Monday, October 21, 2019

~Sarah's Happy Graduation Party!!~

Jesus is helping them, but I'm sure they would appreciate your continued prayers.
Lord willing, they come back to us this Friday.  YAY!!!!!
(We MISS Them while they are gone, but are HAPPY they get to go and serve Jesus abroad.) 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As I mentioned last post, though Sarah graduated in June, 
she requested that we wait until the Fall to celebrate her.  
So, we had her party on September 28th.  

We had a great turn out and Jesus gave us a beautiful day!  
There were 98 of us in attendance.  
We had a casual Fall outdoor event and a chili supper.  
Sarah had requested APPLE CIDER as one of the drinks to be served at her party. 
A sweet friend donated YUMMY Apple cider / Gingerale as a gift to Sarah!  Delicious!!

We so appreciated all our dear friends that showed up and celebrated Sarah!!!

 ~We had fun making this sign~
 ~Jesus gave me this nice red barn that is great for parties...and then when we are not having them, this is where Phillip parks his man van. ~
 ~A Special THANK YOU to Darla who grabbed some pics for me...since I was quite busy. :-) ~

 ~Years ago our Dear Church got us light fixtures for our old house, 
which we got permission to move with us.  
However, our ceilings in our new home are not 9 ' ceilings, 
so my chandelier won't work in this house. :-( 
So,  we did the next best thing....and Phillip hung it in our red barn.~
 ~Chili supper...and all the fixings~

~Sarah wanted her guests to sign a globe for her as a keepsake.~
 ~A coffee bar~

 ~My Dear Daddy patiently put her cute sign in the yard.~

 ~Phillip praying a blessing over Sarah....and for the food.~
 ~Since I stayed on the run, giving house tours of our new house and making sure the food and drinks stayed filled up...I didn't get a lot of pics when the crowds were here.~
 ~The former house owner graciously gave us this picnic table and benches that he had made.  It needed a new paint our family had fun painting it bright RED. ~
 ~Noah and his cousin Bryan putting up the volley ball net and painting the lines, etc.~
 ~Thanks to my b-i-l Michael for some pics he sent me too.~
 ~Out "other daughter Bethany" surprised us and came to Sarah's party!  
She and Sarah have been great friends since they were 3.~
 ~Sweet Abigail and her Sweet friends Kelsey~
 ~How fun to have all these sweet friends together!!~
 ~We were so glad that the Albertson's and Gabby could come to Sarah's party.  
(I got this pic from Emily.)~
 ~We were so HAPPY that both sets of Grandparents could attend!!
Sarah with her Gram and Grandma~
 ~Sarah and her Daddy!  Sarah's a Daddy's girl!  She loves him to pieces!!~

 ~Phllip and I with our Sweet Sarah~
 ~Grandpa and Grandma came and stayed a whole week in their 5th wheel.  
It was SAD to see them go, but it was so FUN having them here!!
They were a huge help helping Phillip get some work done before he left for Colombia on Oct. 8th.~

It has been requested that I post pics of the inside of our new house soon!  So stay tuned!!
THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS for Phillip and Kimberly in Colombia and us here.

Friday, October 4, 2019

~Sarah's Senior Pics~

Hello Again!!  We finally have internet in our new home and now I can BLOG!!  YAY!!!!

Sarah graduated from high school through our Dickinson Homeschool. 
On June 22nd Sarah got to march with her cousin Darla with CHEO 
(Christian Home Educators of Ohio). 
Last Winter, Sarah told me that she wanted to have her graduation party in the Fall.  
Sarah LOVES FALL and She knew that our Spring and Summer would be BUSY what with:
 packing up our whole house, 
finding a house, 
then unpacking 
and getting settled.  
So weeks ago, we set her graduation party date for last Saturday, Sept. 28th, at our new home. 
Thank the Lord, She had a great party and a great turn out.  I'll post those FUN pics soon.

~First, here are her Adorable Senior Pics~
Photo credit: Kimberly

 ~A fun fact that not many people know about Sarah is that she was was born in Arizona, 
and LOVES that State and flag.  
So, she wanted an Arizona Flag in her pics. 
 ~An Arizona girl~

 ~Arizona Flag~
 ~On to my next Adventure~
 ~Elijah was posted around the corner to make sure no cars were coming while they took these fun pics....~

 ~Sarah and her ukulele~

Soon, I plan to post her Graduation Party Pics!
Thanks for stopping by!
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