Tuesday, September 25, 2018

~Our Trip to Florida~

First off, I have to PRAISE JESUS!!!  We had to have our mail on hold for the WEEKS that we were gone!  We got back in town and the next day the mailman was supposed to deliver ALLL our mail... BUT IT NEVER SHOWED UP!!
We have been back and forth on the phone and to the post office and they basically told us that our mailman was sick so a substitute MUST HAVE DELIVERED IT TO THE WRONG ADDRESS...and they had NO CLUE where that was!!  :-(
We've BEEN BEGGING JESUS TO HELP US...and TODAY...our main mailman found our mail still inside a USPS BIN tucked inside a house on our same street.  The substitute had delivered it to "247" and our address is "274!!"

~Youth Trip to Sight and Sound~
Before Comargo Camp our young people got to go on a fun trip.  
These great pics are borrowed from
 Sarah Susan~

After our Comargo Camp, we left on Monday to head to Florida!
We were sooo happy that we got to go to FL for Phillip's cousin Rachel's (and Ostyn) wedding.  Phillip was asked to perform their ceremony and we were asked to do the music.  Jesus helped us and Rachel and Ostyn had a beautiful Wedding.  
You could feel God's sweet presence during their ceremony. 
Here are a lot of pics from the days getting ready for the wedding, the wedding, the time with Uncles and Aunts and cousins afterwards, and from the rest of our time in FL.  
~For our supper we got Chipotle's...with coupons we got from the Library reading program in which our kids participated.  The small kids got FREE kid's meals, and the rest of us had a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE coupon.  :-) ~

 ~Heading out for TN...to spend the first night~

 ~On Tuesday we had left-over pizza from Comargo camp for our lunch.~
 ~Silly Sarah did this.~
 ~Heading to FL~

 ~Dearest Aunt Libby had gone SHOPPING and got all kinds of goodies for us to enjoy!!~
 ~Daddy sent us 3 eggplant from his garden.~
 ~Kimberly fried it for us.~
~Abigail holding a little lizard.~
 ~This keyboard is where we practiced for the wedding music and for our CD music (we went to Louisiana after FL and recorded a family music CD.) ~
 ~The kids really enjoyed hours in the pool.  Some friends Graciously loaned us their beautiful home and it has a pool!!~
~Trying to get a little R&R after the BUSY days and LONG hours of traveling.~

 ~Long time friends Mrs. Howard and Mom D.~
 ~Mary, Ostyn and Abigail.~
 ~The Beautiful Addison Student Center...where Rachel and Ostyn had their wedding reception.~
 ~The WILLIAM SCOTT SUTHERLAND fountain is right in front of this Student Center.  (Our family calls it that, for U. Scott SPENT UNTOLD HOURS rebuilding this fountain!!) ~
 ~Decorating for the reception.~
 ~Abigail put water in about 40 jars, while we arranged the flowers in them for the centerpieces.~
 ~Beautiful flowers from our BELOVED BOGOTA, COLOMBIA~

 ~Rachel grew these.~
 ~The Bride~
 ~Such a cute idea.~

 ~The Groom~
 ~Dearest Sweetheart Phillip brought us iced coffee while we were decorating for the reception~

 ~Ostyn being crazy~

 ~The Rehearsal~
They used a sweet little Presbyterian Church.  It had a neat hand painted ceiling.~

 ~Little Rachel...I found this cute pic in U. Scott and A. Libby's house.~

 ~Abigail and Mary wore "Best Day Ever" blouses.~
 ~Beth, Baby Bump, and Abigail~
 ~Dad D. was a Great help with the wedding prep.  Aunt Libby cooked all the meat (chicken, pork, and beef) for the tacos for the reception and Dad helped her shred it all!!~
~Little Abigail ready for the wedding.~

 ~The Front of the church~

 ~My music all ready to begin.~
 ~Kimberly playing the prelude with me.~
 ~Ostyn walking Aunt Libby (his Mother-in-law) down the aisle.~
~Someone snapped this Sweet picture of Ostyn when he first saw Rachel. ~

 ~All of the Sutherland/Dickinson Clan.  We were so happy that U. Mark and A. Debbie could come from Las Vegas, that A. Donna could come from Kansas, and that Dad and Mom D. could come from Ohio.~

 ~Ostyn and Rachel with our family~


 ~two cute pics that Kimberly posted~

 ~Noah helping put the banners that we had taken down for the wedding ...back up in the church. ~
 ~The Bible that was presented during the wedding, was in this neat wooden box.   I believe it belongs to Ostyn's Grandma.~

 ~The neat little jars that we marked our name and they were our keepsake from the reception.~
 ~Their beautiful cake~

~They had a DELICIOUS taco bar~
 ~I was trying to take pics of Natasha and our kids...and Dear Daryl decided to pose. :-) ~

 ~Dear U. Scott and A. Libby~

 ~The kids playing Dutch Blitz with Thomas.~

~Susanna took this of her Levi and our Elijah.~
 ~Mary, Sarah, Kimberly, Megan and Katelyn.~
 ~Sunday dinner~

 ~I made Skyline Chili Sauce and A. Libby cooked the noodles and it made for a yummy easy Sunday dinner after the Busy wedding Day the day before.~
 ~Then we all gathered in the front and our family sang and played some for everyone. ~

 ~Elijah sitting with Grandpa during church Sunday night at Hobe Sound.~
 ~Snack at U. Scott and A. Libby's house...after church ~


 ~We were so busy getting ready for the wedding that we didn't know that Abigail's little face was getting burnt to pieces by the FL sun. :-( ~
 ~We all headed to the inlet to hang out for a while.~
 ~Ostyn and Rachel brought delicious Subs for lunch.~
 ~Abigail opening her Nice gifts from Leah and Thomas.~

 ~Ostyn, Mary, Elijah, and U. Scott.~

 ~I loved this "Turtle Crossing" sign.~
 ~What with having lots of Great uncles and Aunts around, and cousins.....Abigail has a new definition of what having a birthday means.   She got Lots of nice gifts...and got pretty Loved!!~

 ~Dad and Mom~
 ~Leah and Thomas even got a Pinata for Abigail's birthday.~
 ~Siblings...only missing Uncle John and Helen.
Donna, A. Libby and Scott, Mom and Dad, and A. Debbie and U. Mark.~

 ~We all went to Cracker Barrel to celebrate Abigail.~

 ~Cracker Barrel staff gave Abigail a free dessert and came and sang to her.~

 ~Then we went home with 2 Diary Queen cakes....we needed 2 since there was so many of us...and enjoyed those at U. Scott's house.~
 ~Leah and Thomas got Abigail this lighted bow headband.~


 ~Iced coffee~

~A yummy Salad~
 ~The kids playing games~

 ~A birthday card and gift for Abigail from U. Dan and A. Carole, and a card, $2.00 and sidewalk chalk from Gramp and Gram.~

 ~Chicken and waffles...Southern Style~

~Culver's for supper~

 ~My fun cup!~

 ~Mary and I had to make a run in Hobe Sound, so we stopped at Dunkin and got a coffee to share.~

 ~Abigail fell sound asleep in the bike trailer.~
We got to enjoy A. Libby's wonderful cinnamon rolls!~
 ~Abigail drew Daddy and herself. :-) ~
 ~And a church with 3 crosses on top.~
 ~Kate, Sarah, Kimberly, and cousin Leah.~
 ~Myself, Kimberly, Natasha, and Sarah.  (The rest of us had heels on, and I think Tasha had flats.) ~
 ~A. Libby made the most delicious Sunday dinner.~
 ~and pie~
 ~Emily's Andrew and Abigail~
 ~Noah, Jake, Levi, and Elijah~
 ~We went and visited The Shambers in Hobe Sound.~

 ~Mary, Elijah, and Levi.~
 ~On Monday we tried to run to the beach...

 ~But they had the RED FLAG out due to the red algae...so we could not swim. :-( ~
 ~So we got some food and some 50 cent frosties and took it to a park nearby.~
 ~Then the girls and I went out for coffee with Natasha.~

 ~On Monday evening we enjoyed a yummy meal at our dear friends...Jim and Freddie Howard's house.~

 ~And the moon was so neat when we came out.~
 ~On Tuesday morning Kayla and the girls and I went out for breakfast.  We had a wonderful heart to heart talk about lots of things...including missionary life.~
 ~We ran by the girl's dorm to see Megan and Anna's rooms.
Anna, Kimberly, and Kate.~
Then we drove to Louisiana where we spent several intense days recording our family music CD.  They were intense and busy days, but Jesus helped us and we had Fun as well.  
Those pics from Louisiana coming soon.
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