Monday, March 13, 2017

~Phillip's trip to Colombia and Peru~

Thank you for your prayers as we went to VA last weekend for a missionary Service.  God gave us a great weekend with our Dear Friends David and Jamie Spivey.  The only SAD thing was that our Elijah got the stomach virus on Sunday morning. :-(
The stomach virus has been making it's way through our whole family and hit Phillip and I yesterday. :-(

Here's some nice pics from Phillip and Bro. Becker's ministry trip to Colombia and Peru. I obviously wasn't there, so I don't know how much I will be able to explain about each picture. :-)
I do know that God gave them a WONDERFUL trip and souls were saved, edified and encouraged.  PRAISE THE LORD!!!
The Colombian and Peruvian trip was a lot of traveling... Phillip and Bro. Becker tried to spend a couple days at each church in Colombia. Phillip was sick most of the time in Colombia, and got sick in Peru as well. :-(  (In our weakness, HE is made strong!)
I may not have these pics in the correct order, but hey, at least I'm getting them blogged. :-) 
~Phillip translating for Bro. Becker in a class in Pastor Jimmy's church.~
 ~Phillip translating for Bro. Becker in an evening service.~

 ~Pastor Jimmy and the group gathering for the class.~

~Dear Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly praying, and their Nataly playing the piano.~
 ~Phillip and Bro. Becker in Bogota.~
 ~In Bogota with the apartments where Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly and Pastor Jimmy's parents live.~
~The Colombian trip was a lot of Phillip and Bro. Becker tried to spend a couple days at each church.  Bro. Becker with Pastor Alberto.  They failed to get pics of the meetings there in Medellin.  (I wasn't with Phillip to get pics. :-) ~
 ~Pastor Alberto and his lovely wife Alba.~
 ~Since Bro. Becker had never been to Medellin, they took him up on the gandola to show him more of Medellin, Colombia.  This is Phillip in the Gandola.~
 ~In Cartagena with Pastor Rigoberto and Sis. Ilce.~
 ~Diana trying out Phillip's selfie stick that Noah gave him.~

 ~Service with Rigoberto and Ilce in Cartagena, Colombia.~
 ~Pastor Rigo with his family.~
 ~Bro. Becker, Rigoberto, and Phillip.~
 Here are the pics from Peru.  I probably won't have them in the right order, but I am happy to have them.  Some I got from the Flings.
~This is a door to one of the tunnels that the Incas would have built.  They had tunnels that went thousands of miles, some of their tunnels went almost all the way to Argentina.~
 ~Phillip met some very dear Peruvian saints.  He was excited to see the open doors there, and all that God is doing.  There is a lot of work to do there.  We need to pray for them.~

 ~A Peruvian lady carrying her baby on her back to church.~
 ~They got to visit the hot tubs in Peru. You could pay $1.00 to get a hot bath, so they did.  It was the FIRST HOT BATH they had had in like 3 weeks.~


 ~A lot of time was spent eating and being with the Peruvian people.~

 ~The "indoor plumbing."~
 ~The toilet.~

 ~Phillip and Bro. Becker in a Peruvian market.~
 ~Bro. Becker and Bryon Fling talking to some Peruvian ship builders.~

 ~Sis. Michele ministered to the children and they were delighted to have her with them.~

 ~Phillip preaching.~

 ~Bro. Becker, Bryon Fling, and Phillip~
 ~Praying together.~

 ~They had a good service with Jose Chilcon and his congregation.  They served them a yummy meal of fried rice, beans, potatoes with a special cream sauce, and ceviche (raw fish.) ~
 ~Heading to hike to 2 church services that day.  Poor Sis. Michele's knees were getting a work-out.~
~Pastor Dionisio.  He is very crippled, yet He walks all over the mountains to minister for Jesus. ~

 ~A neat Peruvian scene.~
 The pastor bought fresh cheese, bread, and hot coffee.  Delish!~

 ~Praise God!  Two opportunities to hold 2 services back to back.  God came in the second service.~

 ~This church could hardly contain the people coming in, especially the children.  God helped Phillip preach a good sermon, and he sang a special and Michele sang a special as well.~
 ~Heading to fly back to Lima, Peru.~

 ~Then Phillip and Bro. Becker flew back to Bogota, Colombia and spent the night with Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly, then on Tuesday, Feb. 28th my PHILLIP FLEW BACK TO ME!!!!!~
 ~Dear Pastor Jimmy and Sis. Farly.~
 ~A fun gift from Pastor Jimmy to our family.  Arequipe is Yummy caramel.  :-) ~
~Elijah's Peruvian gift from Phillip.  As the ball swings around the little chicks peck.~
 ~Phillip brought these yummy Colombian tamarindo fruit to our family.  WE LOVE THESE!~
 ~Dear Sis. Zulma from the Bogota Church where Pastor Jimmy pastors sent us several bags of cheese crackers (bizcochos con queso.)
 ~Dear Sis. Fling gave me these fun fingerless gloves from Peru. THANK YOU, Michele.~
I have lots of fun pics to post from our weekend in VA.  Plus I'm in the middle of several projects that I can't wait to post pics of.  I hope to post the VA pics soon.

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