Sunday, July 29, 2007

~Happy Birthday Andrew~

I know you won't see this, for you have to much to do to look at the computer...but maybe Vonnie can tell you about it! =D I trust that you have a Very Happy Birthday! You are SUCH a DEAR older brother. You have always loved (and spoiled me), and I am HAPPY and proud that you are my brother! You have a wonderful wife and 6 precious children, and we love and miss y'all bunches!! I hope you have a great day...and get some rest on your birthday!
We had a good baptism on Saturday, and I'll post story and pics soon. God gave us a good Sunday. PLEASE PRAY FOR MY SISTER (IN-LAW) LYN, WHO BROKE HER FOOT, AND IS IN A LOT OF PAIN! THANK YOU!!!


Beth Dickinson said...

Happy Birthday!

~Heather~ said...

Happy Birthday, U. Andrew! We love and miss y'all!

Come and see us in Colombia, and bring your whole family too!

Love, Sarah D. =)

CrazieChrisa said... did Lyn break her foot?? Thats gotta stink!!! Love you all!!!

Les said...

Happy birthday to your dear brother! You seem to have such an awesome family. You are blessed!

Anonymous said...

Yes we DO have an AWESOME family!!! This coming from Heather's sister in Romania!! :) Thanks Heather for your nice blog, we were praying for your baptismal service, but missed that it was on Saturday evening... but when you count the time difference and when I was praying looks like the Lord knew what time to have me pray! Love you much, Laura in Romania

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