Friday, August 23, 2013

~There is but one step between me and death. =) ~

~When we arrived back in the USA from Colombia...I was already dead after 6 months of deputation...I'm sure I'm on my way out of this world. =)
I slept till noon today!!!  I have no clue when was the last time I did that!  Just 2 more services and we are basically DONE with deputation 2013.  YEA!!!
Jesus has given us a great deputation...and now we are looking forward to spending a few quiet weeks in our own home.  =)  THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!!!  I would have NEVER made it without them. 
~Please keep praying for my Daddy and Moma.  They are trying to get settled in a fixer-upper house that Jesus helped them to get.  (We did take a few days to be with them and help them back in July.)
Due to various reasons including Moma's light stroke, Phillip felt it best to talk with our mission about staying through the Holidays, and they felt it a good idea too.   =) =) =)

So, it looks like that we'll go back to Argentina in January, Lord willing. 
Here are LOTS more pics than you even care to see  =D... of our services in VA and at the Afton Wesleyan church in Ohio, and then of our own COMARGO camp.
HOW FUN we had being there at our camp this year.  Our kids LOVE coming to camp and are always so GLAD when we are home to do so!!!
I'm soooo TIRED...that I'm not to be held responsible for any mistakes you find in this post!!  =D
Most of my pics I'm posting are "kid pics," and "cooking in the kitchen pics!"  Enjoy!!
~In VA at the church where my brother Lincoln is Youth Pastor.~
~My sis-in-love Lyn with Elijah and Mary.~

~Lincoln shooting his bow with Elijah and Noah watching.  There was a black bear in their back yard recently. ~
~Our girls and my sweet niece Kelsea.~
~And while in VA we had a service at a Spanish church there too.~
~Lyn and I.~
~My DEAR brother Lincoln and I...with Lyn peeking out behind us. =)
We had a WONDERFUL time in VA with Lincoln, Lyn, and Kelsea!!~
~Coming back HOME to Cinci!!!!  YEA! ~
~Sunday morning we got to attend our own church.  Sunday night we had a service at Afton Wesleyan.~

~Sis. Debbie and I.  She helped my Moma paint my baby crib before I was born.~
~Phillip and 2 of our college buddies, Kevin and Pastor Jim.~
~Then we headed to our own WONDERFUL COMARGO CAMP!!!!  Our boys got to use their tent that we got them for Christmas last year.~

~Sarah and some friends.~
~Natasha and I wearing matching skirts.~
~Sarah playing tug-of-war.~
~Noah and Bryan playing tug-of-war.~
~Elijah playing duck-duck-goose!~
~One wonderful thing about Comargo camp is that there are LOTS of children/young people!!~
~In the afternoons, they have fun activities for the kids.~

~Elijah and 2 of his friends eating Grammy's yummy meals.~
~Deanna pulling one of her twins on a dolly.~
~Jessica, Laura, Tammy, and Connie...some of the ladies that helped in the kitchen.~
~Grammy the cook, Heather, Brittany, Natasha, and Susanna...more ladies that helped in the kitchen.~
~The kids love Friday afternoon of camp...for they have a fun water activity.~
~Rob and Deanna's twins...wore themselves slap out!!!  They both fell sound asleep eating dinner!~
~Kimberly, her cousins, and Todd.~
~Sarah and Darla and their friends.~
~Dear Steve and Tammy do a fun grill-out on Friday night after church.~
~On Saturday there was a stiff and stars game.  Phillip and I played with the Stiffs, and we won!! =) ~
~Michael and Beth and kids came down to see us on Saturday during camp.  It was fun to see them.~
~Sarah and her cousin Sophia.~
~Aunt Nesi giving Grammy E. flowers, a card, and some gift cards from us ladies that gave money towards a gift for her.  Grammy is the best and always cooks yummy meals!~
~Our Mary "pitching the ball" to Sean. =) ~ of my blogging buddies came to camp too.   It was great seeing her! ~
~Beth, Sophia and I~
~Phillip and his dear brother Michael.~
~I was helping Tammy make potatoes for Sunday dinner.~
~Us ...serving Sunday dinner. 
~Bryan and Noah.~
~Sarah and Darla, Bryan and Noah.~
~Darla, Sarah, and Samantha sang a special for the children's program on Sunday evening.~
~The Shirks were the children's workers, and the Schmelzlans worked with the young people.
The Victory trio, Joseph Smith, and Archie Atwell were the main workers.  Everyone did a great job being the workers for camp. Jesus gave us a GREAT camp!!!  We had some wonderful services, and lots of great praying time around the altar! ~
~Mary and Elijah slept nearly every service.~
~The Victory trio and I.  These ladies are such dears.~
~Noah and Bryan helping do dishes at camp.~
~Brittany and Kimberly helping clean up from camp.~
~Phillip and I during clean up on Monday.~
~Then Todd lost his cell phone.  =(
Scott and Clayton went digging through the dumpsters to try to find it.  I had been praying all night (on and off when I would turn over in bed =) that Jesus would PLEASE help us find Todd's phone!!  While they were digging we stopped to pray and asked God to please help them find the phone in the first 2 garbage bags they dug in.  3 seconds later Clayton found the phone in the bag he was digging in...!!!!  You should have heard us shouting and screaming and clapping and PRAISING JESUS!!!  (As you can see there was 2 HUGE dumpsters of trash to dig in, and Jesus helped the phone to be in the first 2 bags that Scott and Clayton had dug in!!!!  So Jesus answered our prayer!!!)
I'm SO GLAD that Jesus helped them to find Todd's phone!!!!  =D ~
~Scott and Clayton with Todd's phone they found!!  =) ~
~My pictures obviously got out of order...and I'm tooo TIRED to switch them.  I took this pic of Bryanna and Kimberly holding 2 babies the first night of camp. ~
~I love it that the kids are allowed to ride their bikes at this camp. ~
~I was helping Laura make apple pies.~
~Mary eating breakfast.~
~Grammy and Michelle.~
~My Argentine tea Yerba Mate helped me keep "cooking" during camp.  =)  I love my apron that Sis. Schmelzlan got me.  It's a Paula Dean apron that says, "This Moma Cooks!"~
~Brittany, and I helping Laura make the apple pies.~
~Elijah during craft time.~
~Aunt Nesi holding 2 babies.~
~youth service.~
~I made 12 loaves of french bread and Michelle and Tammy helped me.~
~Elijah and Samuel with their matching bikes.~
~Kimberly, Sarah, and Susanna.~
~The young people playing volleyball.~
~The young people lined up to play a game.~
~Some of my 12 loaves of french bread baking.  I need an oven like this in my house!  =) ~
~Sarah helping dry dishes.~
~Mary and her little friend eating together.~
~Elijah, Levi, and Isaac eating together.~
~Michelle and her "little helper" (one of Dee's twins.) ~

~Laura and I making biscuits.  That bowl I'm holding weighed more than I do. =) ~
~Mary showing off a craft she had made to Janie.  (Thanks, Janie, for taking this pic. =) ~
~Mary and her friend Mary...(I think her name is Mary. =) ~
~Mary and the jumping house.  Mary's little choral colored "dress" is actually a blouse that one of Sarah's friends gave to our Mary. =) ~
~Phillip helping coach Volleyball.~
~Some of the young people.~
~Kimberly up to bat.  We had an absolutely WONDERFUL camp!!!  Lots and Lots of fun memories...and Spiritual victories too!  Thank you, Jesus, for giving us another great camp!~
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