Saturday, December 31, 2016

~Our Tender Tennessee Christmas~

So, we decided that we wanted to go to Tennessee to spend Christmas with GG, My Daddy and Moma, U. Dan, and A. Carole and anyone else that could stop in.
We Truly had a Tender TENNESSEE Christmas!!
 ~Excuse any dark pictures, I'm using a different computer (because we accidentally left my computer in TN :-( so, I can't fix my pics like normal.~
~My Dear brother Lincoln and his sweet Lyn came for a day and it was SO FUN having them with us~
 ~Abigail playing her saxophone...I think Dee at church is her inspiration. :-) ~
 ~Elijah and Mary talking to GG in bed.~
 ~Lyn's chair was already broken, and she didn't know it, and sat down...and landed on the floor! ~

 ~U. Carson and A. Linda, Susan and her boys came by.~
 ~Colton and Weston (Susan's boys) meet Noah and Elijah.   They had a blast.~
 ~GG's pretty table.~
 ~U. Dan helping Lyn and Susan passing out cranberry salad.~
 ~GG and her only daughter-in-love...Sweet Aunt Linda.~
 ~The kids sat out on the deck.~

 ~Excuse the dark pictures, I'm using a different computer (because we accidentally left my computer in TN :-( so, I can't fix my pics like normal.~
 ~And we girls sat in the kitchen.~
 ~My sweet sis-in-love, Lyn.  We missed you, Vonnie and Andrew and family~
 ~At prayer time, I went to take a picture...and smiled, realizing that I had come straight from the OTHER LADY TAKING A PICTURE...Moma!  :-) ~
 ~Sweet GG who is 94~

 ~Susan reading to the little girls. (Sarah not included. :-) ~
 ~U. Carson presenting GG with a neat quote that says, "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.~
 ~Sweet A. Linda and Sweet Abigail.~
 ~U. Carson, trying Argentine you can tell he wasn't impressed!~

 ~Gramp helping the kids read a story.~
 ~Abigail in front A. Carole's tree.~
 ~Sarah decorated our Christmas wrapping paper.~
 ~Kimberly playing offertory on Sunday morning.~
 ~Sarah and I singing.~
 ~The Lord helped Pastor Bence do a great job preaching the Christmas sermon.
Can you imagine that our Jesus left everything in Heaven, to come to a stinky ol' stable....all for you and me?~
 ~Our family with GG.  (Phillip was outside visiting in Spanish with some of the church folks)~

 ~It was so nice to have GG at church...she hasn't been able to come for a long time.~

 ~The other day Mary saw a tiny basket and she said, "Look at that cute little basket!"
I said, "Look at that Cute little Mary."
She started to deny it, then she shook her head yes.
I said, "Who told you you were cute?"
And she said, "I JUST LOOK IN THE MIRROR!!!  :-) ~
 ~GG and Me.~
 ~GG wanted me to take a picture of Scarbrough cottage.~
 ~Our kids playing on the playground that I grew up playing on.~
 ~The parsonage I moved to when I was 18 months old.~
 ~My Sweetheart and I~
  ~Abigail...carrying her dress, so she wouldn't step on it.~
 ~My Precious Daddy and Moma!~
 ~U. Dan being silly directing Mary and Abigail as they sang on the step by GG's mailbox.~
 ~The girls helping Gram.~
 ~Elijah, Abigail, and Mary.~
 ~The kids silly pic.~
 ~Yummy cranberry salad.~
 ~Phillip took our picture.~
 ~GG saying grace...her prayer made me cry.~
 ~A. Carole's yummy chocolate cake.~
 ~The traditional Bryan oyster dish.~
 ~Gramp and Gram...Gramp having devotions and then he read us a fun Christmas story every night.
 ~Someone calling themselves "Santa" gave many nice gifts to our whole family...Daddy and Moma, Our family, Daryl and Laura and family, etc.~
~Look who is tired...

~Mary got earmuffs~
~Daryl and Laura and family arrived on Christmas night for a few hours. ~
~Kimberly, Darla, and Abigail.~

~Elijah playing with the snapchat app.~
~Natasha doing Abigail's hair.~

~Daryl and Laura, and family.~
 ~Our family~
 ~GG and Sarah right before we left TN.
We had a DELIGHTFUL time in TN being with family!!!!!~
~After driving home from TN...and arriving home at 12:45 A.M. ...I tried to get some quick sleep...for the next morning we were going to have our Christmas.
I had told our kids I didn't know if we would do stockings this year, but when I woke up...I decided to SURPRISE them on our Christmas ...Dec. 27th! 
The small kids squealed and hugged my neck.~
~I got us each a calendar from Chick-fil-a...the gift that gives all year.~
~I made biscuits while Noah helped us carry on the tradition of making Granny Morgan and GG's Soppy Chocolate.~
~Abigail eating biscuit dough.~

~Part of Phillip's gift...taco bell hot sauce. :-)~

~Abigail opening her stocking.~

~And they wanted to do a funny face.~
~Phillip reading the Christmas Story from Luke 2.~
~Phillip doing "What God wants for Christmas."~

~Abigail liked opening all of the little boxes / presents.~

~Abigail and Mary opening their sleeping bags.~

~My gift.~
~Abigail playing with left-over ribbons~
~In the Spring I made and sold frames to raise money for my new mixer.
Then Phillip and I added to the fun thru the months...
then someone sent us a money gift right before Christmas so Phillip said he was getting me my BOSCH mixer for Christmas.  YAY!!!~
~My Dearest and I.~

~A gift that Noah gave me.  2 in 1 knife and cutting board.~
~Some of the fun gifts that A. Carole gave me.  Fun red and white baking cups, and lavender oil sleep shower gel.~
~The picture won't turn for me, but for our Christmas dinner we had roast, sour kraut, sweet potatoes, broccoli, and homemade biscuits.~
~"There is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor"
...Charles Dickins~
~The outside of our house, the kids LOVE our retro colored lights!~

~Fresh greenery on our porch railing...makes me smile!~
~Mary got a real camera for Christmas...and from "Santa" in TN she got her cute little outfit.~
~Kimberly got me 2 of these neat cooper baskets.  So great to help me organize my colorful plastic plates from Argentina, and my colorful paper plates.~

~The other day Phillip opened our door and these 2 pretty poinsettias were on our front porch.~
~We loved Abigail's little piggy tails.~

~So nice to visit with our dear fellow-missionaries...the Carters.  They are just back from Spanish school in Texas.  They were troopers and have endured one year of Intense Spanish schooling.~
~Sis. Carter and I.~
~And Travis here took our pic...and did a selfie too. :-) ~
~Yummy Skyline with our DEAR Pastor and SWEET wife!~
~Abigail loved her skyline too.~
~Now, If I can stay home long enough...I can't wait to use my new mixer.~
~My sweetheart took me on a date to Don Pablos.  We haven't been there since Kimberly was 1 year old or so.~

~Kimberly, Abigail, and I came out of Sams and it was SNOWING!!~

~Kate, my sweet niece came by and we Loved getting to see her.~

Jesus, and other Dear Friends/Family made it possible for our family to have a Very Merry Christmas!
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