Sunday, March 29, 2015

~A Mary update!~

Thank you for your prayers for little Mary.  (See post below for details of Mary's fall.)
Those of you who have FB know that when Phillip took her to the hospital last night, they sent him to the Children's hospital.
At the Children's hospital they:
~took x-rays to make sure that there was no damage inside her head from her fall,
~made sure they didn't need to do plastic surgery on her forehead,
~cleaned her 1 1/4" wound well,
~and instead of stitches decided to super glue it back together. (the gluing instead of stitches should leave less of a scar!)
She was able to come home by 8:30 last night.
~Here is Mary with her little chocolate candy egg (that came with a little toy inside,) and her little pink heart ice cream both of which Kimberly and I bought to give her when she got home from the hospital last night. ~
~We felt it best that she stay home from church this morning (and Elijah was coughing as well.)  Since I had to play the piano at the Chinese church today, Phillip stayed home with little Mary and Elijah, and Kimberly, Sarah, Noah, Abigail and I took the bus to church. 
Mary's little nose and eyes are little swollen from her fall, but other than that she seems to be doing well. 
And we Thank God that her cut wasn't any worse!!!
God is Good all the time!  :-)
~Here's Mary holding her baby sister Abigail today.~

Saturday, March 28, 2015

~Please pray for our little Mary!~

~It's Saturday evening here in Argentina, time for bath time...but as little Mary was running out the back door, she tripped on a door jam and sliced her forehead open on the corner of the screen door. :-( Phillip, Noah and Mary, just left to take her to get stitches! :-(
Thank you for your prayers!!

Friday, March 27, 2015

~Abigail's Mini nursery, and ONE-Ingredient ICE CREAM!!~

Fun Food Friday...One ingredient ice cream!
~Have you ever wanted ice cream without the guilt?  I have used frozen bananas for years, but only in the last month did Kimberly find this recipe and it's Delish!
1. For each serving of ice cream:
Just dice up one ripe but still yellow banana and freeze it in a bowl for 5 hours.
2. Put it in the Food processor and Process a little, stop and scrape sides, then process again, etc. until you have no more banana chunks and have the consistency of ice cream.
3. Voila! You have yummy homemade ice cream!
It's so yummy and creamy...without the guilt of a bunch of chemicals, added flavorings, added sugars, etc.
Now...if you want to add other things to this,
~we froze a half of a peach and a half of a banana the other day for a different taste.  It was yummy.
~you could add choc. syrup on top
~or peanut butter into or on top,
~Kimberly added a few granules of instant coffee to the banana before she processed it and said it was yummy...
but it's refreshing just the banana ice cream by itself!   Enjoy!!!
~Since Abigail and her Mommy (Me :-) could not bring her lovely pink, gray, and white nursery with us to Argentina (click here to see pics of her U.S.A. nursery)...
and since when we first got here...she was just "stuck in the corner of our room, with no fancies"...~


I decided that I had to make her a little MINI nursery in the corner of our room here in Argentina.  

I mean a little girl needs a girly nursery. :-) 
So, we moved her bed to the OTHER side of our bed....~

~I white wash painted one of the wooden boxes that veggies come in here, and used Mary's little white basket she carried in the wedding last year in which to put Abigail's little creams.
Then I made a little arrangement using Abigail's little rosey colored lace dress,...
~and added her adorable tiny off-white shoes,...
~Included her picture frame with her picture wearing her lace dress and these shoes, and topped it off with my little glittery pink "Love" sign.~
~And here's the little pink and white polka dotted banner I mentioned around Valentines' day that you would see again.
I hung that banner above her crib in front of the door going out onto our balcony. (She loves to lay in bed and watch the banner move with the wind or the fan.)~
~Since these little banners are very popular here...I made 2 little frilly "ribbon banners" by tying bits of pink ribbon, and lace and white cloth on a ribbon and hung these on the outside of  her baby bed.~

~I love her little monkey jammies that she has out-grown, so hung them on the wall above her bed, for another touch of Pink. :-) ~

~Here's one more peek of her Mini Girly nursery in the corner of our bedroom. :-)
It is simply done...but brings a smile to My face. :-) ~

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

~Hiding God's Word in our Hearts!~

Phillip decided that we as a family would memorize Scripture each month.
If the WHOLE FAMILY could memorize the Scripture passage that he selected for that month (the younger kids memorized less verses than the rest of us) than he would take us all out for Ice cream!
So, of course, the rest of us made SURE that the younger ones memorized their Scripture verses so we ALL could go out for ice cream. :-)
And Phillip faithfully reads over the verses during our morning and evening family devotions to help us memorize the verses easier.
So here we are at the end of February, on our Scripture ice cream trip! :-)
We walked about 15 blocks or so to get to the ice cream shop...but it was worth every step. :-)
~Elijah and Mary with their ice cream.~
 ~Phillip, Noah, Sarah, and Kimberly making their decisions. :-) ~
 ~Argentinians LOVE ice cream.  There is an ice cream shop on nearly every other corner. They make some pretty yummy ice cream here.
The reason we walked 15 blocks, is 'cause this ice cream shop is CHEAPER. :-)
 ~My Cappuccino ice cream.~
 ~Sarah and Mary outside the ice cream shop.~
 ~Kimberly and I outside the ice cream shop.~
 ~I posted this pic of us, for if you look closely to the right of Kimberly's head you can see Phillip still inside the ice cream shop. :-) ~
Now we are working hard to memorize our Scripture for the month of March. :-)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

~Abigail is 7 months!~

Where does time go? It seems like I just posted Abigail's 6 month pics, and now it's time to post her 7 month ones. :-)
~Mommy and her baby girl!~
~She is sooooo precious!~
~She probably thinks that she gets W.A.Y.  TOOOOO MANY kisses from her family!  :-) ~
(In this pic you can see 2 of her 4 NEW top teeth that came in all at the same time!)~

~Thank you, Dear Jesus, for our sweet baby girl!!~

Sunday, March 15, 2015

~Percy and Sara's wedding!~

So, as I told you our new Peruvian Friends Percy and Sara were to get married soon.  Their wedding was yesterday.
Sara had asked us to take pictures, so we did just that...Phillip took LOTS of pictures.  I have tried to post a few of the highlights of their nice wedding and reception.
~Percy waiting in the back to go in the church.~
 ~Percy and His Mother coming in.~
 ~Percy's Mother stood up with Sara.~

 ~The Bride has arrived.~
 ~Getting all ready to go down the aisle.~
 ~Coming inside the church.~
 ~Here Comes the Bride!~

 ~Percy receives his Bride's hand.~

~You may Now kiss your Bride.~
 ~Percy and his new Wife.~
 ~Throwing Rice at the Bride and Groom.~
 ~Percy and Sara and her their Bridal Party.~
 ~And away they take pictures...and then go to the reception.~
 ~The rest of us went on to the reception, across town.
Their pastor and family graciously brought us in their big van, thus saving our family another long bus ride.  :-)
Here is the cake table.~

 ~The new couple arrives at the reception.~

 ~Their wedding party's table.~

 ~Their pastor's wife holding Baby Abigail.~

 ~Their reception was a yummy Argentine Grill out.  Which consists of Lots of yummy grilled meat, freshly chopped salsa to put on top of the meat, hard bread, yummy salads, and drinks.  These 2 men helped serve the food.~

 ~Back in the kitchen, these ladies were getting everything ready.~
 ~Where they were grilling the yummy meat.~
 ~The Bridal table grew through the evening.  :-) ~
 ~The Pastor and wife sitting at their table.~
 ~Phillip and I with Percy and Sara.~
 ~Sara holding Baby Abigail.~
 ~Since their wedding started after 8:00 P.M. on a Saturday night, our family had to leave at 11:25-ish so we could hurry home to get the kids in bed for church on Sunday.  So, we didn't get to stay to see them cut the cake, open gifts, etc.
The Bride and Groom and our family (minus Elijah who has already fallen asleep. :-) ~
It was a nice evening and we were glad that we got to attend Percy and Sara's wedding.  
"Dear Jesus, Please help this new couple as they begin their new home.  Please guide and help them to serve you all the rest of their lives and help them to lead others to you as well." :-)
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