Monday, July 23, 2007

~Kimberly's Komments~

(Ladies, Heather here, writing from an internet cafe. Please PRAY, for we are having internet trouble and we can't access our blogs, nor anyone else's for that matter. Our international line doesn't work either. =( Please pray that the company can figure out the problems and get them fixed TODAY, for we HATE to not being able to communicate with our family and friends. As soon as I can I'll be back to my blog, and reading y'all's too!) Now, here's Kimberly.....=)
Thought I'd share some pictures with you this time. Enjoy!
~This is a picture of me sewing, with all of my braids in my hair that took me 7 hours to braid. My arms and hands were soooo tired. (I lost my 9th tooth the other night.)~

~My Mommy and my sister Sarah helped me take out my braids, and it took about 2 hours!~

~My hair was pretty kinky. =)~

~I thought that you'd like to see a picture of our hair down, that my Daddy took this morning. L. to R. Sarah, Mommy, and I.~


Beth Dickinson said...

I think I would have quit if it took me 7 hrs to do that. ;-) Very cute though. Miss you all very much
Love Aunt Beth ;-)

Sherry L said...

Thank you girls for letting me see your pretty hair when it is down. I love pictures of the backs of your heads-smile-when your hair is like this. Sarah's hair is getting really long too. What a chore you girls have taking care of your long golden locks. Love, Grandma D

Kim M. said...

You gals look like you have had a lot of fun sewing and playing with hair! The jean skirts are so adorable! I have decided I must go to the library and get a book on sewing. It is killing me that I can't do it. My machine is such a mystery to me. I have so many things I'd like to try!
Thanks for sharing!

Gayle said...

When you come back to visit you will have to do my hair like that:)
Your hair is beautiful!

The Going Blog said...

Amazing! Do you get headaches or is that just a myth about having long hair? Now we know how you get that beautiful braided bun :) Thanks for the fun hair post.

Tamra said...

All three of you have beautiful hair. How long does yours take to wash, dry, or put up for that matter?

Anonymous said...

Dearest Kimberly, We really liked your blog. Your hair is getting so nice and long and Sarah's too. You'll soon be caught up with your Mommy's beautiful hair! :) We love and miss you all so much. Love you, Aunt Laura in Romania
Sorry, about your internet trouble!

~Heather~ said...

No, I don't normally get headaches with my hair, unless I rush and put it up wet! I think the "headaches from long hair" is a myth, for Phillip has a relative that had long, thick hair like mine, and she always had headaches. So, one doctor told her to cut her hair off, for her hair was the cause. So, she did, and guess what? She still had horrible headaches...and had lost her beautiful GLORY that God had given her. =( If my neck is out, I'll sometimes get a headache, but as soon as I see the chiropractor, I'm fine again. =)
If my hair is not wet, it only takes me about 5-7 minutes to put my hair up. If I just washed it, to dry and comb it, it takes about 25 minutes or so. =)

Thanks for your nice comments. Hope all is well y'all's way!
Love, Heather =)

sankey family said...

Wow - beautiful hair, girls!


Les said...

I loved seeing how long your hair is! I've wondered why some people's hair will almost reach the floor and other's stop below the waist.
Kimberly, what patience you have to braid all of your hair! I liked how curly it was when you took it down! I don't think (I know I wouldn't) be able to have so much patience!

Nancy said...

Wow...I loved seeing all that hair. I always figured you had a lot of hair....but I can't imagine the time it must take to wash and comb every day! Mine is just past my waist and I always thought I had a lot...found out today I Don't! I'm thankful too...the headaches are not totally a myth. I've gotten lots of headaches with my hair over the years, but never resorted to cutting it. I experimented with many different hair styles and finally have found a couple that work for me...usually. still, there are days if I get a pin in wrong or if it gets pulled a certain way, it will still give me headaches. Too bad she cut off all that hair...I doubt it will ever grow back like it was. I think finding a style that is comfy is the key. Some hairstyles I'd still love to use just aren't worth the headaches. Hope you all have a great day....and enjoy your "glory" :)It really is beautiful!

~Heather~ said...

When I was in college, my hair was just below my hips. But, with every pregnancy, my hair grew to the length that it is now. I guess it was hormones that made it grow that long. (Plus My Moma had knee-length hair, until hers started falling out with age.)

Love, Heather =)

~Heather~ said...

Like I said, if my neck is out, sometimes I do get headaches. Also, there are certain hair dos that I can't wear for my neck hurts, or they give me a headache. So, I switch to the "dos" that "don't".

Love, Heather =)

AuntEllen&UncleDan said...

Wow, 7 hours is a long time but the result was lovely, Kimberly. You seem to have lots of patience. Loved the pic of all 3 of you'alls hair down.

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