Monday, April 2, 2007

Once upon a time...

in the year of 1954, on April 3rd, a sweet baby girl was born in Phoenix, AZ. That little girl grew up, and thanks to dear, FAITHFUL Christians who knocked on her door and took her to church, she became a Christian. And She has been a FAITHFUL, PRECIOUS Christian Lady all of the rest of the time. This DEAR SWEET Lady became a wife and then later a mother of 2 sweet boys (THAT ARE NOW 2 GREAT GUYS.) (Well, if you ask me, one boy is sweeter than the other....BUT, if you ask my sister-in-law Beth, she WOULD NOT AGREE WITH ME! HA!) Then several years later, after doing her BEST (with her Dear husband's help) to raise her 2 boys for JESUS, she moved (with her family) to God's Bible School. AND THAT is when she became a part of my life....FOR I MARRIED HER DEAR SON!! SMILE!
Today, that sweet lady...SHERRY L. DICKINSON turns 54! Congratulations Mom! I just want you to know that you are the BEST Mother-in-law that a girl could ever ask for! You accepted me with open arms, and have LOVED ME TO PIECES these 12 years. Thank you sooo much! I'm sooo sorry you are so sick, and I'm praying for you daily. I trust that God will help you have a SUPER day TODAY! I hope that you have a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY!!!!...FOR YOU DESERVE IT!
We wish we could be with y'all, but since we cannot, I wanted to at least be able to wish you A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY on my blog!

(Mom Dickinson with Noah!)


Anonymous said...

Dear Heather,
I am Philip's cousin. My name is Kristina James. Bill Dickinson is my dad. I really like your blogs. I read all of the posted ones. I pray for you all, for Lyndal and Becky Black, and Larry Doyle (Aunt Jean's son). The last I heard about him was that he was in Papua, New Guinea(?) translating the Bible or something. I was sorry to hear about Aunt Sherry's illness. I pray for her, too. I did not know that today was her b-day. I have always loved Uncle Bud and Aunt Sherry.

Anonymous said...

Dear Heather,

YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!. But I will let you think Love you all so much.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mother,

I am so grateful that you are my mother, that you were born 54 years ago, that you ever sought and found Christ, and that you and Dad showed Michael and I and taught us of Christ, and that you are still looking to Jesus. I hope that you have many more years and that they be healthful and blessed.

Much love,

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I just found out about this page from one of Aunt Sherry's e-mails and thought I would stop by and take a look. I'm glad things are going well there. What fun it must be for the kids! At least it seems like it would be to me. Of course I'm not the one there every day. Ha! Well, I better go. Love to everyone from Emmalyn and I!!!

Melissa Kay

Anonymous said...

Love to read all about you guys and your experiences. Thanks so much for all you're doing in Columbia for Jesus.

Aunt Ellen

Mom and Dad Dickinson said...

Dear daughter-in-law Heather, This birthday gift was one shock to me!
You have no idea what you mean to me by loving Phillip like you do, and following him to Colombia. No other woman would do what you have done. You have got to be the dearest girl that Phillip could ever have married. And, not only that but he got a whole lot of talent thrown in with his wife.
We all are blessed. Mom Dickinson

Carrie said...

Well, I'm sorry this is late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sherry!!

You are, without a doubt, one of the very sweetest ladies I've ever met!

Anonymous said...

Dear Heather thank you for this nice B-day presant to my sister!She has been a cloud of shade on a hot sunny day to me all my life!.A voice of kindness & love,when I didn't like myself or feel loveable.Over the years her & Bud have been there for me at crucial crossroad times of my life,helping & pointing me in the right dirrection when I needed it most.Life sustaning& changing prayers have gone up from her for me, for over 30 yrs before she finally was able to see an outward appearance of prayer answered.I sit & fight back the tears,as I try to express with words how much she has & does mean to this little brother. She truly is my beloved sister. Happy Birthday Sherry,
I love You!
: ) Scott

Eileen said...

Dear Heather you don't know me but Philp might remember me I am Sister Gerard from Michigan, he attended school at Pilgrim Bible Academy with our girls Sarah Ruth and Rebecca (Becky)I got aquainted with Philps mother when they lived her in Michigan. Here is my blog address so that he can catch up.
I once in awhile will receive a letter from Sis. Dickenson, and we have been praying for her as well please tell her in some way for me.
Thank you for sharing.
Sis. Eileen Gerard

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