Monday, July 30, 2007

~Our Saturday and our Baptismal service!~

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: Matt. 28:19,20a.
~Our family got up at 5:30 AM to get the bus that we had rented, and go and pick up our church people. Then we headed to a neat place 1 1/2 hours away for the Baptism service.

~Diana, Kimberly and Karen riding together. (These girls are Kimberly's best friends here.)~

~We had 49 people from our churches that went. Most of these people had not even been to other parts of Bogota, let alone to get to take a neat trip 1 1/2 hours away.~

~Sarah and Erika riding together.~

~2 of our faithful ladies and one of their 2 girls. They decided to get baptized.~

~The oldest lady that we have attending our church, and another faithful lady.~
~More faithful ladies from our church~

~These are the parents of our dear friend, Gloria. Her Father is a pastor. He is holding her little Donna that has to wear that hip cast. She should get it off in about 20 days. PLEASE PRAY THAT WHEN SHE GETS THAT CAST OFF, THAT HER HIPS WILL BE FINE! THANKS!~

~Adorable Little Donna wearing her Grandpa's hat!~

~Gloria, Noah and I~

~Enjoying the trip~

~We had a nice little service before the Baptism. Phillip and Gloria's Father spoke and we sang a lot of songs.~

~Enjoying the sun and having service!~

~Phillip and I talking before service started.~

~Gloria helped us get to rent the farm, for it's owned by her uncle. And she made the phone calls to locate the bus for us to rent. So, we gave her a nice study Bible for all of her help.~

~The 5 ladies that got baptized.~

~2 Ladies watching from up high!~


~A beautiful flower called, "Bird of Paradise"!~

~The place where we had the baptism was beautiful!~

~The first lady to get baptized. Phillip had each lady testify before they got baptized, and the Lord's presence was very near. I was crying while taking these pics.~

~Getting baptized, and the other 4 waiting!~

~The 2nd Lady to get baptized.~

~The 3rd Lady to get baptized.~

~Our precious Kimberly getting baptized! =) ~

~Kimberly's friend, Karen, getting baptized!~

~Our delicious lunch that we paid the people at the place to make us. This was a CHILD'S PLATE...we adults got enough food to feed 7 people! This food was a yummy salad, chicken and rice (that I learned to make a few weeks ago) and a salted potato, with fresh lemonade to drink.~

~Enjoying their lunch!~

~Afterwards the kids swam a little. This is Sarah and Noah in their doggy floaties. BRR! The water was chilly!~

~Sarah enjoying the water...while her teeth CHATTERED! After they swam, we fed them a snack of coke to drink and some cookies before we got on the bus to go home.~

~All tuckered out after a long, fun day!~

~An exhausted Kimberly and Karen!~

We took the bus up the mountain to take our people home, and arrived there at 7:15 PM. Then our family rode that bus back down the mountain, and we got home around 8:15 or so. While I read the email really quickly, Phillip ran and got us each a slice of pizza for our snack, and he bought tamales for our Sunday dinner, for I was too tired to cook. We were sooo exhausted and ready to hit the hay, of our children had a glass of water too close to the computer and accidently tripped and a bunch of water fell on it. OOPS! So, Phillip vacuumed all the water out! Praise God it is OK!! After that, we fell into bed!!! We Thank God for a safe, nice day that He gave us. ~Phillip vacuuming out the water from the computer!~

We had a good, busy day on Sunday as well. God gave us 2 good services in our churches.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

~Happy Birthday Andrew~

I know you won't see this, for you have to much to do to look at the computer...but maybe Vonnie can tell you about it! =D I trust that you have a Very Happy Birthday! You are SUCH a DEAR older brother. You have always loved (and spoiled me), and I am HAPPY and proud that you are my brother! You have a wonderful wife and 6 precious children, and we love and miss y'all bunches!! I hope you have a great day...and get some rest on your birthday!
We had a good baptism on Saturday, and I'll post story and pics soon. God gave us a good Sunday. PLEASE PRAY FOR MY SISTER (IN-LAW) LYN, WHO BROKE HER FOOT, AND IS IN A LOT OF PAIN! THANK YOU!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

~Where, oh where, did that ball go?~

There is never a dull moment with children around. They keep life fun, and exciting! =D Last week, the girl's violin teacher had loaned my girls a foam ball to practice their violin fingering on, and about Tuesday of this week, I was going to ask my girls where that ball was, and I forgot. (I knew that I hadn't seen it since the teacher had left last Thursday!) Well, today, while she was here again, Kimberly happened to look IN THE LAMP, and there was THE LOANED foam ball MELTED TO THE LIGHT BULB!! HELP! So, now the loaned ball has a huge HOLE melted in it! UGH! (I offered to buy her another one, and she refused.) Today at the breakfast table, I saw that there were a bunch of Noah's cars on the table, and so I looked at him and said, "Who put Noah's cars on the dinning room table?" And then I asked in a stern voice, "Did you do it Noah...?" And he looked at me, thought for a minute, and started to say "NO", but then said, "YES!" So, Phillip and I PRAISED him (clapping, and the whole works) for telling the truth, and told him to please just not put his cars on the table, for his car wheels were dirty. 2 seconds later, Sarah pipes up and says, "I'm the one that put the cars on the table!" And we all burst out laughing. Poor Noah, I guess he felt like he must've done it (Since I gave him a stern look) but he was thinking, "I must be having a 'senior moment', for I don't remember doing it, but I'd better go ahead and say yes." Bless his little heart! Life is hilarious! =D
~My sweetheart brought me these beautiful roses!! It pays to live in Colombia...where they grow tons of beautiful roses, and sell them for GREAT prices!~

Kimberly and Sarah's violin teacher was to come, and we knew that it was her Birthday TODAY! So, we made sugar cookies, in the shapes of violins (OK, well they are probably guitars, but we made them violins,) and then Kimberly and Sarah had fun decorating them for their teacher, and we gave her the little tray too. (Thanks Aunt Nesi for the nice cookie cutters!)

~The girl's violin teacher, Adriana, and the girls. It was Adriana's birthday, so I made this new Yummy Peanut Butter pudding dessert for her birthday, put a candle in it, and we sang Happy Birthday to her.~

The girls also made her cards, and I gave her a picture of our family, and one of our family's singing Cds. She was very happy with us remembering her birthday, and she was so touched that she nearly cried.
We had good services last Sunday, and God helped. Yesterday, On Wednesday, we were in a taxi taking it to church, and the taxi driver decided that he didn't want to climb the mountain to take us to the poor area of our church, so he let us out on the curb, with all of our belongings and our 3 kids. We crossed the street and waited for a bus, and when that first bus came, it was already packed, and then 20 people crowded in and there was NO room for us. So, we waited for the second bus, and it was full too, but we crammed in, and arrived at church 10 minutes late, but we had a good service.
I have a prayer request! PLEASE PRAY! There was a lady in our service that talked to us afterwards and said that she had had a baby in a hospital, and then it died. BUT...the hospital doesn't have record of the babies birth, NOR of the babies death, only of the cremation bill. So, she is under investigation about the baby, and she didn't do any thing wrong. The hospital should have both records, but doesn't!! She is concerned with this, and I told her that we would be praying for her. It is soooo SAD....for there are soooo many babies that die here, the graveyard is FULL of little graves. We know several families that have lost a baby, and it makes our hearts soooo SAD! Poor people, I cannot imagine loosing a baby! (or an older child for that matter.)
Lord willing, on Saturday, we are going to rent a bus and take our church people about an hour and a half away to a beautiful place that is warmer than Bogota, and we are going to have a baptismal service. The place where we are having the baptismal is like paradise, with beautiful exotic flowers, birds, trees, and mountains. We have 2 or 3 people that want to be baptised. (And Kimberly is one of them! =) I'll try to post about it when I can. Please pray that God will help our church people to grow in Jesus! Thank you!
~Bogota has a lot of beautiful fireworks. So, although we didn't get to see any on July 4th, we saw these beautiful ones on July 26th. =)~
~More pretty fireworks~

~Kimberly snapped this picture of Noah, while the kids were watching the fireworks.~

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

~SEWWW Fun!~

Since we only have a little more of Summer left...we have been sewing like crazy, for when school starts, we won't have a lot of time to sew. =D Many of you asked me to post pics of what we sewed, so here are more pics. My dear friend Julie M. from N.C. emailed me this link that tells one how to make a wrap skirt. Thanks Julie! With Phillip's help measuring and drawing us out a pattern, we made 3 of them. Both Kimberly and Sarah (with Mommy's help) sewed up their skirts, and then Mommy finished their waist bands and belts.

~These wrap skirts are reversible, so we have 2 skirts in one, which makes for 2 different fun outfits. My inside skirt is a beige and brown plaid, Sarah's is all different colored fun stripes, and Kimberly's is white with small light blue dots.~

~Ladies, this machine that Jesus gave me is amazing! Phillip helped me and we figured out how to embroidery with it, and so I made a jean skirt and the machine embroidered this on my skirt. Seeewwww NEAT!~

~Kimberly wanted a skirt similar to Mommy's. I plan to make Sarah one too.~

~This is a skirt that I made for Sarah (out of the scraps of her material) from a skirt that Kimberly has. I drew myself a pattern, and the Lord helped it to turn out. =)~

~Sarah in her new skirt~

Thank the Lord we were able to get on our blogs today! Also, Thank the Lord for His protection. Last night after I got done posting that note on my blog at the internet cafe, I came home to see Phillip carrying a HURTING Kimberly inside our house. Kimberly had been skating in front of our house last night, and fell, and fainted (Often, when she gets hurt badly, she faints) and when she woke up there were 2 policeman (who happened to be walking by), our neighborhood guard, and Phillip all looking at her. She hurt her wrist, (must be a sprain) but thankfully didn't break it. God is awesome!

Monday, July 23, 2007

~Kimberly's Komments~

(Ladies, Heather here, writing from an internet cafe. Please PRAY, for we are having internet trouble and we can't access our blogs, nor anyone else's for that matter. Our international line doesn't work either. =( Please pray that the company can figure out the problems and get them fixed TODAY, for we HATE to not being able to communicate with our family and friends. As soon as I can I'll be back to my blog, and reading y'all's too!) Now, here's Kimberly.....=)
Thought I'd share some pictures with you this time. Enjoy!
~This is a picture of me sewing, with all of my braids in my hair that took me 7 hours to braid. My arms and hands were soooo tired. (I lost my 9th tooth the other night.)~

~My Mommy and my sister Sarah helped me take out my braids, and it took about 2 hours!~

~My hair was pretty kinky. =)~

~I thought that you'd like to see a picture of our hair down, that my Daddy took this morning. L. to R. Sarah, Mommy, and I.~
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