Wednesday, September 28, 2011

~Tomorrow Baby Mary will be ONE...

We love this baby girl a TON!
~We had fun taking her pictures today...the day before her that tomorrow we can just celebrate! =)
Enjoy!  Gram (My Moma) got Mary this hat that has a fake candle on top and says, "First Birthday".
~We got a little cake to have in her pictures with her...and then we get to enjoy it on her birthday.
(Lord willing we plan to have a birthday party for her next week, and we'll make her cake.)~
~Oh WHAT will my Mommy and Gram think of next?=D~
 ~A hat and a birthday cake...where's the baby's face? Ha!~

~A Happy Fall to y'all!~
~One Fun Mary...she keeps us laughing.~

~Jesus gave us her dress NEW...for just $12.00! YEA!!!~
~So sweet!~

~Precious!   Which one is your favorite?~

Monday, September 26, 2011

~More scrapbooking pages~

With just 22 days before we move to Argentina...I'm feeling like I NEED your prayers. The girls and I got the boys clothes all sorted today and we have 2 LARGE BLACK BAGS to give away to the less fortunate boys of Paraiso.  Yea!! Now to start the packing process.
I am a person who LOVES writing down To-do lists.  Don't you love the feeling of marking things off?!  (Am I the only one who adds something to my list that I hadn't written down earlier...just to see another item marked off? =) Jesus must have smiled when he gave me the LOVE for to-do lists...for I have made LOTS of them in my role as a missionary wife.=)
Please don't feel badly if you are behind in scrapbooking...I'm sure my life of moving to another country every 6 months helps me have a deadline to get my scrapbooks done.  =)
~In January our family celebrated my parents 50th wedding Anniversary together...a tad early...since my brother and his family and our family wouldn't be able to be with them to celebrate.  Janie E. took these nice pics and I had fun scrapbooking these pages.~
~My husbands family all together last December~
~We had fun putting up a few Christmas decorations at Mrs. Phyllis' house in Goshen last Christmas.  A lady from our church here made me the cute Christmas mouse.~
~A fun date with my sweetheart... to shop together and to the Cheese cake factory while the dear Wegeners kept our children.  Fun Memories!~
~Noah's birthday.~
~Sarah's birthday~
~Kimberly's birthday~
~Our first day of school for 2nd semester...Feb. 2011 while still in our old apartment. (I forgot to print off a picture of Elijah.)~
~Less than one week later Elijah got sick and ended up in the hospital for 2 days due to the mold in that apartment!  From there we moved to stay with Bro. Jimmy's parents for 2 weeks, and then God opened up our house where we are now.~
~Easter 2011~
~Our first day of school for this year...Aug. 1st, 2011~
~My friend Marisol, Kimberly and I.~
~Mary turns 5 months~
~Mary is 8 months~
~Mary is 9 months~
~Pics that we took of Nataly and her sister at the park for her 15th birthday party~
~Bro. Jimmy, Sis. Farly, and their girls.~
~Bro. Jimmy and Sis. Farly....some of our DEAR Colombian friends~
~Sis. Farly and her family and our family out for an ice cream cone.~
~Nataly and her cake at her birthday party.~
~Marisol, our kids, and Nataly at her party.~~
~Pics of some of the specials that we played at her party.~
~Bro. Jimmy, Sis. Farly and daughters, Sis. Farly and her family, and Marisol and our family.~
~Pics we had to have taken to renew our Colombian visas.~
~Phillip's surprise birthday party that the church gave him.~
~Phillip's birthday here at home with us.~
~Pics of my grandparents and their siblings that my aunt has sent us through the years.~
~Some fun family pics that my sweet friend Earline from LA took back on deputation 2009~
~Right before we went back to Colombia Jan. 2010 my sweet sister and my dear friend Susanna took our kids to a museum with the other CNC homeschoolers while I was busy PACKING!!~
~The boys at the museum~
~On the Left:  I H C 2010.  A special note that Bro. James Plank wrote to us thanking us for a gift we sent them.~
~On the right:  A picture of IHC that our Sarah drew.  That's Bro. Garen Wolf directing in the middle of the page. =)~
~Noah's Kindergarten graduation 2010~

~Noah's graduation program, a pic of him with the bus cake I made him, a pic of Kimberly playing her violin during the graduation, Noah with his gifts, and Bro. Jimmy holding up 4 fingers to show that this was his 4th plate of my food. =)~
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