Saturday, January 31, 2015

~Phillip....the planter!~

The Mission that God has called our family different from what a lot of people may think of as the "typical missionary endeavor."
God has not called our family to buy or build buildings on the mission fields where He has called us to work.
Nor has He called us to build Empires around ourselves, nor try to "Americanize" anyone...but He has called to be servants and serve the Nationals where we are working.
As you have seen, we try to invite a lot of people into our home, to try to touch their lives for Jesus and Holiness.
You don't see many pictures in our newsletters, on FB or on our blogs of large groups of people where we are ministering...our ministry is often one on one!  Discipleship!  We are trying to be faithful to what God has called US to do!

~Our 6 children are our first mission field!
Phillip is a FAITHFUL DADDY! He takes the Bible literally when it talks about talking to your children about God when you rise up, and when you lie down, etc.  
Phillip is constantly using EVERY OPPORTUNITY to talk to our 6 wonderful children about Jesus!
He daily has family devotions, and it is such a RICH time together!  
We read God's Word together, we laugh together, sometimes we cry, we sing together, we discuss lots of things, and then we pray together!~
(Pic taken last time!)
Phillip also believes that God has called him to a prayer ministry!  He PRAYS FOR HOURS for A LOT of people!
He prays for our families, churches and people in the USA, Colombia, Jamaica, here in Argentina, Peru, Cuba, etc.  He prays for a list of couples!  He prays for our supporters, and prays for a whole prayer book full of people nearly every day!
~Phillip and Bro. Bruce.  Bruce has a ministry to Spanish speaking Jews here in Argentina.  Phillip prays a lot for him!~
 Since we have no car...Phillip does most of our grocery shopping!  Here in Argentina there are 2 different Chinese grocery stores within close walking distance of our house.
Phillip is faithfully witnessing to those grocery workers, passing out Chinese tracks to them, inviting them to go to church with us, etc.
When we returned here to Argentina, one of the Chinese grocery workers was SO HAPPY to see Phillip and the kids back...that he squealed with delight, broke out in a big grin, and reached under the cabinet and gave the kids each a piece of candy.  :-)
In the Chinese grocery stores, there are mini fruit and veggie markets.  They are run by people from Peru!  Phillip faithfully talks to them about Jesus as well.
Before we left Argentina last June as sort of a "Goodbye for now gift" Phillip passed out Holiness books and Bibles to nearly all of the people he has been witnessing to.  They seemed very happy to get the books!  One lady started reading her book before Phillip even left the store.  :-)
~Phillip is a Faithful God-loving Husband!  He treats me like a queen, and is carefully leading our family to Heaven! (Pic taken last time...when I was expecting Abigail! :-) ~
 There is a laundry mat here in Argentina.  (Here, you drop off your clothes like a dry-cleaners...and pick them up cleaned and folded!)
Before we had a washer, Phillip took our clothes there.
He became good friends with the 2 older ladies and man that worked there, and started talking to them about having a relationship with Jesus.
One day he asked one of the older ladies if she had a Bible.  She told him that she didn't and that she WANTED a Big Print Bible.
Phillip told her not to buy one, that our family would get her one.
When He took the Bible to the older lady at the laundry mat....she hugged it to her chest and CRIED!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Even when we have our fun trip to renew our Argentine visas...we witness to others, pray with others, etc.
One elderly man in Uruguay when we were there last March...listened as Phillip kindly talked to him about his soul and that he wasn't getting any younger and that God wanted Him to serve HIM!  The man had tears coursing down his weathered cheeks as Phillip talked to him.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Your Faithful prayers and giving...make it possible to plant seeds of the Gospel around the world!!!!!

~Phillip speaking in Spanish to the Chinese young people.  Oso translating into Mandarin for those who didn't speak Spanish. ~
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
While we were just in Colombia for nearly a month, we had to take taxis.  Taxis there are VERY CHEAP compared to U.S. standards.
Phillip used nearly every Taxi ride (and we rode in A LOT of taxies :-) as an opportunity to talk to the taxi driver about having a relationship with Jesus Christ.
~Pastor Jimmy and Phillip holding the Men's meeting in Colombia!~
Phillip urged each Colombian taxi driver to get a Bible and seek after Christ.
Some of the taxi rides were 30 mins. or more and the taxi drivers were asking questions and you could tell they were really thinking about their souls and what Phillip was telling them.
We will probably never know anything about those Taxi drivers ...but it could very well be, that when Phillip gets to Heaven, They will be some of the FACES  that greet Him and THANK HIM for being faithful!  (Click link for "FACES" Song sung by Greater Vision)
Phillip is planting seeds one seed at a time...God is doing the rest!  :-)
~Phillip teaching the kids here in Argentina.~


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

~Would you like to take a tour of "our house" here in Argentina?!~

Our friends U. Charlie and A. Yoli and their brother Mr. Willie and his family have graciously loaned us their parents' furnished home here in Argentina.
Now that their parents are in their Senor years, they have returned to their home land and are not traveling anymore.
We are Blessed and Honored to get to use their beautiful spacious home while we are here in Argentina!

Now...if you'll follow me...I'll take you on a tour.
Some of these pictures were taken LAST time we were here. 
You'll notice that... because in one of the pictures with my friend Caro in the kitchen... I'm EXPECTING ABIGAIL! :-)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~The back yard is like a Garden of Eden...filled with fun tropical flowers and a huge pool fishpond.  The kids enjoy playing back here.
The back building is where there is an indoor grill!~

 ~This is looking from the building where there is a grill, to the back of the house.  The kids are up where we wash and hang our clothes to dry.~
  ~Here is the washer that our dear friends Caro and Leo are loaning us!  It is a LIFE-SAVER!  It's up on the porch with the clothes lines!~
 ~Here is my "Dryer"...3 nice clothes lines!  :-)  (Picture taken last year!)~
 ~Last time we were here...Phillip got me some Jasmine flowers that smell really nicely!  I used the pretty little blue and white tea pitcher I found here for a vase.  :-)
 ~Phillip's office!
This is where he spends a lot of time with Jesus, reading his Bible, praying, and writing newsletters, etc.~
 ~Inside Phillip's office is my "Happy Spot" of the house!
It's where I keep most of my little "treasures" that I have here in Argentina! ~
 ~The purple and black plates are just a heavy plastic, but they make for a fun table!~

 ~My fun little tricycle with purple flowers and some cute little yogurt jars.
You see, one brand of Yogurt comes in glass jars here, so I have saved some, for they are very fun to decorate with and use.
Here they are holding my little tea spoons.~
 ~These make me smile!~
 ~Since I couldn't find or afford cake stands the first time we were here 2011-2012, Last time we came I brought this one that I got on sale 50% off at Hobby Lobby!~

 ~The last time were were here, Kimberly and I made this little banner.  Every other paper is white with black polka dots, and the next one is white with purple polka dots!~
 ~ I love old things!  So, I'm THRILLED with the "old looking" wooden boxes that Jesus has let me find here to use to decorate with!
The fruit and veggies come in these boxes here, so they are VERY common.
These wooden boxes... I have gotten up the nerve to ask if I could BUY them from fruit stands.
The guys must have felt sorry for this American Lady...for they GAVE THEM TO ME!  :-)
Yes!  This shelf makes me smile every time! :-)~
~Here are some pictures of the nice kitchen!  (pic taken last year!)
I spend A LOT of time in this kitchen and it is SO NICE!  There are even 2 refrigerators which is a BLESSING...since I still try to eat LOTS of raw veggies and fruit!~
 ~Phillip found this wooden box on the side of the road for me last year.
This one is on top of one of the 'fridges in the kitchen!~
 ~Love the tins and bags here.  The tin on the right and bag on the left are from Yerba Mate...the typical Argentine tea.  The tin in the middle is from coffee!~
 ~Here's a better pic of the kitchen.  The refrigerator with the wooden box on top is to my right in this pic!
This is LAST TIME WE WERE HERE...with my dear friend Caro.  I was still expecting baby Abigail! :-)
The window where we wash dishes, looks out onto the beautiful back yard!~
I failed to get a picture of any of the bathrooms.  There is a full bathroom off of our room, a full bathroom for the kids to use, and a half bath downstairs for guests to use.
~Now let's go upstairs to our room!
It is a very spacious room, with a big bed, night stands, a full closet with mirrors and a dresser!
It has it's own bathroom as well!~
 ~These pillows on our bed... are my "Miracle birthday pillows" that I made/bought our first time here in Argentina!  :-) ~
 ~We always have to leave Argentina every 3 months or so, to renew our Argentine visas!  While in Uruguay last year, Phillip bought me these cute little tins that say "Sugar" and "Tea!" ~
 ~Baby Mary in a cute little frame.  I think it's time to put baby Abigail in there now.  :-) ~

 ~Here's a better picture of the nice BIG closet with mirrors on it in our room.
Now, baby Abigail's baby bed (on loan to us from a dear lady at church) is tucked in the corner to the LEFT of the bed! Scroll down to see pics of Abigail's bed in our room.~
 ~This cute little window is in the corner where baby Abigail's bed is now!~
 ~Here is Kimberly's room off of the living room...heading up the stairs towards upstairs!
She is happy to have her own deck, her own desk, and bed.~

 ~She gets up faithfully quite early to have her devotions and start school!
Her Yerba Mate...helps her wake up. :-)
Isn't this a cute little pink pen from her violin teacher Adriana in Colombia?~
 ~And she snuck her Winnie the Pooh comforter and pillow case here...that her friend Bryanna S. gave her years ago!  :-) ~
 ~Last time I was given this cute little wooden box.
I wanted to WHITE WASH Phillip helped me get the right paint and one Saturday I painted it and left it outside to dry!
A few minutes later I looked out the window and guess what was SITTING ON MY WOODEN BOX?.....
 ~I was pretty happy with how my little white-washed box turned out!
I have this arrangement on a shelf above the dinning room where we eat!~
~This house is very that there are 2 dinning rooms.
One is where we eat all the time, and is Right off of the kitchen!
The other one (see pics below) is where we do school work, and have more formal tables!
The more formal dinning room is in the same room as the Living room!~
 ~Napkins are expensive here, so we use a roll of paper towels on the table.  :-)  And of course, it's just easier to have our spoons and forks on the table too. :-) ~
 ~Dear Elijah and Mary in the picture!~
 ~We had Argentine CHURI-PAN and Colombian coffee today!  Delish!
Churi-pan is a Chorizo sausage on a hard bread with a special Chimichurri sauce.  YUM!~
 ~One more pic of where we eat...taken from the kitchen.~
 ~Here is the more formal dinning room and to the right is the Living Room.~
 ~We do our school work on this table...
 ~and then when company is coming...we set it really pretty and the adults sit here, and the kids normally sit in the other dinning room off of the kitchen.~
 ~THIS IS AN OLD PIC...but this is so you can see a better pic of the L.R. taken from the dinning room!
This is a very spacious house....which we LOVE...for you know we LOVE to have company over!  Spending time with people means A LOT in Latin/South America.  ~
 ~The coffee table in front of the couch is where my fun magazines stay.
That way when I get a minute to sit on the couch, I can look at them.  :-) ~

~A few more pics of our room!
A fun little "drink tray" in our room.  That way when we get thirsty at night, we don't have to go downstairs.~
 ~A comfortable chair beside my side of the bed where I spend a lot of time with Baby Abigail.~
 ~We have a deck that goes off of our room as well!~
 ~Baby Abigail's side of the room.  She is in the corner to the LEFT of our bed.~
 ~Here's her little spot!  :-) ~
 ~We used a little blanket to cover up that cute little window above her that the light doesn't keep her awake.~
 ~Here is the boys' room.  It's rather warm hot here right there are just sheets on the beds!  They have a nice full-sized closet and shelves too!~
  ~Noah and Elijah LIVE in the garage using their ripsticks!~
 ~Here is Sarah and Mary's room.~
 ~They have a nice full-sized closet with mirrors on the doors...thus you can see the BED in the mirror.  Here is Sarah's desk where she does school work in the corner of her room.~
 ~Sarah is happy to have her own desk.~
Thank you for taking the tour with me!  
Again I say, May God richly BLESS our DEAR Friends for loaning us their BEAUTIFUL COMFORTABLE home!  
It is being SUCH A BLESSING to our family while we try to work for Jesus here in Argentina!
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