Friday, May 29, 2015

~U.S.A. visitors...and Elijah and Mary are DONE with Kindergarten!~

In case you are interested I posted FUN FOOD FRIDAY...French Toast Roll-ups recipe on the post BELOW!!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
We are Excited! 
Even as I write this, our Dear friends, Luann, Kara, and Bethany are in the air on their way to come and see us!!! 
Kara and Bethany will stay with us for a month and take Spanish classes here in Argentina.
We can't wait until they get here!
We hear tell that they have some gifts for us too.
WOW!  It sounds like it will be Christmas in May/June!
I am still a little girl at heart...and LOVE treats and gifts. :-)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~Elijah and Mary~
Two little Students, as Happy as can be...
Smiling each day and learning 1, 2, 3!
They've been a Joy to teach and now THEY'RE DONE!
And Preparations for their graduation have begun!

They finished Kindergarten and to celebrate...
We took them out for ice cream...they couldn't wait! :-)
Their graduation is set for the 6th of June.
Mommy's got lots to do, for that day will come soon! :-)

~Heading out on a chilly night to get ice cream!
(It's a good thing that the ice cream place had a heater! :-) ~
~They loved their double dip ice cream cone!~
I Thank the Lord for His help to me with their kindergarten.
They started at the end of January, and finished this week! :-)
In case you are interested, make sure and check out the FUN FOOD FRIDAY post I posted below this post! 

~Fun Food Friday...French Toast Roll-ups!~

As promised...I'm Finally getting to post the link where to get the recipe for the French Toast Roll-ups that I made for our Mother's day breakfast!

~Like I said we filled our French Toast roll-ups with Peanut Butter, Cream Cheese and a FEW with Dulce De Leche (or caramel.)
 ~They were delicious! 
My favorite were the cream cheese filled ones.  I also boiled an egg for each of us, and did NOT serve these with syrup, for I knew they were already going to be SWEET! :-) ~
And as always....ENJOY!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

~We went horseback riding on Memorial day!~

~U. Charlie and Aunt Yoli invited us to go horse back riding on the 25th of May.
There are LOTS of Horseback riding fotos, so grab yourself something to drink, and ENJOY!

U. Charlie asked me to make some loaves of French bread, so I made 56.~
 ~There was quite a group of us that went horse back riding and we had such a FUN TIME!!~
~U. Charlie was so good with showing the kids how to ride the horses and taking the little ones on his horse.~

~U. Charlie getting all ready...Boots, spurs, and all. ~:-) ~

~Getting ready to ride the horses!~


~Sarah's friend Valen~

~Dear U. Charlie is very GOOD on horses!~

~The people that rented us horses grilled our meat for us.  The meat was DELICIOUS!!~

~Mrs. Elisa took this fun pic of the girls in the tent.~

~Kimberly and U. Charlie!~


~Phillip enjoyed riding a horse again.~

~Phillip and Elijah.~
~U. Charlie and Mary.~

~A friend with Abigail and her great niece.~

~Abigail and I (and Mary) dressed in red, white, and blue for Memorial day.~
~U. Leo on a horse.~

~Our family~
~Our kids LOVED riding horses and had a Blast on this day!~
~U. Charlie and Valen.~
~Tommy, Jonathan and Abigail.~
~Mary and her friends.~
~Mary with her braids reminded everyone of WENDY'S! :-) ~
~Me catching and throwing an American football. :-) ~

~This food was out of this world!! :-)  So YUMMY!!! ~
~It was so fun being with everyone on this day.~

~A. Caro holding baby Abigail and me.~

~The guys grilling our meat.~
~U. Charlie helping grill.~

~Dear U. Charlie and A. Yoli put A LOT of planning into this FUN DAY!  Thank you!!!! ~
~Noah and the boys climbing the trees.~

~Valen...hiding from the camera.~

~Abigail and Valen.~

~Tommy giving Noah a ride.~

~Phillip swinging the kids around.~
~Nan helped Abigail get to sleep for a long nap.~
~Phillip swinging Nahuel~
~One exhausted Abigail.~
 ~Caro took this FUN picture of everyone!~

~Then when we got back to B. Aires we ate YUMMY food in our friends' Chinese restaurant.~
It was such a fun day!!  The next day we woke up to a COLD AND RAINY we were GLAD that Jesus had given us GREAT WEATHER for Monday.
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