Wednesday, April 25, 2007

~A sermon in shoes~

"Oh, to be His Hand extended!
Reaching out to the oppress'd.
Let me touch Him, let me touch Jesus.
So that others may know and be blest!"

That is my prayer...that others will see the Saviour in me. Every day we see hurting people all around us: there are the poor and needy, there are the un-wed Mothers, the teenage Mothers, the broken homes, the drunkards, the drug addicts, and the list could go on...BUT EACH OF THESE ARE IN NEED OF A HEALER...A SAVIOUR! Everywhere we go and everywhere we look here we see someone who has just been beaten up, or someone walking down the street with tears streaming down their faces, or their lives wrecked by sin. WE HAVE THE ANSWER TO THEIR PROBLEMS...IT'S JESUS!!! GOD GAVE HIS ONLY SON TO D-I-E TO SAVE THE WHOLE WORLD FROM SIN! I cannot imagine giving my Noah to die for a good person...let alone a wicked person...but that is exactly what our GREAT GOD DID! If I had been the only person, I believe that Jesus would have still died for me. PEOPLE ARE WATCHING OUR REACTIONS, AND OUR LIVES! I am a missionary's wife...but I am first a wife and Mommy. Most of you Mommy's know that it seems that all we get done: is washing dirty dishes, washing, folding, and ironing laundry, cleaning floors, etc. BUT...if we can realize that we are TOUCHING LITTLE LIVES FOR CHRIST while we are doing our daily tasks...for they are SEEING JESUS IN US...OR ARE THEY? Let us daily TOUCH JESUS in our private time with the KING OF that we may go and touch others for Him too.
J-esus, O-thers, and Y-ou...what a wonderful way to spell JOY!!

~Only fear the Lord and serve Him in truth with all your heart; for consider how great things He hath done for you. 1 Sam. 12:24~

(Janet, Noah and I with some of the people from our church...babes in Christ!)


kayla said...

Thanks for your words. Sometimes I need a gentle reminder.

Sherry L said...

A wonderful truth for us reading your writings. You are shining for Jesus, Heather. Thank you for touching Jesus today, to pass on to us. Love, Mom/Dad Dickinson

Martha C said...

What a beautiful post!

Gayle said...

Thank you Heather. We just don't relize how blessed we are!People are hurting and we need to be that light shining in this dark world.
Sis E

Roseanne said...

You are so right. Sometimes as Mommy's we forget how important our jobs are. You did a beautiful job of putting into words the importance of our job.

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