Saturday, January 21, 2017

~Enjoying AZ and our family and friends here!~

We were in MO for 4 days (and we had 4 mission services while we were there).  While we were staying in MO, On Tuesday, we drove over and had a nice visit with our friends Keith and Twila, their children, and their sweet parents!~

 ~The boys trying to fish in the ice.~
 ~They showed us their buffalo!  How Neat!!~

 ~My sweet friend Twila and I.~
 ~Abigail was Shocked at how Muddy little Isaac's hands were after he had played in the mud.  When she saw them she said, Oww (Yuck)!  She's pure GIRL. :-) ~
 ~Caleb and Heidi, Kimberly and I played violins, guitar, and piano together.~
 ~They served us a Delicious supper of Kansas Brisket and all the trimmings.~
 ~Handing out the ice cream.~
 ~Abigail enjoying hers.~
 ~Enjoying visiting together.  We had such a delightful time with them.~
 ~Kimberly, Heidi, and Sarah.~
~We left MO early Thursday morning! We left MO...JUST IN TIME...for after we left they got covered in ICE!
On the way we met Darrell and Liz Stetler and enjoyed lunch together in Oklahoma City, OK.  It was so FUN chatting and sharing about each other's ministry for Jesus!!
Then before we knew it, it was time to RUN to go to Darrell and Missy Underwood's house in Texas on the border of New Mexico that night. (We were supposed to be at their church service that night, but we got mixed up with the time change and missed their service. :-(
Here's a ton of pictures from our travels from MO into NM and then into AZ.~

 ~The girls chatting.~
 ~Then after driving for hours, we arrived at Darrell and Missy Underwood's house.
Here's Kimberly, Cheyanna, and Sarah.  They were in band camp together in July, so they were HAPPY to see each other again.~
 ~Abigail hiding behind Kimberly.~

 ~The fun goodie basket awaiting us in the cute "servant's house" where Phillip and I got the privilege of staying.~
 ~Missy made yummy pancakes for Kimberly and Noah's birthday breakfast.
On Friday the 13th, Kimberly turned 19 and Noah turned 13.~
 ~My good friend Missy and I. If there ever were a Proverbs 31 women, Missy is one.  She does everything, and is great at it. :-) ~
 ~Darrell and Phillip. They have been friends nearly forever.  They went to school together at Gospel Center School years ago, then they attended GBS together. ~
~On the Road again.~
 ~Mrs. Kenny Thompson gave us some of her yummy Christmas goodies to enjoy.~

 ~After we left Darrell and Missy's house, we passed this NEAT old church.  So we screeched to a halt, and turned around and took pictures!~

 ~Elijah and Mary.~
 ~We were traveling to AZ on Kimberly and Noah's birthday.
So, we used this old church as the background for their birthday pics.~
 ~We got New Mexican Food for their birthday lunch.  The restaurant had these cute green metal cactus.~

 ~Kimberly had a free Birthday Starbucks, and she bought Noah a Starbucks.~
 ~5 of the kids with the Arizona sign.~

 ~We got to Flagstaff, AZ after 1:00 A.M. and crashed for the night. The next morning we went to "THE PLACE" to eat breakfast.   Years ago, when my parents and my in-laws were with us in Flagstaff, my Daddy asked a LOCAL person where they would eat breakfast, and they recommended "The PLACE!"  So, anytime we are in Flagstaff, we eat there for breakfast.~
 ~Abigail's Micky Mouse pancake.~

~Noah's big ole biscuits and gravy.~
 ~Phillip's yummy 3 egg omelet.~
 ~Their cute coffee cups.~
 ~With Route 66 on the back.~
 ~We love the Flagstaff mountains.~
 ~Then later we met some friends at Cracker Barrel.  Sarah's Shirley Temple Soda.~
 ~Phillip's apple crisp.~
 ~My blackberry cobbler.~

 ~Our dear friends Ben and Alta Williams and us.  We had a nice time visiting with them.~
 ~I like this sign I saw in Cracker Barrel.
"Dull Women have Clean Houses.  Honey, I come from a long line of Fascinating Women." :-) ~
 ~While we were in Cracker Barrel In Flagstaff, it started snowing.  So beautiful~

 ~Kimberly and Sarah with one of the Flagstaff mountains behind them.~
 ~Mrs. Alta and I.~
 ~Phillip and Bro. Ben.~
 ~Leaving the pretty Flagstaff woods~
 ~And heading to Phoenix...and Grandpa and Grandma.~

 ~Kimberly driving on the way to Phoenix.~
 ~The first cactus.~

 ~Grandma showing the kids their dog Daisy Mae.~
 ~Daisy Mae must have KNOWN that I was NOT a dog lover, and she jumped right up in MY LAP. :-)~
~Grandma and Grandpa got a DQ ice cream cake for Kimberly and Noah's birthday cake.~

 ~Sunday afternoon we had a missionary service at Gospel Center Church where Phillip pastored for 5 years, before God called us to be missionaries.
During the service the Kramers had their little baby dedicated and they sang together. ~
 ~Our family singing.~
 ~It was nice to see Phillip behind the pulpit with the familiar "Looking unto Jesus" sign behind him.~
 ~My sweet friend Julianna and her 2 new blessings and I.~
 ~The dear Storr family and I.~
 ~I haven't seen my friend Donna Leib since 2004.~
 ~The girls had a fun time visiting.~
 ~The new Pastor's wife and Me.~
 ~Our DEAR friends Frank and Lee Holladay and us.~
 ~And then Abigail joined us.~
 ~Elliot holding Abigail.~
 ~Elliot and Abigail, fast friends.~
 ~My sweet friend Cherita and I.~
 ~Sarah found this hat at Cracker Barrel for Elijah.  He loves it and calls it his "Apple Hat."~
 ~Grandpa loves his dog, Daisey Mae.~
 ~Mary holding Daisey Mae.  She was so GLAD that Daisey Mae finally would let her hold her.~
 ~On Monday Sarah and I met Cherita and Natalie and went to a Consignment shop then grabbed a coffee together at a cute little coffee shop.~
~We had a fun time laughing and telling stories, and shivering outside in the crisp Phoenix air, while sipping our coffee.~

 ~Monday evening, Jan. 16th, Dad and Mom took us to our beloved Carolina's Mexican restsurant.~
 ~So yummy and so fun being with Dad and Mom.~
 ~Dad, the kids and I went on a walk.~
 ~Then Dad bought us each an ice cream cone.~
 ~Tuesday night, Jan. 17th, Our dear friends "Uncle Frank" and "Aunt Lee Lee" took us out for supper.  We told stories and God stories and got teary-eyed together. Our bellies were full, our hearts were full and we made such fun memories. ~

 ~Sarah found this pic of her and Kimberly and the Patton girls when they were little at Gospel Center.~
 ~Fun bridges and fun mountains.~


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