Saturday, May 18, 2019

~Our New House that Jesus Provided!~


Back when pastoring in Phoenix, in 2001, Phillip prayed and asked God if he could buy a house by paying for it with side jobs.  God told him not to buy a house but to focus full time on ministering for Jesus and that He would take care of us.  So Phillip forgot about it.
While we were on deputation In 2009, Due to a mix up, Phillip's Life Insurance had been cancelled and we had received a check in the mail. When we tried to call the insurance company to tell them we still wanted LIFE Insurance for Phillip, they told us that since it had been cancelled and since Phillip was still going to live in Colombia, we would have to keep the money and contact them again for Life Insurance ONCE WE LIVED STATE SIDE AGAIN!

God told Phillip to start asking Him for a house because it was time to get a house.  He also told us to not go into debt.  So we started praying and looking for several months.
We didn't find anything, and it was time to go back to Colombia.
So, we put the money in the bank, and went back to Colombia for what we thought was 2 years straight, only to find out about 9 days later that our SURPRISE BABY MARY was on her way!!  
We started asking Jesus to "DROP A HOUSE IN OUR LAPS." 

2 weeks later someone called us and told us that they would do all the paperwork to help us buy our house on Bodmann if we would give them power of Attorney.
GOD GAVE US THIS HOUSE FOR ONLY $14,200!!!!!  Because of the above Insurance check, we were able to PAY CASH FOR OUR HOUSE ON BODMANN!   Plus we had two or three thousand left over to start working on the house!
It needed a lot of work.  It was "MAGICAL" could tap on the kitchen walls and the lights would come on and tap again and the lights would go off.  :-). It had rotted bathroom and kitchen floors, needed new plumbing, falling plaster needed to be replaced with drywall, needed a new roof, and needed new electrical, so Phillip did a Ton of work on it, we had baby Mary, lived in our house for 19 days, and then went back to Colombia for 2 years.
Through the years when we would come home on deputation we enjoyed our home.  We still needed to do a lot of work but that would have to wait until the money came in.  It never did, because we always happily spent it on missions.  

In 2015 before we left Argentina Phillip told the children and I he felt like God wanted us to: 
1. sell our house on Bodmann
2. for a certain price, 
3. That we were not supposed to get a loan, but use the money from our house to purchase a house in… 
4.  the Hillsboro, OH area.  

When we got home from Argentina and people would ask for how much Phillip was supposed to sell our house, when they heard the figure, you could tell by the looks on their faces that they thought we would NOT get that much money for our unfinished house!

 In March we watched them tear our neighbors house down within one hour. It was the same size as ours. 
That's when Phillip said, "I do not plan to do anymore work on our house.  Let's sell it as it is, rather than me investing time and money that we do not have in the house… That the next owner could completely tear down. 
I would rather invest my time and money in God's Kingdom." 

 In July God gave us the opportunity to buy that empty lot beside us for only $200!!!! That completely doubled our land to go with our house that we were selling.  Property value is going up around here! On the same street as GBS library they are building new town houses that are selling for $539,000! 
I think that the couple that bought our house is smiling knowing that they got a Huge bargain for double the property plus our house!! (and they are not going to tear it down, but plan to finish fixing it up! :-)

The new owners of our house graciously gave us up to 90 days to find a house after we closed on our house.  (we only are having to take 60 days.)
On day 12 we saw a house online. We made an appointment to see it the next day. But then the realtor realized the owner was going to be home and the realtors do not like you to meet the owners; he switched our appointment for Friday. 
It was inconvenient for us to switch, But God knew that our family needed to meet the owner, so he allowed us to get mixed up on the time we were supposed to be there and we arrived 45 minutes early on Friday! Not knowing the owner was home, we parked in front of his garage and he could not leave!!!  :-) 

The owner came out and said, "You might as well come on in and I'll show you around!"   He is nearly 87, the house is immaculate, he was married to his wife for nearly 64 years, but lost her 4 years ago.  He is a Christian!   With tears in his eyes he said he did not know what he would do without his Jesus!  He built the house for his wife!!! 
In the kitchen there was a sign that said "Be still and know that I am God!"  Which is the verse that God had given us the Saturday before while we were WAITING ON HIM! 
~The house is exactly what we need! Extra storage and buildings on the property, 
~Phillip will have a 32 x 60 shop, 
~There are nearly 5 acres,  
~Our Kimberly and Sarah are adults sharing a room and they had told me they would love to have a walk-in closet. Of course they knew that most houses only have one master bedroom set up. 
This man build two master bedrooms with walk-in closets and bathrooms attached! 
Only God!!!  :-D 
~Our boys wanted a creek and at the end of our driveway is the nicest clear Creek!  
~My only "gripe" was that the linoleum underneath the dining room table looked dated and made it feel more like a kitchen then a formal dining room.  Before we got there he had put brand new carpet throughout the house and brand new vinyl locking tile! 
The amazing thing is that his asking price was $100 less than what we sold our house on Bodmann for!!!!!
(God is so good, that I had to stop writing this and PRAISE JESUS! ) 

We will still be full-time faith Missionaries with GHM and still attend our Christian Nation Church but felt like God wanted us to get our kids out of the middle of the City. 

Friday, May 3, 2019

~Jesus has provided us a house, Easter & IHC 2019~

Thank you to all of you who have been praying about a house in the country for us to move to.  We are under contract on a nice house, and are to close on Friday, May 10th, Lord willing.  
After we close, I will tell you more details about the house that God has provided for us.
In the meantime, we are packing, finishing home schooling for this year, having lots of music recitals, and serving Jesus.

We had a great Easter/Resurrection Day and a WONDERFUL IHC 2019!
Thank the Lord for His wonderful presence, good sermons and music, and great times with family and friends.  Here are some pics for y'all to enjoy.
~If you want to order one of our New Family Music CDs, just email me at or if you have FB you can Private Message me how many CDs you want to buy and your address.~
~On Good Friday our Homeschool group from our Church went to the Nursing Home!~

~Our Christian Nation Church Choir sang.~
 ~Our family on Easter, missing Kimberly who was in TN taking care of her GG!~
 ~Elijah and his "Twin" Levi....they have to be twins separated at birth, they act just alike. :-D ~
 ~Even though our house is FILLED with BOXES...and on Easter we had BIKES in our house (you can see bikes through the chairs)....I still had to set a pretty table for my family, and to help my heart!~

~IHC 2019~
Our family decided to go up early this IHC and help set up.  
We enjoyed it, and plan to make it a family tradition.
IHC is a cause we believe we want to help make it happen. 
We LOVE the services filled with God's presence, praying together with God's people, worshipping together, singing together, fellowshipping with God's family, being revived in our own spirits, etc.~
 ~Sis. Regina Stetler and her grandkids...and our Abigail~
 ~Deciding where to put what carpet.~
 ~The kids and Phillip helping roll out the carpet for the platform.~
 ~Noah and Sarah helping bring out the pieces to set up the altar.~
~Yummy Heavenly Hash chocolate eggs from Louisiana ...that Sweet Ms. Nellie brought us.~
 ~Carson and Elijah~
 ~Sarah and I put up our mission display since Noah and Phillip were helping set up IHC.
Sarah gave Abigail a ride on our dolly.~
~Our Global Holiness Mission Booth~
 ~In between church services, I primarily stayed at our booth selling our Music CDs.~
~Elijah and his friends~
Abigail, Mary, and Maren.~
 ~Noah and his friends~
 ~My life long friend Regina and I~
 ~Kimberly and Sarah~
 ~Mary and Abigail~
 ~Our dear friends the Ryans sang on Tuesday.~
 ~Noah was asked to pray for the offering on Tuesday.
Phillip grabbed this nice pic of Bro. Plank, Noah, and Bro. Buckler.~
~Noah on the platform (on your left) before he prayed.
Dad Sankey praying to open the Convention.~
~Noah praying for the offering.
Photo from IHC FB.~

Kimberly, Moma, Myself, and Sarah at Women of Worth.
We were sooo GLAD that my parents could come over for Wednesday of IHC.
It was so nice to have Moma with us in the Women of Worth service.
~Lunch in the back of our Suburban with Sarah, Darla, and Bethany.~
 ~Cousins Abigail and Ava.  We love it that Beth comes (Michael has to work) and brings their kids to IHC!!!~
 ~Ava, Joshua, and Abigail~
 ~Noah and Kaden~
 ~Abigail and Macy~
We enjoyed the ministry in song from the Arnett ladies and their Dad...
 and the ministry of Mary Klotz.~
~My Moma, Kimberly, Sarah, and I are on the 2nd row on your right.~ Photo IHC FB
 ~A broken mirror on a rough hewn cross...showing that God can work through our brokenness. ~
~Cousins who were at IHC...missing Brittany, Bryan, and Elijah~

 ~Kimberly, Megan, and Sarah~

 ~We were sooo glad that Dad D. got to come.  Here he is visiting with Kaden and Phillip.~
 ~Bro. David was the engineer of our CD.
Here he is with Abigail... "one of his favorite creatures."
 :-) ~
~My Sweetheart and I~
 ~Bro. David was our engineer of our Family Music CD, and Brittany did our cover design!
 They did excellent work!!!~
 ~Noah, Jackson, and Abigail~
 ....and again with Carson~
 ~Dear Mrs. Vicky and I.  She is my "Fellow" prayer warrior. :-) ~
~Dad and Mom Sankey...Former Mr. and Mrs. IHC.~
~Dad and Mom Sankey and My sweet parents Daddy and Moma.~
 ~Most of the meals we eat at our truck, but on Wednesday we ran to Spaghetti warehouse and ate with Dad D., my parents, and Laura and Darla.~

 ~Silly Abigail putting a bag over her head.~
 ~MKs visiting at the Melton's coffee booth.~
~My sis-in-love Beth (her little Ava) and I~
 ~Crystal Schaper and I have written back and forth for years, and have found each other to be kindred spirits...but never got to MEET until THIS IHC!!
How fun to connect with another Missionary wife! It would have been so fun to have time to sit down over coffee for a long chat...but there is not really time for that at IHC. ~
 ~Jeremy, Elijah, and Levi~
 ~Sophia and Mary~
~Fun visiting around our booths with our director's wife Sis. Kristal and Sis. Carter.~
 ~Our family enjoyed sitting near our Dear friends the Spiveys.~
 ~Sammy, Elijah, and Kameron~
 ~Sarah met a new kindred spirit named Mercy.~
 ~Cousins Sarah, Brittany, and Kimberly~
 ~Kameron and Elijah ready to go up front to sing with the kids.~
 ~Abigail sitting on the front row...ready to go and sing with the kids.~
 ~Mary and Karen all ready to go and sing.~

~Mary is in the middle/left of this pic~
~Elijah is 2nd from left, 2nd row down in this pic~

 ~Imagine our surprise when our KIMBERLY WON THE GIRL'S BIKE~
~Kimberly, Andrew Durst, and Tom Sanders...with the bike that she won.  (Photo IHC FB!)
Behind the Scene....Samantha, our Sarah and Kristin who were going to sing a trio...
~God helped Samantha, Sarah, and Kristin as they sang.~
Photo Credit: IHC Time of Discovery Instagram
 ~God's presence was very close in the youth they are praising Jesus!!~
Photo: IHC Time of Discovery Instagram
 ~The MK fun to connect with those who "get you" and how you think, act, and feel.~
 ~Photo credit: IHC FB~
 ~Abigail gave us a HUGE scare and could have fallen off the bleachers. :,-(
Mr. Nathan was our HERO and rescued her!!!
 ~We stayed a little longer and helped clean up some after IHC.
Noah pushed the kids around on the cart while we waited for Daddy to go get our Suburban.~
Prayers appreciated as we wrap up the school year, 
finish packing up our whole house, and Move.  
After we close on the house,  I'll tell your more details on the house that Jesus
 has worked out for us to buy.
Prayers also appreciated as Phillip and Kimberly plan a trip in October to visit our people in Colombia.
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