Saturday, June 30, 2007

~Our week, in a few words~

I just got an email saying to Please pray for my Grandma (My Dad's Mom, that lives with my parents) that will be 100 on Friday, she's in the hospital with very high blood pressure! She's never had this problem before. They think it was the stress of the move from Canada to Indiana. My parents JUST got to their new home Thursday, and on Sunday (THEIR FIRST SUNDAY AT THEIR NEW CHURCH) they had to take Grandma to the hospital. She is in the BEST heart hospital there in IN! Please pray that God will help her and Daddy and Moma during this time. They have planned a special 100th birthday party for her on Friday! GOD IS ABLE!
~These are the pretty flowers that Amparo brought to me when I was sick last week!~

On Tuesday, Sarah and Phillip arose early and went to the Prayer and Fast that is held every Tuesday, from 7:00-12:00 at one of our churches.
Pastor Jimmy, that used to pastor in Cartagena, moved here in May and he and his wife are in charge of the new ACE school (started by DeWayne Joslin and Helbert) that is above one of our churches. This school is free for the students, and they have 17 students attending that have never been schooled before. Pastor Jimmy also started a church a month ago, and has been wanting us to visit one of their services. So, on Wednesday, Amparo took charge of our normal service, and we went to visit Pastor Jimmy's church, and God helped Phillip to preach. The next day, Pastor Jimmy told Phillip that GOD HAD LED HIM TO PREACH EXACTLY WHAT HIS CHURCH NEEDED! Glory to God!
~Phillip preaching at Pastor Jimmy's church~

On Thursday Phillip went calling in one of our churches areas, then there was our normal Thursday evening service. Thursday I got a rare treat, and got to call my dear sister Laura, in Romania. They have had the TLC team with them for the last 3 weeks, so it was fun catching up on all that had happened. Then my kids begged me to take them to the park. It has been raining almost every day...and they were SICK of being in the house. So, we went to the park, and as we were wallking there, IT STARTED RAINING! So, we ran back and got our raincoats...and PRAYED, AND ASKED JESUS TO PLEASE HELP IT TO QUIT RAINING, FOR OUR KIDS NEEDED SOME FRESH AIR. HE STOPPED THE RAIN FOR ABOUT A HALF AN HOUR, AND THEY HAD FUN PLAYING, THEN IT STARTED RAINING AGAIN, AND WE CAME HOME! THAT'S MY GOD...I LOVE IT...that He cares about the smallest detail, and LOVES TO ANSWER PRAYER FOR HIS CHILDREN!! =)
On Friday, my friend Neyla, from the fruit market, came to practice her English and my Spanish. I do get to practice my Spanish, for when I talk in English, it's HARD TO TALK SLOW enough for her to understand. So, I say the sentence in English, and then say it in Spanish to make sure she understood what I was saying. We had a good day together. We made a yummy Colombian dish called, "Arroz con Pollo"..."Chicken with Rice"! We made enough to feed the whole Barrio (neighborhood) but it was delicious, and makes great left-overs too! =)
~Neyla and I and are HUGE pan of "Arroz Con Pollo" ("Chicken with Rice")~

Please continue to pray that I can touch Neyla's life for Jesus!
~The YUMMY Chicken with Rice and fried platano that Neyla and I made. My kids LOVED IT..they ate 4 plates EACH!~

Phillip was able to fix my vacuum cleaner. YEA! You see, our stairs in our house are carpet (which is RARE, for there is not a lot of carpet here!) So, after trying to sweep those stairs with a broom for 7 or 8 months, we finally were able to buy a vacuum. But....I had only used it 5 times, when it rolled down the stairs and quit working! UGH! I was beyond SAD! But, thank the Lord, it looks like He helped Phillip to be able to fix it up good! YEA! "Phillip, the vacuum man"! (Did I ever mention that Phillip is a SMART, DEAR husband?! (`~`) Neyla was here from 11:00-4:00 and after she left, I mixed up 140 oatmeal raisin cookies (and decided that I'd add choc. chips for a new taste...and we really like them =). These cookies are to pass out at our churches on Sunday (with some extras to bake up on Monday...for the AMAZON TLC team that we are to meet again. They still have some things for us, that they were unable to get to, when they first arrived.) Friday evening , while I was baking cookies, Kimberly and Phillip went to have the house service that he has every Friday night...and there were 13 there, and God helped! Today (Saturday), we went to the fruit market, got to talk to my parents and I was happy to hear that they are safe in their new home in Westfield, IN (after a LONG move!) Now we are getting ready for our BUSY Lord's day tomorrow! And there you have it...We thank God for His help this week!


Sherry L said...

I would love to eat some of your chicken and rice! What an interesting run-down of your week in missionary land. I trust Jesus gives you strength for all you try to do. Lovingly, Mom & Dad D

Elizabeth Flowers said...

It touched me when I read about how God stopped the rain for your kids to play! He is so awesome and cares about every detail in our lives! Wow!
It was encouraging to read your last posts and see how God is working through your family to reach others for Him. We have 'our own little mission field' right here in Indiana! God has brought 2 hurting families int our lives to minister to and it is not easy as you well know! Let's keep praying for each other as we show others to Him :o)

The Going Blog said...

I could get used to fresh cut flowers sitting around :) We here in Indiana NEED rain. We are way under the norm for this time of year. We got some this week so now the yard looks like camoflauge(sp?)
I'm thankful your parents arrived safely. Can't wait to see them.

julie f said...


Thanks for visiting my blog...I have to confess that I have been "lurking" on yours for quite a while and enjoying every minute of it! The kids and I pray for your family now at breakfast...that's our time we think of you. I love relating the stories to them and showing them pictures of your children and it so helps for them to get a different perspective!

It's been fun to get to "know" you better...all I remember of you is from IHC - the beautiful, fun blonde! Now that you mentioned it, I do remember you from Alaska. (We are actually going to get to host 2 of Robb's sisters this weekend!'s been 4 years since Robb has seen Esther.)

Have a wonderful week and may you feel God's presence near you in all that you have to do!


Anonymous said...

Heather, Since you have plenty of leftovers... do you mind if We COME OVER and help you finish them off? It looks YUMMY. Now you have to post the recipe. It looks a lot like what I learned to make while we were in Russia. YUMMY, indeed! I love you and thanks a million for that phone call to help my sad heart... I love you dearest sister, Laura in Romania

Patty said...

Heather, I am so glad that your parents made it saftly to Westfield. I grew up in Westfield, and I think it is a great area with many wonderful people. I think that they will really enjoy their time there.
I am sorry to here about your Grandma. My dad was in that Heart Hospital,and I am sure she is in good hands.
I am going to Westfield this week to spent the holiday with my family and to attend a wedding. If I see your parents I will be sure to tell them Hi:)
Have a great day,

Janella said...

Looks like you had a nice week! So glad the kids got some outside time. I would love to try the yummy looking food:) Have a great week!

Gayle said...

How nice of your friend to bring you flowers. They are beautiful!
The chicken and rice looks delicious. That would be a good item for you to make at camp:)We could have a missionary day and serve all different kinds of your favorite foods from Colombia. We are praying for your Grandmother.
Love Ya,

Les said...

Praying for your grandma! I love your new pictures of the kids on your page!

Tara said...

We've been away on vacation. I'm enjoying catching up on your blog. I'm sorry that your Grandma is sick, and can only imagine the stress that it must be on the family after such a LONG move. I will pray for them, and for peace for you, too, for it can't be easy to be so far away and worrying about your loved ones!
Have a blessed week in Jesus,

Kimberly said...

I'd read this earlier, but must have missed the part about your things are better. Also like the new violin pics!:)

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