Wednesday, April 18, 2007

DRUM ROLL~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

WELL...My man got home late last night from Ecuador...WITH 5 COLOMBIAN RELIGIOUS VISAS WITH OUR NAMES ON THEM!! PRAISE GOD! After 10 MONTHS of trying to get these visas, TONS OF PAPERWORK (SEE PIC BELOW), and spending Thousands of dollars...we now have our visas good for 2 years! GOD IS GOOD! Phillip had lots of answers to prayer to tell us about last night! THANKS BUNCHES FOR ALL YOUR PRAYERS!!

~Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say on the Lord. Psalms 27:14~


WE ARE VERY HAPPY TO HAVE OUR DADDY HOME! He bought each one of the kids a musical instrument from Ecuador. Kimberly~an Indian wooden flute,(with it's own cloth case), Sarah~a real animal skin drum, and Noah~his very own REAL guitar! The kids are thrilled with their gifts. He bought me a neat sweater, and 2 CUTE skirts ($2.50 each), and a nice wallet. Kimberly made Daddy an Apple Crisp, which he (and we) enjoyed last night.


Chris & Esther Hilling said...

Congrats and praise God for your visas! I just read online about a volcano erupting in Columbia. Was that close to you all?

~Heather~ said...

Thank you for your congrats, and Thank God for our visas! =)
No, we do not have volcanos near us, that I know of. PRAISE GOD! =)

Take care and thanks for stopping by and signing our blog.

Love, Heather

Beth Dickinson said...

Im so glad you all got your visas! I heard you all today on the IHC. It made me cry hearing you all. We miss you all so much.

Rob & Deanna Kennedy said...

I wasn't at the service, but I heard that they dalled you! How neat. I am sure you all enjoyed that. I saw your parents sitting on the opposite bleachers from us. Your dad looks so different with a beard. :-) Good your mom was with him so I recognized them. ha Glad to hear Philip received your visas finally!

Kimberly N. said...

AWESOME!! so glad the visas have arrived!! I heard about the volcana too, but apparently south of Bogata?
Thanks for your prayers...some people (like me sometimes) SAY they're praying but may forget..but I do believe you and have CONFIDENCE in your prayers!

Lavy Country said...

Wow -- what a bunch of papers! I am glad it has all worked out. God has you in his care!
Just wanted to let you know you have been in my thoughts and prayers. Blogging does bring you so much closer. Can't wait to hear the kids play their instruments.

Gayle said...

Praise the Lord! This is Great news! I still think you need to look into the laws about keeping your citizenship in the United States. I think there is a rule where you need to come out of the country of Colombia and enter the United States for 2 weeks in August you really need to check into this I don’t want you to lose you status here. If you need my help I can arrange this for you.
Sis E

Tara said...

Thank God for your visas! What a wonderful answer to prayer.

Blessings on you today,

Martha C said...

Praise God!
Since I am not at IHC, I am so curious about "hearing your voice." Would you let me in on the secret? :-)

Marty said...

Thank the Lord! His faithfulness is proven once again! I meant to tell you earlier that I loved your new bedroom suit! I am soo happy that your family is "whole" once again. Love ya! Oh by the way I think your to do a solo in the kids mass choir tonight at a hideous dress! Bring back memories!

CHad said...

Dear Heather,
So Glad you got your Visas!!!
Josiah want to say something so I let Him tipe "I have a guitar and I can read. TELL NOAH that I have a guitar too."
I was also just wondering if you can get your email since you were having trouble sending out your letter. Love, Hannah Klunder

Linda said...

That is wonderful!!
God is so good!!!!

Monte & Amy said...

So happy for you all that you got your visia, I love looking at your blog and seeing your family.
Love Amy

~Heather~ said...

MARTHA, It was NOT a hideous dress at that IHC so LONG AGO, it was UNDONE HAIR...for a certain young man and I had been so busy talking, that I did not have time to do my hair before I had to run and sing. =) My poor Mom DIED...and then they put a picture of me on the front of the Convention Herald. I'm SURE...that that was one of my Moma's PROUDEST MOMENTS!!! HA! NOW, WHAT CAN I REMEMBER ABOUT MARTHA AT IHC TO PUT ON HER BLOG? HA! ;)
Love ya bunches, Heather

~Heather~ said...

Hey Martha C....thanks for signing my blog. I'll try to explain people "hearing our voices at IHC." In the Wednesday afternoon missionary service, Bro. James Plank called 4 missionary families on the phone and talked to them live over the IHC mic. BUT, he surprised us by having OUR MOTHERS speak before we did. Since most of us had the Streaming Audio we had heard EVERYTHING that our Mothers had said...and it was so sweet hearing our Mother's talk...then after each mother talked, they and James Plank would talk to us, their kids, over the phone, but in front of the whole crowd. Of course IT WAS VERY TOUCHING TO the Mothers and we missionaries too. (He called 1.the Marc Sankeys, sister and family, Laura and Daryl Hausman in Romania, 3. Sally Sebo in Rom., and 4. us.=) I hope that that explains the "hearing our voices."
God bless you,

Susanna Pilmore said...

We are so excited that you can quit having your husband leave you for foreign countries for at least awhile!!! Smile. We are thanking the Lord that He has proven once again He is in charge and can do what seems impossible!! I do agree with what Sis E said about you coming home in August!!! We know about these special laws!!! smile.

Caleb Eisenhart said...

Kimberly, Sarah & Noah,
We love your pictures and the musical instruments look so fun!! We love and miss you and pray for you often.
Caleb, Abby & Ella

Michelle said...

Heather...That is very awesome about your Visa's!!!!!! But, you know I think that I have heard the same law as Sister E & Susanna about coming to the US for 2 weeks in August to keep your status.:-) Better check into that... ;-) We love you and are praying for you! Michelle J

Teresa V said...

I am so happy that the visas have finally come through. Your mother mentioned to me about the IHC conference calls that were being planned. I saw the photos--what a wonderful surprise!! I think of your family often, and when I do, a breathe a prayer for your safety and ask God to meet every need you are experiencing according to His very great riches. Take care. I really do like your website and your blog. You do a great job of keeping everyone up to date about your work there. May God bless and keep you and your family in His Mighty Hand.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can almost not think of something i would rather do LESS than that mountain of paperwork! Congratualtions on the Visa's for everyone tho!

Love to everyone!!!

Melissa Kay

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