Saturday, April 30, 2016

~I.H.C. 2016...part 2!~

We had to interrupt our I.H.C. posts for that VERY IMPORTANT BABY ANNOUNCEMENT!  :-)
Thank you for all your sweet comments here and on FB!!!!

Thank you also, for your prayers for me as I spoke at Women of Worth Monday evening.  God really helped me and I felt your prayers!  Our girls and I really enjoyed that wonderful evening with the Indiana W.O.W. ladies.  I will  post pics of that evening soon.

~PART 2 OF I.H.C.~
~Uncle Andrew and Abigail.~

 ~Abigail holding herself up between the seat in front of her toes.~

 ~Dear Aunt Laura was a life saver in entertaining Abigail.~
 ~My Sweet friend Shanda surprised us and showed up.~ the parking lot for lunch~

 ~My nephew Drew showing us his fun car.~

 ~These 3 cousins were all born in 2000!~
 ~Dawn, My friend Roseanne's sister met up with me in the garage.
 ~Thursday afternoon the kids sang.~
 ~Elijah has a big anchor on his chest, on the front row.~
 ~Noah is to the right of the mircophone and Mary to the left.~

 ~We asked Phillip to take a picture of us 4...and THIS is the PICTURE HE TOOK! :-) ~
 ~Now, Here we are.~
 ~Thursday's Building For Keeps service was very good.~
 ~Poor Abigail fell asleep.~

 ~We loved having Andrew and Vonnie and family from AK here at I.H.C. this year!!~
 ~When the urge hits to just drop to the floor in the middle of I.H.C. :-) ~
 ~The young people visiting.~
 ~Visiting by our booth.~
 ~Daddy and his little girl.~
 ~Yours truly, Moma, and Sis. Kennedy.~
 ~Abigail wearing Mommy's ~

 ~The Last service.~
 ~When they called out the countries and States...our family stood for Colombia and YELLED...and waved the Colombian flag.
And then when they called Argentina....our family stood for Argentina and YELLED...and waved the Argentine Flag.~
 ~The Mass choir.~
 ~Phillip really enjoyed visiting with his dear friend David Spivey at I.H.C.~
 ~My good friend Brittany and I.  I'm not great at taking selfies. :-) ~
 ~Saying goodbye to Bethany.~
 ~Mary and her friend Brittany.~

 ~On the way home from I.H.C.~
 ~The boys playing Chess at our house late...after I.H.C.~
 ~When you have YOUNG never knows how their clean forks will be designed. :-) ~
 ~Jesus and my sweetheart helped me make a LATE snack after I.H.C....for some very hungry boys!~
 ~RaeQuelle and Sarah headed to the banquet at VIP day.~
 ~Eating together at Skyline Chili.~

 ~Abigail wearing her cousins's shoes.~

 ~ The kids had such fun being goofy with blankets on their heads.~
 ~Playing Chess~

 ~Our girls enjoyed going to VIP day at God's Bible School...with their friend RaeQuelle (and their cousin Grant. Not in picture.) ~
 ~Waiting to play volleyball.~

 ~It was so fun for the girls to have their cousin Grant from AK join them.~
 ~It was fun having the boy cousins spend the night together at our house.~
~Aunt Laura and I put breakfast together before Andrew and Vonnie and family left for the airport.~
 ~Aunt Vonnie and Abigail.~

~It was so fun being together!~
 ~My dear Friend Brittany visiting from out West.~


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