Wednesday, April 26, 2017

~IHC, and VIP Day 2017, our mission service in Massieville~

A Happy Wednesday to you!  I really don't have time to blog, but I want to blog IHC now, then I will blog Easter, Sarah's Sweet 16th Party (Her birthday is in December, but she wanted a party in the Spring,) and GG's 95th birthday party that we are heading to TN for tomorrow!
~We were so privileged to get to go to our BELOVED IHC this year.  I must say what with all the choosing, washing, ironing, and packing of clothes... it is EASIER to WATCH IT ON LINE  ;-) ... but we were so HAPPY to get to attend in person!!!! :-)
 ~Bro. Plank Presenting the new IHC pulpit to Dad Sankey.~
 ~GBS singing~
 ~Dear Michael and Beth and family graciously opened their home for our family to stay with them.~
 ~Our niece Brittany playing an offertory in the youth meeting...Time of Discovery.~
 ~On Wednesday my sweet Daddy and Moma were able to come to IHC...and Daddy graciously took us all to the Spaghetti Warehouse!!  YUMMY!~
 ~Elijah looking inside the Spaghetti Warehouse.~

 ~Sarah, Darla, and a friend.~
 ~Mary, Brittany, and Kimberly!~
 ~Noah and his friend.~
 ~Elijah and his friend.~
 ~We were so happy to all be together...and to have Jonathan and Rebecca Ramsey and family join us.  We attended GBS with Rebecca.~

 ~Jonathan and Daddy enjoyed visiting.  Daddy was the Ramseys in Canada.~
 ~My Sweetheart, silly Abigail and I.~
 ~Abigail laying across the IHC seats during the afternoon service.~
 ~UBC singing...our dear friend Bethany sang in the choir.~
 ~A great all those who were watching on line.~
 ~Thank you Dear Jesus for Godly leaders like Bro. Plank and Dad Sankey and the others.~

 ~Hanging around after church~

 ~This year they did a new thing and had our young men take turns praying for the offering.  This was our great friend/Pastor's son...Zack Pilmore up front ready to pray.  Jesus helped him.~
 ~The 4 cousins matched...without knowing.~
 ~Gathering in the parking eat. :-)  It's called TAILGATING...and it's much cheaper....with no lines. :-) ~

~Abigail and her big cousin Bryan eating together.~ bombing.~
 ~Elijah and Sophia lined up to sing with the children's choir.~
 ~The Children's choir did a great job.~
 ~I couldn't find where Mary and her cousins stood, but Sophi and Elijah are on the front row.~

 ~Tailgating again...with some friends who joined us. I missed getting a picture of the 5 Schmelzlen girls, and my cousin Susan and her 2 boys.  :-) ~

 ~Getting a picture for Bethany's great friend Luann.~

 ~Phillip spent a lot of IHC videoing testimonies in SPANISH of those who God had sanctified.  He will then edit these testimonies and put them online for our dear nationals to see.
Here he is with Andrew Smith, Bryon Fling, and Michael Mason.~
 ~Videoing Andrew Smith's testimony of how God sanctified him.~
 ~The youth choir getting ready to sing.  Kimberly, Sarah, Noah, and Darla sang in it, plus kids from our church.~
 ~The trio was Clarissa Manley, Logan Sankey, and our niece Darla.~
 ~Cousins sitting together during the evening service...and coloring.  This brings back a TON of memories...for Susan and I.  Every IHC Susan, Martha, Esther and I would sit together during IHC and play school and color.~

 ~Susan helping entertain Abigail...which was a great relief.  You see, I was in a great deal of pain.  I had had my shoes off and kicked my toe on the bleachers and knocked my baby toenail off. :-( ~
~Mass Choir~
 ~My Sweetheart and I right before we left IHC on Thursday night.~

 ~Cousin Snuggles~

 ~The pens, pads of paper, flyers, candy, etc. that one of our children collected at IHC.~
 ~Kimberly and Sarah went to VIP day at GBS.~
 ~Their names in Medieval language. :-) ~
 ~Our good friends Danny and Stacey from LA...
have a son named Timothy that plays second chair at GBS. ~
 ~Kimberly and Sarah sang in the choir at VIP day.~

 ~The Lord helped President Avery speak.  There was an altar call and several responded!!~
 ~It was so nice to see my SWEET college friend Esther!!~
 ~Michael and his cousin Mark haven't seen each other in like 19 years!~

 ~Sarah and Darla at VIP day.~

 ~Katie Stamper, Kimberly and Darla playing volleyball.~

~Sunday night we had a mission service at Massieville, OH.~
 ~We stopped by to see our DEAR friends Jim and Lila Kemp...and I liked this sign she has in her house.~
 ~Sweet Mrs. Lila and I.  They have been suffering so much...but they are shining for Jesus in the midst of it all.~
 ~Dear Bro. Jim and Phillip.~

 ~The Roops and Faith fed us a delicious meal before service!  This was the yummy dessert.~
 ~Sis. Roop, Myself, and Faith.~
 ~We enjoyed worshiping with the dear people at the Massieville Household of Faith!!~

 ~Many of you may have seen this on FB...but if not, Look what Jesus did for Me! 
God is beyond awesome!!!!
I was in Walmart and saw the boys dressy spring sets and really wanted to get one or two for Elijah. But I was praying,
"Lord, I don't really have the extra $19.97 to get one let alone two."
As I was standing there trying to decide what to do ...the lady came up and told me they had JUST BEEN MARKED DOWN to $1.75 each!!!!!!
So I bought every color they had in his size for Elijah! (Plus 4 for twin boys at our church)

 ~Happy ANNIVERSARY to our Dear Michael and Beth!!!~

We are heading to my sweet niece Brittany's Jr. Recital tonight, then to Church and out with the Carters, and then heading to TN tomorrow to get ready to celebrate Grandmother who is turning 95 on Saturday!!  :-)  #WHENWILLLIFESLOWDOWN   #BUTI'MENJOYINGLIFE #GODGIVEMESTRENGTH!  :-D
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