Friday, July 20, 2007

~Time spent with good friends~

Last Saturday we had a fun, busy day. First, Mrs. Becky Stence, who is also a missionary to Colombia, was in town and and so she came by for a short visit. We had heard about her, but had never had the privilege of meeting her. We really enjoyed our visit, she's a dear lady. She had another appointment and so had to leave around 11:30. After she left, our friend, Pastor Jimmy and his wife Farly and family invited us over to their home for a delicious Colombian meal. Pastor Jimmy and Farly, are the ones that teach at our new ACE school, and they also have started another church here in Bogota, about 45 minutes from our churches.
There was also a family from their new church at the meal at their house. The man, Antonio got saved about 8 years ago. He and his wife are a sweet couple and we had a very enjoyable visit with them, and Pastor Jimmy and his family.
~This is the family from Pastor Jimmy's church, Antonio, and Monica, and children.~

Since pastor Jimmy has 2 girls almost the same age as our girls, our girls love getting to play with their girls.
~Pastor Jimmy's youngest daughter, Natalie, and our Sarah playing dolls!~

~Pastor Jimmy's oldest daughter, Lady, Kimberly and Antonio and Monica's daughter~

We made a lot of fun memories from that day, and will always remember their kindness and the DELICIOUS meal that they served us. ~Antonio, Monica, Phillip, and Heather~

We are glad to have Pastor Jimmy and family near us, they are some of our closet friends here. (They used to pastor about 24 hours away, until they moved here to run our ACE school last May.)
~Phillip and Noah, Pastor Jimmy, Antonio, and son~

~from L to R: Pastor Jimmy's Mom, Aunt, and Wife--Farly, Heather, and Monica, and son~

~Last Sunday, I let Kimberly braid my hair...which has always been one of her braid her Mommy's hair that almost touches the floor. (I have the rest of my hair rolled up tightly under the scrunchy. =)~

~The kids and I last Sunday morning.~


Sherry L said...

Heather, I have been waiting for you to blog about your floor-length hair. Maybe some more pictures of it down would let others know more about what you 'do' each day. Love, Mom D

The Going Blog said...

That was a fun post. I enjoy your blog so much. Are you responsible for the ACE school? Kimberly did a great job braiding your hair.

Tamra said...

Thanks so much for your sweet email this week. I really don't know when you have the time to sit down and write emails with all the other stuff you have to do! :)

jenny said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe (keep those coming!), the jean skirts are adorable, and I'm so thankful you've made good friendships there in Columbia. How wonderful for your children to be able to cultivate cross cultural relationships. YOU are such an inspiration with ALL you do--45 loaves of bread!!!!

~Heather~ said...

Martha, here's an answer to your question about the ACE school that we have here in Colombia. The school is above one of our churches, and the students in the school are from our church...but we dont' do a lot with the school, for Pastor Jimmy and his wife take care of it. DeWayne Joslin, and Helbert from Grand Cayman are the ones that started the school, and are financing it. This endevour needs LOTS of prayer, for it's not easy trying to teach kids that have NEVER been to school, who's parents are NEVER home to help them do homework, or sign papers, and these kids just run the street all day on their own, etc. It's a huge ministry, but overwhelming too.

Love, Heather =)

Kimberly said...

I was instructed to let you know that Mrs. Nellrena and my mom looked at your pics today..:)
Mrs. Nellrena loved checking out all the blogs, seeing the kiddos, and was really happy you were able to get that sewing done! Love to All!

Myranda said...

Enjoyed all the pics. Glad you got to visit with friends!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Sherry L said...

Heather, I see you added a picture of Phillip & you as part of your loved family. I like that part you have added of him, and then, your treasures. Love, Mom D

Vonnie said...

Nice pictures. Great that you have friends so close!

AuntEllen&UncleDan said...

There's nothing like good fellowship with friends and/or family. Glad you've made good friends in Columbia.

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