!!~
 ~Abigail praying~
 ~Kimberly, Liz's daughter, and Sarah.~
 ~The boys...and Abigail~
 ~The boys, Abigail, and Mary~
 ~My "missionary splint" that Phillip made for my finger out of a pop cycle stick.  This helped keep in straight so it would heal better.~
 ~It doesn't show in this pic but it had turned all blue and was swollen.~
 ~Sarah took this pic of the iced coffee I made for her.  :-) ~
 ~Abigail having "children's service" for Mommy! :-) ~
 ~Delicious baked broccoli~
 ~Ostyn holding Abigail during our last Wednesday night church service.~

 ~Sweet A. Libby and I.  I love this lady to the moon and back.  We truly are kindred spirits.  Twins separated at birth!!~
 ~Yummy "Dagwood sandwiches" that A. Libby made.  She used to work in a sandwich shop and this is one of the sandwiches she made there.~

 ~U. Scott and Phillip.  U. Scott is only about 10 years older than Phillip.  They are great friends and love to discuss and talk and talk and discuss...mainly the Bible for HOURS.  :-) ~
 ~Leah helping Abigail on her chin bar.~
 ~The girl cousisn...with Ostyn photo bombing. :-) ~

 ~Notice Abigail's feet.~
 ~The older girl cousins~
 ~Elijah, Mary, and Abigail were playing hide and seek.
Abigail hid behind the door...and her little hand sticking out cracked us up. ~
 ~Dear Miss Bonnie Cleaver leading the ladies morning prayer meeting.~
 ~A. Libby spoke that morning and gave her sweet testimony.  I cried and cried...and nearly shouted!!  I did shout "Hallelujah" but not as loudly as I wanted to.  What a MIRACLE any of our salvation stories are...but hers is so sweet and special!!! THANK YOU, KING JESUS!!!!~
 ~A. Libby, Sis. Bonnie Cleaver and Heather~
~After the ladies prayer meeting A. Libby and I ran to McD's and got a little snack together.   Love every minute I get to spend with her!!!~
 ~That last afternoon my family wanted to go back to the beach.  So...we did!~

 ~Last trip to the beach on our last full day in Florida!!!~

 ~Sarah took this cute pic of her watermelon beach towel, watermelon bag from Argentina, sunglasses and flip flops...on the beach.~

~We ate a delicious supper at U. Scott and A. Libby's house on Thursday night.  Mary made this shimmery pillow have a heart that says Love for Rachel.~
 ~Abigail cried and cried and didn't want to leave.  So, Jacob and Beth drove her and Mary back to our home with their dog in the back with them.~
 ~July 20th was Colombia's Independence day!~
 ~Our last night with U. Scott and A. Libby and family they snuck a card with cash in our truck.  I texted them to THANK THEM...and A. Libby wrote this "Love You" back. :-) ~
 ~Since we went to the Ocean our last day...There were LOTS of wet and sandy clothes to wash.  Dear A. Libby kept our beach towels and washed them up for us...then folded them and we picked them up the next morning. HUGE HELP!  :-)  ~
 ~We got up at 4:15 A.M. and packed up, and cleaned the house where we had stayed.
Anywhere I go, I try to leave the place as clean as when we arrived. :-) ~
 ~Then around noon we headed to Pell City, AL to be with our friends Donald and Melinda Shirk...where we had a Missions service that Sunday.  Pics of that and our time in LA coming soon.~
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