Thursday, July 31, 2008


I'm back.
Our dear friends in Colombia...Jimmy and Farly have had a tragedy in their lives. Farly's father, which was a great Christian man and our dear friend too, was hit by a taxi on his way to fast and prayer at Jimmy's church last week. After suffering for a few days in the hospital, he passed away this past Monday. This news has hit our family really hard and has made Phillip and I and our children cry. We loved Don Dario and we will greatly miss him. He was a big asset to God's work there in Colombia. Please keep Jimmy and Farly in your prayers! Thanks.
It looks like we get to stay for Comargo camp, and we are very happy about that. Enjoy the pics of some of what has been keeping us busy. =D
~We picked up lunch for our family and the Shirk family and went by their house and had a nice visit with them. As I told you earlier, Don had a serious motor cycle wreck a few weeks ago. He is healing...slowly but surely. His jaw was broken and is still wired shut, so he can only have liquids right now. We Thank God for sparing Don's life. Please pray for he and his family during this difficult time. THANKS!~
~My little Elijah in a doll pack-n-play.~
~Out with the Kennedy's for a quick snack.~
~A local library had a couple of helicopters land in their parking lot and the kids got to ask the pilots questions and get inside the helicopters. There were 2 fire trucks and a police car there too. It was a fun way to begin our cousin Bryan's birthday celebration day. Here, Noah is plugging his ears because the helicopters were so loud.~
~Watching one of the helicopters land.~
~A couple policemen and Noah.~
~My little fireman...Noah.~
~our kids by one of the helicopters.~
~On the back of the fire truck.~
~At Bryan's party~
~All the kids that were at Bryan's birthday party. We had a good turn-out and a fun time.~
~We enjoyed spending a couple days with Michael, Beth (and their baby girl due in November), and Isaiah. Here, Aunt Beth has our Elijah snuggled up to his baby girl cousin due in November. =D~
~Noah and his cousin Isaiah~
~Mommy's little Elijah who is growing bigger each day.~
~Here is a picture of my 3 friends and I that took a picture when they were still pregnant. Now we all have our babies in our arms. =D (I would have had to wear a very full skirt for this picture so this skirt makes me look as big as a barn.) ~Out with the Pilmores~

~Dinner with our good friends the Harveys~
~Helping paint and get ready for Comargo camp.~

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

~July happenings~

Our children have been wanting to fish for months, so the Kennedys invited us over and they got to fish. YEA! Kimberly got a bite, and Sarah caught 3 fish. =D We had a fun evening with the Kennedys and the Hausmans having a picnic together, boating, 4-wheeling, etc.

Our precious Elijah...wearing tennis shoes that are almost as big as he is. =D The Harveys invited us all over for a relaxing afternoon. (Kelly and I were roommates at GBS for 2 she's a dear friend of mine!) Laura's girls and our girls played their violins and the piano and provided 30 minutes of music for Miss Norma and other residents at a nursing home.

Our friend, Grandpa Edwards came to see us and we had a nice visit with him. Here we are at Sonic with our good friend Gary too. (I was sad that "Grandpa Edwards" didn't know to look at the camera, so we don't have his face in this pic.)
Here is Gramp reading a story to 7 of their 16 Grandchildren.
The Hausmans, my parents and our family got to spend an enjoyable day at the Creation Museum. (I ran out of room on my camera card and so I only got a couple pics). I got a picture of my NOAH by the replica of "his boat" at the Creation Museum. =D We had a great time together and really enjoyed the museum.

Susanna, baby Levi, Heather (Me) and baby Elijah. Little Levi Pilmore came into this world on July 15th, one month early weighing 5 lbs 11 oz. (We teasingly called my Elijah "Goliath" since he is 2 months now and probably weighs 12 lbs or more...and we called little Levi "David" since he is so tiny.) Susanna and I have been good friends for years.
We had a yummy Sunday dinner at the Eisenharts.

Monday, July 14, 2008

~Catching up~

WOW! Life has been fun and has kept us I'm just now getting to add new pics on here. We've had some nice dinner invitations and had great fellowship with some dear friends. Then we got to stay at a neat log cabin that is owned by some friends of Dave and Regina. We had been praying that our kids could go swimming somewhere and this couple let us use their pool. YEA! On the 4th of July it was raining so we couldn't have our camp-out that we had planned to do. But we had a great time with Laura and Daryl and their family and the Shirk family. (All except Don who had a series motorcycle accident in AK. Please pray for him and his family!) My parents stopped by and we had a nice visit with them. Elijah is growing like a weed and he gets sick of getting all the kisses that we give him. =D We had a fun camp-out with our Christian Nation Church friends. We got a family picture and had to hand stuff them in all of newletters (over 900). We have applied for our kids' passports and we plan to fly back on July 31st. However, we are praying that if it's God's will for us to get to attend our church's camp...Comargo camp, that God will allow our passports to come in a tad late. We LOVE campmeetings and our 2 middle children don't know what a campmeeting is. We would LOVE to get to attend Comargo camp and have our children attend the services and enjoy the Christian fellowship and Holiness sermons and songs...and then fly back. Whatever God wants is what we want. I miss going to ya'll's blogs and commenting. I plan to catch up when I get back to Colombia.

~I had fun making rice krispy treats and using colored sugar to make a flag.~

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