Thursday, July 26, 2007

~Where, oh where, did that ball go?~

There is never a dull moment with children around. They keep life fun, and exciting! =D Last week, the girl's violin teacher had loaned my girls a foam ball to practice their violin fingering on, and about Tuesday of this week, I was going to ask my girls where that ball was, and I forgot. (I knew that I hadn't seen it since the teacher had left last Thursday!) Well, today, while she was here again, Kimberly happened to look IN THE LAMP, and there was THE LOANED foam ball MELTED TO THE LIGHT BULB!! HELP! So, now the loaned ball has a huge HOLE melted in it! UGH! (I offered to buy her another one, and she refused.) Today at the breakfast table, I saw that there were a bunch of Noah's cars on the table, and so I looked at him and said, "Who put Noah's cars on the dinning room table?" And then I asked in a stern voice, "Did you do it Noah...?" And he looked at me, thought for a minute, and started to say "NO", but then said, "YES!" So, Phillip and I PRAISED him (clapping, and the whole works) for telling the truth, and told him to please just not put his cars on the table, for his car wheels were dirty. 2 seconds later, Sarah pipes up and says, "I'm the one that put the cars on the table!" And we all burst out laughing. Poor Noah, I guess he felt like he must've done it (Since I gave him a stern look) but he was thinking, "I must be having a 'senior moment', for I don't remember doing it, but I'd better go ahead and say yes." Bless his little heart! Life is hilarious! =D
~My sweetheart brought me these beautiful roses!! It pays to live in Colombia...where they grow tons of beautiful roses, and sell them for GREAT prices!~

Kimberly and Sarah's violin teacher was to come, and we knew that it was her Birthday TODAY! So, we made sugar cookies, in the shapes of violins (OK, well they are probably guitars, but we made them violins,) and then Kimberly and Sarah had fun decorating them for their teacher, and we gave her the little tray too. (Thanks Aunt Nesi for the nice cookie cutters!)

~The girl's violin teacher, Adriana, and the girls. It was Adriana's birthday, so I made this new Yummy Peanut Butter pudding dessert for her birthday, put a candle in it, and we sang Happy Birthday to her.~

The girls also made her cards, and I gave her a picture of our family, and one of our family's singing Cds. She was very happy with us remembering her birthday, and she was so touched that she nearly cried.
We had good services last Sunday, and God helped. Yesterday, On Wednesday, we were in a taxi taking it to church, and the taxi driver decided that he didn't want to climb the mountain to take us to the poor area of our church, so he let us out on the curb, with all of our belongings and our 3 kids. We crossed the street and waited for a bus, and when that first bus came, it was already packed, and then 20 people crowded in and there was NO room for us. So, we waited for the second bus, and it was full too, but we crammed in, and arrived at church 10 minutes late, but we had a good service.
I have a prayer request! PLEASE PRAY! There was a lady in our service that talked to us afterwards and said that she had had a baby in a hospital, and then it died. BUT...the hospital doesn't have record of the babies birth, NOR of the babies death, only of the cremation bill. So, she is under investigation about the baby, and she didn't do any thing wrong. The hospital should have both records, but doesn't!! She is concerned with this, and I told her that we would be praying for her. It is soooo SAD....for there are soooo many babies that die here, the graveyard is FULL of little graves. We know several families that have lost a baby, and it makes our hearts soooo SAD! Poor people, I cannot imagine loosing a baby! (or an older child for that matter.)
Lord willing, on Saturday, we are going to rent a bus and take our church people about an hour and a half away to a beautiful place that is warmer than Bogota, and we are going to have a baptismal service. The place where we are having the baptismal is like paradise, with beautiful exotic flowers, birds, trees, and mountains. We have 2 or 3 people that want to be baptised. (And Kimberly is one of them! =) I'll try to post about it when I can. Please pray that God will help our church people to grow in Jesus! Thank you!
~Bogota has a lot of beautiful fireworks. So, although we didn't get to see any on July 4th, we saw these beautiful ones on July 26th. =)~
~More pretty fireworks~

~Kimberly snapped this picture of Noah, while the kids were watching the fireworks.~


Sherry L said...

This made me laugh so much about the melted ball and then, Noah wondering if he'd had a Senior moment. This entire posting was wonderful-and it's good you girls made the teacher have such a beautiful birthday. Lovely roses! Love, Mom D

Vonnie said...

Nice pictures and stories. The melted ball is hilarious although it probably didn't feel hilarious at the time. And poor Noah now doesn't have a clue if he should tell the truth or a lie. :) I soooo appreciated Phillip's new post. He is such a good writer and poet. We will be praying for the lady whose baby died.

Linda S said...

Dear Heather,
That is neat the Kimberly will baptized in Columbia...neat that she will baptized as part of your ministry. Carson feels that our children should set the example for those you minister to. He always had the girls baptized at home in the creek instead of at camp meeting. So my heart was touched!
Aunt Linda

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
thanks for writing your heart in your posts. Keep encouraged in Jesus and His working through you and your efforts there in Columbia. God bless you all 5!
we love you, Laura in Romania

Les said...

Never a dull moment with children is correct! I also believe the girls violin teacher is thrilled to have your girls as students. What other family would make such wonderful treats for their teacher!

Anonymous said...

Really enjoy hearing stories about your adventures! Loved the cookies. I think you did a pretty good job of making them into violins. :) Blessings on you as you minister.

CrazieChrisa said...

Sounds like you have had a busy week:-D Love and praying for ya'll...

Anonymous said...

Pauline Nunes from Jamaica is visiting me, Melodie Yates from NM stopping by to say,"HI!"
Pauline says,"My my my little Heather all grown up with three little children of her own, looks like she is a goooood MAMA! God Bless, I'm praying for you." :)

Kimberly said...

The cookies are are the little violinists!

Roseanne said...

Great job on the cookies and desert. I think that is such a neat way to show Love to someone by remembering their b-day and doing something nice for them. i have no doubt it made a huge impression on her. Heather, you are so great at doing those little things for people. The stories of the children are so cute.

Denise Truesdale said...

What a blessing to see the cookie cutters helping you bless others!
I will have to show Veta from Basket Country how her cookie cutters are cutting cookies in Columbia!We love you all sooooooooo much and appreciate the wonderful example you set of serving others for Jesus' sake.
Aunt Nesi

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