Friday, October 31, 2014

~We went to visit my Grandmother in TN~

THANK YOU for praying for Phillip as he spoke at the Spanish church in Shelbyville, IN.  God helped him!
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My in-laws from AZ just walked into our home this we get to be together for 11 days or so.  =)
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We've joined FB...but we are STILL BLOGGING TOO! =) ~
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If you'll recall we had had plans to go to Tennessee back in June to see my Grandmother (whom we call GG) our first week home from Argentina.
 However, in June...we had no vehicle and couldn't go. =(

 So last week, we took a trip to TN and got to see GG, who is 92!!
~What made it even MORE FUN was that my DEAR Daddy and Moma went down with us!!!
Daddy wanted to take a picnic on the way down, so Moma made and brought some brownies, chips, warm cheddar cheese, and some veggies to munch on.
We made these pumpkin whoopie pies called..."Pilgrim pies", and homemade rolls, and chicken salad, and veggies.
We had a VERY yummy picnic...but it was a CHILLY ONE!!~
~On the way down...there was a hazardous spill on I-75 and I-75 was closed down for HOURS!!!
So we took Rt. 25 and had to go across a bridge that was NOT made for all of those heavy semis!  It was SPOOKY going across the bridge with the semis.~
~The fall leaves on our dash...and the end of the TRAFFIC in front of us. We sat on the road for HOURS!!!
Instead of us arriving in TN at 2:00 or 3:00 we arrived at 8:30 or 9:00.~
~Since we were just sitting...I let Elijah hold Abigail.~

~Aunt Carole made this card that said something like:
 "Abigail Elizabeth 7 lbs 11 oz. came to spend some time at the Dickinson's house...
only thing is she didn't bring anything to wear...can you help?"
And several people had put money in a little basket for Abigail.
It was sooooo sweet!~
~GG had just had a 2nd surgery on her hip so she was in the nursing home for re-hab, but Daddy and Moma and our family stayed at GG's nice cozy house!!!~
~Here we are at the Nursing Home to see GG.~
~Abigail meets GG!~
~Gramp and Gram, GG, and Abigail.~

~GG wanted Kimberly to crown braid her hair.~
~Her crown braid turn out nicely!~
~Some older lady at the nursing home asked the kids to play a game with her.~
~Mary's 2 LARGE hair bows cracked me up. =) ~
~Sweet Abigail sleeping.~
~Abigail's Gorgeous SWEET Daddy holding her.~
~I made my new cupcake recipe and enjoyed using GG's antique cake plate~
~Phillip, Mary, and the boys helped GG by pulling up old vines that died since Fall is here now.~

~This on your right is Miss Osie.  She is GG's 92 year old neighbor and they look at for each other.  She helped Phillip by pulling vines.~
~The Great Smokey Mountains!!~
~Back at the nursing home with GG.~

~Uncle Carson and Aunt Linda, and Uncle Dan and Aunt Carole joined Daddy and Moma, and our family and we all ate dinner at the Nursing Home with GG.~

~We enjoyed eating together at the nursing home with GG.~

~GG gave us a nice brown metal closet, so we strapped it to the top of our van...making us look like Hillbillies.~
~Looking for Noah's LOST KNIFE in the tall more time...before we got in the van to leave. =(  We never found it.  We are praying that the guy that mows GG's lawn will find it.~
~Gram was holding baby Abigail while we packed...and her little hat had fallen over her eyes while she slept. =) ~
~All packed up and ready to head to Ohio.~
~Abigail is starting to notice her toys on her car seat.~
~"On the way back home" we headed to the Great Smokey Mountains for a quick picnic.
(Since we had planned to go camping in TN back in June and we couldn't go, we at least wanted to take the kids to the mountains while we were in TN.)
~Glimpses of the fun creek and pretty trees and leaves driving through the Smokeys.~

~We took a picnic right beside the fun COLD creek in the Smokeys.~

~Phillip and I at the creek.~
~The kids L.O.V.E.D. climbing over the fallen logs and rocks at the creek.~
~Kimberly holding baby Abigail.~

~Gram helped me pack a fun picnic for our family to enjoy in the Mountains.~

~We really ENJOYED being with GG, Gramp and Gram, uncles and aunts, and in the Great Smokey Mountains.   I LOVE Tennesee and have MANY wonderful memories of growing up there.
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