Friday, April 29, 2011

~What kind of fragrance is our life sending out?~

 Today Phillip brought this Pretty Beautifully-smelling Gardenia flower in from our garden for me to enjoy. 

Titus 2:3&4 talks about "The aged women being in behaviour as becometh holiness...teachers of good things. That they may teach the young women..." vs. 7 "In all things showing thyself a pattern of good works."
Now, I don't consider myself an "aged women" but there are always "young women" who are younger than us. Right? Whether we realize it or not, our actions affect MANY people around us. Especially...those "young women" whom we call our daughters. Phillip and I have often talked about us having to be VERY careful of what we allow, wear, do...for our children one day will probably go "a step further" than what we did. James Plank preached a very good message on Wednesday night of IHC (you can view that message from the the "archived videos" from this link.)
He was preaching about Samson and the little things not mattering to him anymore. He hadn't even noticed that God's spirit had departed from him. WOW! That is scary!
Just like our beautiful Gardenia flower "shares it's breath-taking fragrance" wherever it we are sharing our "life's fragrance" to those around us.
When we sew...don't we lay down a pattern so that the thing we are making turns out well?!   Well, I believe we are "laying down a pattern" for those 'young-er women' coming up behind us.  May they see JESUS in us!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

~Fun Food Friday...Cappuccino cinn. rolls~

We Thank God for a wonderful IHC 2011!  We were so grateful to get to hear it all the way here in Colombia. (Our internet wasn't fast enough to see it, but we were GLAD we could hear all the services!) We loved the good talks, good preaching, wonderful singing, and the sweet sense of God's presence.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~A few days ago I was flipping through an old issue of Taste Of Home magazine (April/May 2009 P. 46) and saw 2 recipes that looked so good, and I knew that I had to try them. Here's one that I made and it was yummy!~
~Cappuccino Cinnamon Rolls~
Instead of using their roll recipe I used my roll recipe and then added their toppings.
Here's my roll recipe (with some changes made for the cinn. rolls.)
In a small bowl, place 1/4 c. WARM (not too Hot, not to cold. It should not burn your finger, but should be pretty WARM) water and one small package of yeast, or if you buy it in the 1 lb. bag at Sam's or Costco, use 1 HEAPING Tablespoon! Set aside to for 10 mins or so.
In a large bowl microwave for 2 mins or so:
1/2 c. sugar
1 stick margerine or butter
1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup milk
1 t. salt
Bring out of microwave and use mixer or by hand stir in 1 cup of flour and MAKE SURE THAT YOUR WATER MIXTURE IS NOT TOO HOT, BEFORE YOU ADD YOUR YEAST MIXTURE! IF IT'S STILL VERY HOT, YOU COULD ADD A 2nd cup of flour,THEN, add the yeast mixture. And then add:
(for the Cinnamon rolls add: 3/4 cup buttermilk (I just add 1 T. vinegar to 3/4 reg. cup milk)
2 eggs, beaten
4 1/2 -6 TOTAL cups of flour for rolls!
(with the extra buttermilk FOR THE CINNAMON ROLLS you'll probably need more flour)
(Add flour 1 cup at a time, for it's always easier to ADD more flour than to TAKE OUT flour.=)
The last cup or so of flour you should try to knead it in. (When dough doesn't stick very much to your finger when you touch it, your dough doesn't need any more flour.)
FOR ROLLS: Cover in that bowl and refrigerate overnight. (You can let it raise on the counter for 2-3 hours, if you want to make them the same day.)
FOR CINNAMON ROLLS:  I let my dough raise for about an hour, then I made it into cinnamon rolls, covered them well, and put them in the refrigerator to raise all night.
Cinnamon roll Filling:
1/4 cup butter, melted (1/2 a stick)
1 cup brown sugar
4 teas. instant coffee (We thought it was a tad strong, so I'll probably use 3 t. next time.)
2 t. ground cinnamon
2 Tablespoons of butter, melted
1 to 2 Tab. milk
2 teas. cappuccino mix (I used 1 teas. instant coffee)
1 1/2 cups powdered sugar
1/2 teas. vanilla
CINNAMON ROLLS:  Roll out dough and then brush the dough with the melted butter, then sprinkle with the last 3 ingredients from the filling, roll up jelly roll style, then cut into as many cinn. rolls as you want. (I got about 25 or so.)
Place in 1 or 2 greased 13x9 baking pans.  (I covered the cinn. rolls and let them raise in the 'fridge overnight.  I let them raise for an hour or so outside the 'fridge in the morning before I baked them.)  Bake them for 22-28 mins. at 350.  In a small bowl mix the icing and pour over warm rolls.  Serve warm.
And as always...ENJOY!!!
ROLLS: Then take the dough and you may need to add a tad more flour so it's not sticky. (I knead it a little until it's sort of a smooth ball, then divide it into 4 even sections.) Take each section and roll it out on a floured surface into a nice circle (About the size of a pie). Butter with soft marg. and then take your pizza cutter and cut into 8 pie shaped pieces. Roll each piece of dough LARGE END TO SMALL END and place POINT DOWN on a greased cookie sheet, and cover. Do the same with the other 3 sections of dough. If the dough is COLD, let rise about 4 hours or so (while gone to church on Sunday morning, and bake when you get home!) If the dough is NOT cold, let rise just an hour or so, and then bake at 350 for about 8-10 minutes or so. I like my rolls barely brown, like to where you have to glance TWICE to make sure they are not raw! =) Butter the tops of them when they come out...and THERE YOU GO! You have just made some very light, delicious rolls!


Lest I be misunderstood...I wanted to write an explanation on something I said in an earlier post.  I mentioned in my post about IHC about walking in high heels until our feet beg us to sit down...I was meaning NORMAL dressy heels...not the latest neck-breaking heels that in my opinion should only be worn in the master bedroom in front of our husbands.  =)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

~A Flower tutorial~

~In the Dec. 2010 Better Homes and Gardens (p. 64) they show a Flower Garland made of these flowers.  While listening to IHC services I decided to make one of these flowers to wear.  My flower didn't turn out perfectly but probably only our CREATOR can make a "perfect flower."  =)~

~You cut 6 (2") circles, and 6 (1 1/2") circles like the ones below.  They show using felt, but I used jean and then turned the inside circle up-side-down for a contrast.  Pinch a set of circles together at the bottom and run a threaded needle through the four layers.  Then repeat with the other 5, sewing them together to make a flower.~

~And here is the finished product.  Enjoy!~
Not everyone is called to be a foreign missionary.
~Take a tray of cookies to a shut-in.
~Bake treats to pass out to the Sunday School kids at your church (AFTER church.=)
~Show a Christ-like attitude to your own family. (Sometimes we are more kind to strangers.)
~Smile in the shopping line when everyone else is upset!
~Reach out to someone and show them the love of Christ.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Interchurch Holiness Convention (IHC) has been a part of my life as long as I can remember! Like I have mentioned earlier, when I was a child I would rather go to IHC than have Christmas gifts. =) Now, that we are missionaries IHC is still a part of our lives. We are too far away to attend but Thanks to this link we schedule our Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday around the IHC services.  We grab a hymn book and sing along, listen to the sermons, and join in in worshipping our risen Savior.

So although we won't be staying in an hotel,
ironing our "Sunday Best",
going in a corner to give our "smiler" a rest,
and walking in heels until our feet BEG for us to sit down =)...
we will be joining in as much as we can.
We are THANKFUL TO THE LORD (and whoever else is responsible) for Live Streaming these services for those of us who would LOVE to be there, but are "BEARING HIS EXALTED NAME" in another part of the world. =)

Monday, April 25, 2011

~Our preparation for...and our Resurrection day~

~On Friday the kids and I did some fun crafty things together.  This is what baby Mary did (she "chewed on" apple slices and crackers in this mesh bag thingy)...and played with her toys. =)~

~Me washing up the "100's" of dishes that always come from making lots of goodies. =)~

~On Saturday we went to a bakery for that I didn't have to cook.  (For I was busy cooking and baking lots of things for Sunday. (Notice the motorcycle parked behind Phillip. I bet you don't see motorcycles parking in the bakeries that you go to.)  Ha!~

~I made around 40 "backs of bunny" rolls.  If you look closely you can see their bushy tails and their ears. =)~

~And here they are after they were baked.~

~Here are the goodies that awaited Kimberly, Sarah, and little Mary on Resurrection Morn. (Since I lost lots of my baskets due to mold, I just bought little gift bags in which to put their candy.) Sarah got a Strawberry shortcake bag, and Kimberly got the gray purse.) Mary just got keys this year...maybe in about 18 years she'll get a car to go with the keys. =D~
~Elijah got the firetruck that goes on its own and lights up.  Noah got the "coat wallet" made out of leather, and the neat old car.~

~I got a picture of the boys with their goodies.  I didn't think that Kimberly and Sarah would enjoy me taking a picture of their "square morning eyes."  =]~

~We invited Bro. Jimmy, Sis. Farly, and girls, their Parents and their brother-in-law John and son David over for Sunday dinner.
Here's our fun colorful table.  We made the oreo cookie truffles...and learned that the cream cheese here is a different consistency and doesn't set up like we're used to.  But, they were still yummy!!
I made candied almonds and Kimberly made a pack for each person and put a place card on each one that said their name and "Jesus Lives".  If you look closely you can see the sugar topping the glasses.  Phillip made iced tea out of fresh mint leaves and it was delicious.
Our Menu BBQ'd Chicken, Sour cream potatoes, Broc./caul./bacon salad, candied carrots, and rolls.~

~We had 2 tables of guests in our dinning room/living room.  Kimberly and Nataly ate upstairs in the girl's room.~

~Kimberly made these.  I thought they turned out cute.~

~I made a Orange Cream Cheesecake for our dessert. It didn't set up like I was expecting due to the cream cheese difference... but Thank the Lord, It turned out yummy!~

~Our family.  (Thanks to Grammy [and Children's Place making their sweaters big]...our boys have gotten to use their sweaters for 3 Easters!=)
We hope that your Resurrection day was blessed with God's presence and a renewed appreciation that JESUS IS ALIVE!!~

Sunday, April 24, 2011

~He is Risen...~

He is Risen Indeed!!!

Would you like to hear a story?
Then please gather  'round!
There's One who changed my history
The BEST FRIEND I've found!

Jesus saw my heart full of sin...
He had a plan for me!
Before I knew to look for Him,
He came to look for me!

Like a Caterpillar on the ground...
Is Changed to a butterfly.
What Beauty! --and no longer bound
To stay below--watch him fly!

So the Lord took little ol' me
Changed me thru and thru!
He became my Savior you see,
And can do the same for you!  =)
~Heather April 2011~

Friday, April 22, 2011

~An answer to prayer!~

Thank you, Sarah W. for leaving me a sweet comment. I was THRILLED to hear from you.
Consider yourself hugged! =)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Well, I had the faith that Jesus could bring me my Taste of Home and Better Homes and Gardens magazines before Easter, so I could see their new recipes, decorating ideas, etc. but then I was sad when I realized that the post office wasn't open at all this week.
Then...guess what!

A couple days ago our dear friends the Jowers from our church in Ohio sent me links to view the April Taste of Home and Better Homes and Gardens magazines on-line! So, God answered our prayers (yours and mine) and I am enjoying viewing these magazines BEFORE Easter like I had been praying! =) I'm still praying that my real magazines come in the mail SOON, but am thrilled that I can see them on-line too! (I just don't want my parents to be spending money on magazines that other people are stealing, etc.)
Thank y'all for praying for this! =)
Thank you, Bro. and Sis. thoughtful of you!!!!!  =)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We had an interesting Good can read about it on our other blog.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

~Fun Food Friday...Fruit Salsa and chips~

A few days ago I found this recipe on my friend Pam's blog. When I told my husband about it (who was raised eating Mexican food and loves REAL salsa,) he didn't think it sounded very impressive. But when I made it he changed his mind. =) The first time I made it I didn't have strawberries, so used a whole fresh mango instead, and it was yummy. I only made 56 cinn. chips. The 2nd time I made it, I used strawberries and it was good too. (This time I made 92 cinn. chips and they were all eaten!) I used my homemade tortillas (from last Friday's post) to make the cinn. chips and they were delicious!

~Fruit salsa and cinn. chips~
2 T white sugar
1 T brown sugar
3 T jelly (I used sugar free peach)

Dice the fruit. You can use any fresh fruit you have on hand. Add the sugars (Splenda works) and jelly. Mix well. Brush melted butter on tortillas. Cut each tortilla into six pieces. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar. Bake at 350 degrees for 7 minutes. 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And as always...Enjoy! =)

~Loving our mates~

When we got married our dear friend Kimberly gave us a neat calendar on marriage called "Love for a Lifetime" by Dr. James Dobson. I have this calendar on my night stand and each morning we enjoy reading a new inspiring quote.
I'll share one with you. =)

~"Because we love each other,
and because we are doing what God has given us to do,
each day is an exciting adventure."~
Bartlett and Margaret Hess

We put another neat quote on our other blog.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

~Park pics~

~Between our kids studying a lot here recently and us being in the rainy season...they hadn't been out to play at the park very much.  So, we took a couple hours and took them to the park and we all enjoyed our time together.~

~Kimberly has been enjoying batting, and throwing softball back and forth with her Daddy.~
~Noah is trying to learn to jump on his skateboard.~

~A tip that my Moma taught me:
Never go to bed the night before without KNOWING what you are going to serve for your main meal the next day. That way you can plan ahead. (Put the meat out to thaw, put the beans into soak, etc.~ =)

Monday, April 18, 2011

~Pictures from Sunday~

Thank you for praying for my magazines to arrive. Phillip is not sure if the post office will even open this week, due to Easter coming up (some government offices take this whole week off).   So please keep praying that my magazines will arrive as soon as possible.
(Thank the Lord I can go on line and find ideas and recipes for Resurrection Sunday. =)
~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~On Saturday I decided to make some treats to take to church on Sunday to pass out. (As you know, I like to do this, but hadn't been able to do it since we have been back from the USA yet.)
I was going to make cresant rolls but at last minute decided to make them into cinnamon rolls.  I  took 58 of them to church.~

God gave us a good service on Sunday morning and He helped Bro. Jimmy as he preached!
~Our people were HAPPY that I had had them in mind...and loved my rolls. =)  (The Lady beside me is one that attended the church where we first ministered when we came to Colombia in 2006.)~

~After service we had a special invitation to eat Sunday dinner at Bro. Jimmy and Sis. Farly's NEW HOME that Jesus just help them to get! YEA! =) We are so happy for them that they have their own home now! We had a delicious meal and a wonderful visit with them and Jimmy's parents! =)~

Praise the Lord!
Jimmy's sister Judy (who had eye surgery about a month ago) just delivered a healthy baby girl today! =)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

~Is there such a thing as an insignificant prayer request?~

I don't think so! (Unless one is praying for something that one knows is NOT God's will.) I am just simple enough to believe that my Heavenly Father CARES about everything I care about! (And I have 100's of answers to prayer to back that up.=) I pray over EVERYTHING and ALL THE TIME! I pray for people right out-loud when I'm cooking, I pray that things will be on sale so I can save money, I pray for Mary to stay asleep when I put her down for a nap, I pray that God will send us a taxi, etc.! I have had my own bread business in 3 different states but I STILL pray that God will help my loaves of bread to be done in the middle. Yes, my family will agree that I pray for everything!!
I am coming before y' ask your help in praying for a request that to some may seem "insignificant or too little to bother God with." If so, then they can't be serving the same God I am...for I KNOW HE CARES AND WANTS ME TO BRING MY PETITIONS TO HIM!! =D
Like I mentioned in an earlier post my parents are paying to send me "Taste of Home" and "Better Homes and Gardens" magazines! Our family LOVES getting these magazines for it gives us a "Taste of Home", it gives us new recipes (and you are talking to one gal who LOVES to bake!!), and it is one of the few things that we ever see from back Home! =) However, when I was gone to the USA, I only received 1 "Taste of Home" the whole 5 1/2 months I was gone. Thankfully, there were more of the "Better Homes and Gardens" magazines that arrived safely. Now that we are at a new location I am PRAYING that God will help EVERY ONE OF MY MAGAZINES TO ARRIVE SAFELY! I'm not sure if someone is stealing my magazines or what, but in a city of over 9 million people ONLY GOD can trace down my beloved magazines. I especially LOVE the editions around holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc. for I enjoy seeing the fun decorating ideas and trying the new recipes. As you know, Resurrection Sunday is NEXT SUNDAY!!
Thank you...and I'll be sure to tell you W-H-E-N God answers our prayers! =D
~This picture was un-posed. Today Sarah was helping with baby Mary so laid her beside her on my bed and they both were looking at a Better Homes and Gardens magazine. =)~

~A date with Daddy~

~Sarah's date with Daddy!   (She was soooo excited that she asked if she could wear a Sunday dress and dress up for her special time out with Daddy! =)  Phillip likes to use these times out with each child to spend time with them, and allow them time to share their heart.  (For with 6 of us talking at home, sometimes one doesn't always get to say his part.=)
~Phillip told me that while he was out at the bakery with his "little girlfriend" he was thinking about me...his big girlfriend...and he bought me these 2 bunches of beautiful flowers which he got for $1.00 and $1.50!~
~(There was more to this bunch, but I divided it into 2 bunches since my vase was so small. =)~
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