Thursday, January 30, 2014

Stuck in Atlanta airport!

We made it to Atlanta airport in time to make our next flight.   But little did we know that while we were packing yesterday Atlanta was being hit with a winter storm! Since we flew here the very next day we ran into a mess in this airport.
  So here it is 4:40 AM and I have had as much of the COLD HARD airport floor as I can stand!  We have no clue when we will get to fly to Argentina.  We are supposed to fly out tomorrow morning but there are lots of other flights delayed as well. Please continue to pray.
Here we are trying to get some much-needed sleep. :-)
We nearly froze to death. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

~Our Christmas...part 2~

With less than 24 hours until we head to the airport...we still have several loose ends to wrap up, but Jesus is helping us.   Please keep praying!
Also, little Elijah is struggling to breath today. =(  
Prayers appreciated!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We were SO DELIGHTED that it worked out for my whole family to get together!!! That would be 28 of us...Well...there WERE 28 of us...but...we found out that there were actually 29.  'Cause while everyone was here we found out about our precious baby Jesus is sending us!  =)
~We all met at our Christian Nation Church on Sunday evening, Dec. 29th., and went to church that evening.  Then everyone came to our house for a snack.  Jesus helped Laura and I put together "quite a spread" and I don't think anyone went away hungry.  =) ~
~There were people everywhere you looked.  =) ~
~The Ladies sitting in the kitchen.
I knew I was so Tired...that night (and lots of days before that), but didn't know WHY.  =)  I didn't know that I was helping a tiny little baby to grow.  =) ~
~We kept the girls at our house (all except Natalie...not sure WHY she chose to stay with her husband Keith instead of with all the girls.  ;-) And Laura kept the boys and Gramp and Gram at her house.~
~On Monday afternoon we had Christmas at Daryl and Laura's house.  Isn't their tree and mantel and stockings Brittany made so beautiful?!
Gramp and Gram did a neat thing!  Since they have had to down-size to a smaller house...They gave us Christmas from their Nice treasures that they didn't have room to keep or neat things from Grandma (who just spent her 2nd Christmas in Heaven.)~
~Here Heidi is showing Gramp, Gram, U. Phillip, and Kimberly something on the computer.~
~Keith and Gramp visiting together.~
~Mary, Heidi, Darla, and Grant.~
~Aunt Lyn and Mary and U. Lincoln~
~Visiting around Laura's table.  Laura was such a DEAR and served breakfast each morning from her house.  It was SUCH a blessing since Monday morning I started getting morning sickness with baby. =)  THANK YOU, LAURA!!~
~Gramp and Keith...his oldest grandson.~
~Then we all went to Skyline.  The Poor Skyline...that we invaded...but they did a great job keeping up with our orders and everything.~
~Natalie and Keith and Elijah.  Keith had stuffed his mouth of course Elijah HAD to try it.  =)  Elijah and Mary got quite spoiled and L.O.V.E.D. while everyone was here.  =) ~

~My oldest brother Andrew (9 years older than me), his wife Vonnie, Grant, Mary, my youngest brother Lincoln (6 years older than me) holding Elijah.~
~Having family devotions together before we opened Christmas.  L to R: Heidi, Sarah, Drew, Brittany, Kimberly, Katie, Kelsea, Daryl and Darla.~
~Brittany, Kimberly, Kelsea, and Katie.~
~Taylor, Heidi, Sarah, Darla and Drew standing behind.~
~Some of the boys sitting on the floor...Tyler, Bryan, Grant, and Noah.
~Kimberly opening up her gift from Gram.~
~On Tuesday Phillip built a fire in the fire pit and we all went to our back yard to watch the kids swing on the rope swing Phillip had hung.
Our boys LOVE our woods behind our house.  They feel like Winnie the our woods are the "hundred acre woods!"  =)  We love our woods...'cause it makes us sort of feel like we are in the "country" in the heart of the city. =D~
~That fire was so fun...and helped keep us from FREEZING! =) ~
~The boys roasted some marshmallows.  Here U. Lincoln and A. Lyn are watching Elijah look at his marshmallow...that he got B.L.A.C.K.!!! ~
~Trying to eat it.  Nasty!~
~Like I said...we are now 29...but here's the original 6!
Our Precious Daddy and Moma, Andrew, Lincoln, Laura, and Heather.  (I'm the baby....I'm sure you could NEVER tell by the way I act.  =) ~
~Cousins all piled up to go to CiCi's pizza.  It was so FUN for the cousins to all be together again.  The last time we were together was Dec. 2010.  Mary was 3 months old.~
~In CiCi's pizza.~

~Then we parted ways from here, for Vonnie and Heidi had to fly back to AK, Lincoln and family left for VA, and Gramp and Gram headed back home to Indiana.  =(
Here's Gram with her 3 Grand-ones which Gramp calls  "the triple O's" for they were all born in 2000. =) ~
~Emily took our family picture Sunday evening after church.~
We fly all night long and arrive on Thursday morning, Jan. 30th, in Buenos Aires.  
Our Dear friends U. Charlie and A. Jolie are picking us up.  =)  What a blessing!!!
Remember we may not have a way to update my blog for a few days. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

~An update on our Precious Baby.~

For the Amy who left me a comment and wanted to contact us...I just left a comment on my last post right below your comment. =)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Whew! Is life ever busy!  By 1:00 this Wednesday we will be heading to the airport to fly to Argentina...whether we are READY OR NOT!  =) 
Jesus and others are helping us.
 ~I've spent quite a bit of time getting baby all checked out this week.  I went to my midwives' office and that went well.
All except that it looks like I will have gestational diabetes again this time.  =(
But, we plan to add LOTS of fresh veggies to our diet and lots of exercise (we walk a lot when we are in South America....since we don't own a car there =) which should help me keep my numbers down.~
 ~Yesterday we went for an ultrasound.  Here's our little baby cakes.  
I'm 9 1/2 weeks along.  
I'm due around Aug. 25th.  
Baby's heart rate was 179. 
As you can see, there is only ONE baby!
I'm sort of relieved.  =)  I love twins, but wondered H.O.W. I would do it with the life Jesus has given us of TRAVELING all the time. =)
God the Giver of Life is so amazing.  
We were so HAPPY to see our little baby and all looks great.  
(If you do not know how to read an ultrasound: 
baby's head is to the left, little hand sticking up, and little foot to the right.  Baby is laying on his/her back. =)~
Now here's just some random pics for you to see.
~Here's Phillip and I in our new aprons we got for Christmas.  =)~
~Our associate Pastor Paul Pilmore and his family had us over for a yummy snack.  We consider the Pilmores to be some of our Great friends!!!  We attended G.B.S. together.  =) ~

~Then my dear friend Connie E.'s made our supper!  And was it ever delicious!!!  I had spent nearly my entire morning in the doctor's office, so it was such a BLESSING to know that dinner was coming!
Connie's daughter and our friend Jessica came over and helped Kimberly all day yesterday... pack, clean, fold clothes, etc.
THANK YOU BUNCHES!!!  Y'all were such a blessing!~
Lord willing some of our friends in Argentina have opened up their parents' home for us to stay in while we are there.  Their parents now live in another country, so the house is sitting empty.
As far as I know there is no internet there.  So, I have no clue how long it will take us until we can hook up internet to let y'all know that we've arrived safely, etc.
We'll try to get the internet worked out as soon as possible.
Phillip left this morning at 3:00 AM to drive the Mission Helps' van back to PA.  He flies back this evening.
Your prayers for us are SO appreciated.

Friday, January 17, 2014

~We're flying to Argentina soon!~

We now have our tickets to fly to Argentina.
Lord willing we fly Wednesday, Jan. 29th, 2014.   Yes...that leaves us a very few days to get it all done!
We leave in the afternoon from Cinci and fly to another part of the USA.  Then after a short lay-over we FLY ALL NIGHT LONG and arrive in Buenos Aires the morning of Jan. 30th!
~That we can get E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Done!!!
~That our kids ears won't kill them in the airplane, which happens often.
~For a smooth flight and great connections.
~For baby and I during this stressful time...and that I don't get to claustrophobic being in the airplane for so long!
Thank you TONS for your prayers!  We can't make it without them!
~Cousin Brittany helped Mary get all ready for church on Wednesday night.  We thought her hair looked so cute.~
~And here's the back.~
~In the midst of trying to get our L.O.N.G. list of things done, Phillip took me on a quick date to Panera Bread.
We had never been there and it was very fun and yummy!
I was sort of having a rough day and not feeling the best, but it was fun to be together...and my chicken noodle soup, hard bread and hot tea, and a 1/2 of cinnamon roll twist were so refreshing!  Phillip loved his food too!~

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

~Our Kimberly and Noah have a birthday!~

~So our Kimberly turned Sweet 16! and our Noah turned 10!
Our Noah's original due date was Jan. 1st or so....but he liked being with Mommy tooooo much and did NOT want to be born.  =)
So, finally, I talked to Phillip and told him that I was probably going to have to be induced and we needed to decide if we were going to have this baby on Kimberly's birthday or the day before or just when.
We talked to Kimberly and she said she would LOVE to have our baby be born on her same birthday.
The morning of her 6th birthday I woke up in labor!!!
So, Jesus sent Kimberly a WHOPPING 10 lb. 6.7 oz brother for her 6th birthday! =)
We are SO Happy and BLESSED to have our Kimberly and our Noah.  They both love Jesus and their family and others and have learned that that is a wonderful way to spell J-O-Y!   (Jesus and Others and You, what a wonderful way to spell Joy! =)
They both have always been a big help around our home...but they and Sarah are really helping lift the load right now while Mommy is in SLOW MOTION. =)~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Kimberly knew that her busy making Baby #6....and has absolutely NO ENERGY to have a birthday party right now. =D
So, Kimberly told me what she wanted for her 16th birthday (as her main present) was to invite a bunch of her friends to spend a few hours at the Mall with her.
She told them in her invitation to please bring money for supper and for their own shopping, and that we would provide them all a Starbucks.   So, we did just that Last Friday night!
Kimberly told me that she WANTED to take little Mary along...and that she and Sarah would help take care of her. =)  Little Mary pretty much has Kimberly W.R.A.P.P.E.D. around her finger. =)
We told all Kimberly's friends to meet us in front of Kohl's.
Natasha was the only smart one and grabbed the wheelchair to await everyone's arrival.
I was REALLY TEMPTED to climb in the wheelchair and have everyone push ME around for the rest of the evening. =)~
~I had them snap this pic of My Kimberly, Sarah, Mary and I and our tiny baby! =) ~
~We then went to the food court...mainly 'cause this Mommy-to-be was STARVED ;-)...where everyone got something to eat.~

~Then we went shopping.  Here Natasha and Kimberly are posing while Natasha sports some cool sunglasses.  We tried to get Kimberly to try on a pair...but she wouldn't. =) ~
~Pretty much the whole group inside Starbucks...except for Brittany and little Mary...who were saving our seats for us. Thanks, Britt!~
~Mary got Strawberries and Cream.   And YES...that is the smallest size they offered for little kids! =( ~
~Brittany and Mary.  Mary Loves her Brittany!~
~The Lord was good to us and we went to a LARGE Starbucks. It was almost like a warehouse.
So, we got the 8 comfortable chairs at one end, and threw in some wooden chairs and since there was 14 or so of us we pretty much took over that part of Starbucks.  =)
Jessica and Adrian at the one end.~
~All the rest of the girls.
Kimberly asked Hard questions about her self, and then gave a gift to whoever got the most answers correctly.  Her cousin Darla won.
Kimberly's friends treated her so kindly with their cards and gifts.~
~Some young ladies had already gone home, but I snapped one last pic before we parted ways.  We had a super fun evening together and Kimberly was THRILLED!!
I don't know which of these 2 pics that I took was the girl's I'll just post them BOTH. =)~

~Kimberly and Noah with their gifts.
Kimberly got a fun red and white stripped mug on sale from Starbucks, and a volleyball to take to Argentina to practice with her Daddy.  =)
That way when we come back to have baby and she goes to our Comargo camp, she'll be in practice for the volleyball games. =)
Noah got a 1,000 piece puzzle, a game, and a Lego set (we bought him the camper set...for ever since our friends the DeMints loaned us their camper for deputation 2009, our kids notice ALL campers on the road.  =)
~Their cake was pretty Pitiful...but at least this very sick...very exhausted Mother got off the couch and TRIED.  =) ~
~I made just made a simple choc. cake with cool whip icing, and served it with peppermint ice cream.~
~Phillip took Noah, Elijah, and Bryan to McDonalds where they met several of Noah's friends from our church for lunch.  Then they went to Bass Pro shop to look around and then back to McDds for ice cream and to play "cops and robbers" in the play land until the parents picked up their boys.  =)
Phillip snapped a couple pics on his phone, but he's gone right I'll have to post those 2 pics later.
Noah really enjoyed his birthday party and being with his friends.  His friends gave him nice gifts too!
Here Elijah is helping Noah put together his Lego set.  =) ~
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