Friday, October 29, 2010

~The Beckers come to visit Mary.~

~We were delighted to have Bro. and sis. Becker come to visit Baby Mary. She hadn't been to church yet, and they wanted to see her, so dropped in for a fun visit.~

~Daddy holding our little doll baby!~

Sunday, October 24, 2010

~Elegant Eisenhart photos~

~A few days ago Janie and I had a fun foto session with little Baby Mary. Mary was 11 days old when we took these pictures. Janie is a great photographer, and I think that these are adorable!!! Thanks, Janie!~

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

~God's Bible School Homecoming #2~

On Saturday, my Phillip needed to work on our house, so I GOT REALLY BRAVE and went out alone for the first time with our 5 children (Mary was only 10 days old). I really wanted to go to Homecoming on Saturday since they were going to honor the 50 year graduates (My Moma was one) and they were going to do more honoring of Bro. Wolf and Sis. Wolf. The Lord helped me and I made it through...and ENJOYED the day! Here are some pics for you to enjoy!
~I took this pic a long ways off...but it is Rachelle Wolf, Sarah Wolf Fry, and Deanna Wolf Mander playing a beautiful violin trio for offertory Saturday morning.~ ~This year was 50 years since my Moma graduated from GBS high school. Here is a picture of her class from 1960. (She's the only lady in the picture and Dad Sankey is to her left.)~
~My Moma is very good at preserving things. She is wearing her original GBS sweater that she would have worn 50 years ago. WOW!~
~Kevin Moser was going to take the picture below this picture...but then he needed to be in Pres. Avery took the picture. =)~

~Bro. Wolf with the teachers that have taught music.~
~My sweet parents!~
~Kimberly and I enjoying homecoming!~
~We music majors got to honor Bro. and Sis. Wolf and spend some special time with them. First, we did a GBS Music major time line. They put up markers with each year and the names of those who graduated with a music degree in that year. Those of us who attended homecoming found our marker and stood by it. Then, the Wolfs walked by and greeted each of us. These girls graduated a year after I did, but we had a lot of classes together, so we posed for a quick pic.~
~A fun music majors picture! (I'm on the Left, on the second row.)~
~We gave Bro. Wolf 2 neat frames with the words "A Charge to keep I have" on one, and "A God to Glorify" on the other. Bro. Wolf's picture is in the middle, and then there are LOTS of music notes around the edges, and each music note holds a music major's photo. Sis. Karen Mills made these and did a beautiful job.~
~We had a great 2 hours together...just the music majors and the Wolfs. We laughed together and then we sang "Great is thy Faithfulness" and WEPT and praised God together. We asked Bro. Wolf to pray over all of us one more time, (Like he used to pray over us in the big bus on tours) ,and we wept some more. Then we had a yummy nice reception. It was a special time that I will cherish for a long time. ~
Then I went home to try to recoop and regroup after 2 BUSY days, and to get ready for another busy day. Baby Mary went to church for the first time on Sunday, October 10th. (11 days old)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

~God's Bible School Homecoming #1!!~

~My sweetheart and I at the yummy banquet they served on Friday night of Homecoming. Since baby Mary was only 9 days old, it was probably too soon for she and I to be out, but I WAS DYING TO GO, so we went. We are GLAD that we did.~

~We were delighted to see Bro. and Sis. Sankey (better known to us as Dad II and Mom II) at GBS homecoming. I was glad to get this picture of them and baby Mary.~
~My Daddy, Mrs. Janet, and my Moma. Mrs. Janet was the secretary and my Dad was the president of their GBS class all four years of high school.~
~Dear Bro. and Sis. Wolf were honored at this homecoming!~
~Elijah and his "twin" Levi.~
~Bro. Wolf directed the alumni band.~
~Here is the alumni choir singing under the direction of Bro. Wolf. I didn't know about it, until it was too late to sign up. When I walked into service that night, one of my friends asked me if I were going to sing in the choir? I told her that I didn't know about it until it was too late to sign up. She told me that I ought to go ahead and sing, for they HAD NOT practiced. She showed me the music that they were going to sing. I quickly looked it over, and decided that I would go up and sing. I had WANTED TO SING WITH MY WHOLE HEART!!! So...I am standing on the front row on your right in the long winter white skirt. It was neat that it worked out that I got to stand by Valorie Q., and Cindy...since we used to stand beside each other in choir way back when. =D (By the looks of the crowd on that platform, I think there were others who did the same thing I did. Didn't get to sign up, but sang anyway. =)
It was SOOO FUN to sing in the GBS choir directed by Bro. Wolf one last time!! =)~
~This is what sweet little Mary did... so Mommy got to enjoy the entire service on Friday night!~
~Bro. Wolf holding the lighted torch, while Bro. Crater led the current GBS choir in "Carry your candle and Go light your world."
~President Avery presented Bro. Wolf with Bro. R.E. Carol's Bible (that is who he got saved under), and a neat original painting that had hung in Bro. Wolf's office for years.~
~The entire Wolf family.~
~Our Sarah and one of her friends from deputation. =)~
After the service we grabbed some yummy Graeter's Ice cream from the caffeteria and headed we could get some sleep...and come back on Saturday morning for more of homecoming. Those pics will post soon!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

~Mary...going home from the hospital!~

~Mary's oldest sister Kimberly bought her these adorable handmade booties from a Colombian lady. She sells these for a mere $2.50 a pair.~~Gram made little Mary this beautiful delicate little bonnet out of Mary's Great Grandma Bryan's hankie. (Great Grandma Bryan is 103!) Just take out a few stitches and this little bonnet will also be a hankie that Mary can carry for the "Something old" on her wedding day.~
~All dressed and ready to go home to her older brothers and sisters.~
~My sweetheart, precious little Mary and Mommy leaving the hospital.~
~Mary's brothers and sisters were HAPPY to have her home!~
~Little Elijah thinks he OWNS little Mary. He loves to hold her, rock her and sing a lullaby to her.~ =)
~Our family on Mary's first Sunday.~
~Gram...the one who REALLY helped us for the first 9 days after Mary was born! (Doing laundry, cooking meals {on the days that our DEAR church ladies didn't bring in meals}, helping the kids, etc!) THANK YOU, GRAM!~
~Little Mary has an UNSPOKEN URGENT PRAYER REQUEST...but if you look at this picture I'm sure you can GUESS what her request is. PLEASE Pray for her protection. She is hoping that she will survive all the LOVE that her "big brother Elijah" has for her.~=D

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

~Pics from Mary's first few hours.~

~Here I am with baby Mary and my midwife. On the day I was to be induced I didn't know which midwife was on duty, but I prayed that Gwynne would be. When I got to the hospital and I asked who was on duty...I was DELIGHTED to hear it was Gwynne! YEA! She is such a great midwife!~ ~Each time I have a baby I buy gifts for our other children for when they come to the hospital to see their new sibling. Here are the gifts for our children lined up in the hospital window. They were happy with their gifts. (Sarah's gifts are hard to see. They are some suede type winter boots and a bag of fun Littlest Pet shop animals.)~
~Phillip and I with Baby Mary. We are soooo THANKFUL to God for His blessings to us!~
~Gramp whistling to little Mary.~
~Noah getting to see and hold his baby sister at the hospital for the first time. Noah LOVES his baby sister!~
~Sarah is in Love with little Mary Grace!~

~Big sister Kimberly prayed for this baby sister and is THRILLED that God sent her to our family!~~Elijah thinks baby Mary is VERY SPECIAL! Elijah was so cute at the hospital. When baby Mary would cry he would try to comfort her by saying, "I know, baby, I know!~ (He probably does know, for it hasn't been too long since he was a baby. =)
~We were thrilled to have our DEAR Pastor and wife (Bro. and Sis. Eisenhart) visit us and baby Mary in the hospital! We LOVE them to pieces!~
~My nieces and nephew getting to see Baby Mary.~
~Our sweet associate Pastor's wife and dear friend, Susanna came to see us too!~

~We are blessed with such loving family, friends, and church family! We got some beautiful flowers from Aunt Laura (she let our kids bring them to us), our church, along with a teddy bear, and from Grandpa and Grandma Dickinson in AZ. We also got some fun baby gifts from the Pilmores, the Eisenharts, and Gram and Gramp. Gram and Gramp, and Aunt Laura got NICE gifts for Me...the Mommy. =) (A package of YUMMY Reeses, and A Yummy smelling fall candle).

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