Monday, May 26, 2008

~A peek into my "scrapbook" of pics.~

Well, I'm at my sis-in-law's for Memorial I got to use her computer to update my blog. =)
~We got an updated Dickinson family pic. The last one we had made was when Isaiah was 2 weeks old. Here is Michael, Beth, (and her baby, due in November) and Isaiah~~Our with our precious Elijah~
~Dad and Mom Dickinson~
~All of us~
~I forgot to get a picture (While I was still pregnant) with all my pregnant friends at church, so we snagged this pic on Sunday.~
~Uh-Oh, Elijah found his thumb.~

~All the Dickinson clan at Skyline chili.~

~Dad and Mom Dickinson arrived on Saturday, May 24th...Elijah's original due date.~
~I love Elijah's little feet. He keeps those 2 big (little) toes up in the air a lot~
~Elijah's first real bath.~
~My dear brother Lincoln and his precious family got to come by and visit us for a couple hours on their way home from a wedding. We LOVED getting to see them.~
~Lincoln, Lyn, (holding Elijah) Keith, and Kelsea.~
~Us all eating Sunday dinner together. A dear lady from our church provided a DELICIOUS Sunday dinner for us~
~Aunt Lyn holding little Elijah...who was born on HER birthday!~
~Daddy and Grandpa trying to get Elijah dressed.~

"Having a baby is like falling in LOVE again, both with your husband and your child."
~Tina Brown

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

~More pics of Elijah's first days!~

Here are the pics that I had promised to post. The computer I have been using to blog with will not be available to use for a few days, so when you don't hear from me, you'll know why. I've put a ton of pics on here for you to enjoy. =)
~Pastor Eisenhart and my parents visiting Elijah and I in the hospital.~~Precious little Elijah!~
~Mommy's 4th treasure from Heaven!~
~I LOVE THIS PIC...Elijah's hand holding on to Mommy's hand!~
~Aunt Nesi and Lorna picked up my neice Natasha (who stayed with me all night and all day and was a great help) Elijah and I and took us home from the hospital.

~Aunt Nesi, baby Elijah and I heading home to Laura's house.~
~The next morning Natasha and Kimberly made me a breakfast tray and brought it to me in bed. =)
~The nice breakfast tray that they made me.~
~Kimberly holding the welcoming "It's a boy" balloon that Laura tied to her mailbox.~ (There is a horse farm right across from Laura's house and a girl from our church works there. One of the horses just delivered a colt and they made up a sign saying, "IT'S A BOY! 53 LBS. 36 INCHES LONG!" The girl from our church tried HARD to get that sign to put by Laura's mailbox and my "It's a boy" balloon. All of Laura's neighbors that saw how HUGE I was before I delivered would have probably believed that sign. HA!)
~My SWEETHEART got home safely to us from Colombia! He surprised me and came in 2 hours earlier than I was expecting.~
~Showing Daddy our newest member of our family!~ =D
Phillip brought me a beautiful flower, a baby rattle, and the WORLD'S SWEETEST card that he had written for me!!~ (Also, I forgot to post a pic of the beautiful flowers that 1. our Christian Nation Church, 2. Daddy and Moma's church in Westfield (Union Friends) and 3. Grandma and Grandpa Dickinson all sent to me in the hospital!)
~Our adorable doll baby!~
~Uncle Michael, Aunt Beth and Isaiah came to see little Elijah.~
~We had a nice visit together with them and the Hausmans. Melinda Shirk brought in our yummy supper...Thanks Melinda!~
~Uncle Michael holding tiny Elijah!~
~Kimberly, Sarah, Noah and Elijah on Elijah's first Sunday. Phillip took the kids and went to church and my sister Laura stayed with Elijah and I.~
~Uncle Daryl finally gets to hold Elijah. (I didn't realize that he hadn't even held him.)

~Here I am...On the way to the hospital to have Elijah...! May 14th!
~Here I am...May 20th...6 days later...happy to be rid of that HUGE HEAVY baby bump...and THRILLED to have our Elijah where I can hold and kiss him now!!!~~May 20th...Our Church had a special Mother-Daughter Tea party and Jesus helped Elijah and I to be able to go! It was a special time to be with my 2 special daughters, and the other ladies of our church which includes my sweet sister Laura and her girls too.~
~Laura and I~
~Kimberly and Sarah, Brittany their cousin and Bryanna.~~Sarah, Darla her cousin, Anna, and Kiana.
~We had yummy food, great fellowship and an all around special time as Mother's and Daughters.~

I just took Elijah for his one week old check up and the doctor said that he looks perfectly healthy and has gained back up to his birth weight, so nursing is going great! Thank the Lord!
Elijah and my family are precious, Life is good, God is awesome, and I'm exhausted~so I'll sign off for now. =D

Sunday, May 18, 2008

~This is Elijah's Mommy...with my labor story~

~My hope was to be able to go to church on Mother's Day, and then go into labor the next day or two. God granted my wish! Here are the kids and I on Mother's Day. Phillip had to go to Colombia for a week, and so we both prayed about and made the decision that He HAD to go, so God would be with me while he was gone. He bought me this nice coursage for Mother's day and he wrote me such a SWEET card!~
~My sister and I got the privilege of singing together for the special on Mother's Day morning.~
In my last post I told you that...on Tuesday I went to my midwife appointment and was measuring 50 WEEKS pregnant! That was a midwife (named Cheyanne) that I had never seen before and she was READY to induce me THAT DAY, except that I begged her to wait until Phillip came home on Saturday! Well, the next morning...Wednesday morning I got up and had early signs of labor!! (My water hadn't broken yet, and I knew that with ALL the fluid I was carrying it was too dangerous for it to break at home!) So, I jumped into the shower and Laura called my midwives office and they told me to go to Good Sam hospital. Before I left I called Phillip in Colombia, and he was getting chocked up thinking of me here and him there, but he knew that there was nothing he could do but PRAY! (And PRAY HE DID...ALL DAY LONG!!) On the way to the hospital I told Laura that if they put me on a monitor to see what my body was doing that they would see that the contractions I was having weren't really that strong and they would probably send me home. So, I told Laura that I was going to tell them that before they sent me home that they HAD to talk to my midwife Cheyanne!! Well, when I got to the hospital, GUESS WHO WAS ON DUTY? YES, you are was Cheyanne! The minute she saw me she said, "We are having a baby today!" THANK THE LORD! (Though I was SAD that Phillip couldn't be with me (AND I DIDN'T KNOW HOW I WOULD LABOR WITHOUT HIM) I was sooo big and miserable that I was READY to have a baby!) ~Kimberly took this picture before I left the house heading to the hospital!~
~My dear sister Laura and Sherry Patton were a HUGE blessing to me during my labor and delivery! Thanks Ladies!!~
~My sweet parents got there about 2 hours before Elijah was born so my Moma got to be with me during labor and delivery too!~
~In labor...Waiting for Elijah to come. They started my pitocen in an IV at 3:45 PM to get Elijah to move down so that they could SAFELY break my water. At 7:30 PM they broke my water, and he was born at 9:07 PM...NO PAIN MEDS...NO EPIDURAL...just JESUS and ME!~
I know that this is probably more info then you want to hear but they said that my amniotic fluid weighed 30 lbs (and they didn't weigh it all!) I weighed about 107 or so before I got pregnant, weighed 150 the day before he was born, the fluid weighed 30 lbs, and little Elijah weighed 8 lbs. 3 oz!! ~One EXHAUSTED but HAPPY Mommy holding her ADORABLE Miracle from Jesus...Little Elijah Phillip!~
~Proud Aunt Laura with Elijah~
~Gram and Gramp praying a Prayer of THANKSGIVING that Elijah made it here safely and is perfectly healthy!~ GOD IS AWESOME!!!!
~PRECIOUS Little Elijah!~
~It is a tradition with me (as it was with my Moma) to buy our children gifts to give them when they come to the hospital to see their new here are their gifts all ready for them to come and see Elijah!~
~Big sisters Kimberly, and Sarah, and "big" brother Noah seeing their little Elijah for the first time!! OH THE LOVE THEY HAVE FOR HIM!!~

Thanks TONS for your prayers...I couldn't have made it without them!! And Thanks also for all of your sweet comments! Elijah and I are doing well, just taking it slow these days as I'm still very tired. Thank the Lord that nursing is going good, and THAT DADDY GOT HOME FROM COLOMBIA YESTERDAY!! YEA!!! He LOVES his new little son just as much as he loves his Kimberly, Sarah, and Noah. =D
I have another post of pics to post soon!
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