Friday, April 27, 2007


My friend Sarah Fry posted a blog about some of her favorite things. I wrote this comment in her comments, and decided to share it with you!

BAKING something fun To eat!
Burning yummy smelling candles, a treat!
Drinking a hot cup of a flavored tea,
and spending time with my dear family! (and more! =)
(It's true...if I'm feeling low...TO THE KITCHEN TO BAKE I GO!)

~WELCOME, pull up a chair, and lets have a CHAT! Would you like a HOT, CAPPUCCINO MUFFIN, and a cup of milk or hot tea? =) A missionary, just like any other Christian (or person) has their low times. We are trying to START 2 churches here, and 1 in Medellin, "FROM SCRATCH"! Our people know NOTHING about God, His Word, etc. So, there are times when in the HUMAN we can get a little discouraged. One week, everyone is in church and seeming to be doing well...then the next 3 weeks, there are only 5 other people in church besides us. =) AND SINCE WE ARE IN THE RAINY SEASON, THAT CAN MAKE YOU FEEL LOW TOO! BUT, GOD HAS CALLED US HERE, AND THIS IS HIS WORK, AND WE PLAN TO STAY ON OUR KNEES BEFORE HIM AND WATCH HIM LEAD OUR PEOPLE! One person has said, "I LIVE ON THE MOUNTAIN TOP...BUT I'M NOT ALWAYS HOME!~ SMILE! So, since our family was a little down this week, we baked more goodies than normal, and here are some of the things we made this week, and a few pics. (THROUGH PRAYER AND PRAISE...God has helped us and we are ENCOURAGED IN HIM! =) THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!
~Homemade star and butterfly shaped biscuits, and gravy~
~Homemade Flour tortillas~
~Peanut butter cookies, with kisses on top~

~A slide show of some of the goodies we've made, and a few extra pics!~

(If anyone wants any recipes, just let me know!)

Phillip has his own blog now, on our website,
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Sherry L said...

Heather, you do not waste time, I tell you! Between your blog, family, "un-modern" way of doing laundry, and teaching your children how to bake-you are one busy little housewife. (Hey, some of us are BIG housewives! Look at Dad for instance-Just joking!) Love you much! Mom/Dad Dickinson

Linda S said...

Dear Heather,
I enjoy your blogs and the pictures. How interesting that you go to the kitchen to work on the "blues". That would be the last place I would go...ha. I guess your family enjoys your "blues". :)
Aunt Linda

kayla said...

Please don't do a slide show like that again. My hips expanded just watching.

Beth Dickinson said...

Sorry you had the blues but evertying looks GREAT! I'll be right over;-) Miss you all

Beth, Michael and Baby Isaiah

Susanna Pilmore said...

Now that you have all of us salivating!!! The problem is you don't gain an ounce and I would be 400 pounds if I went to the kitchen when I'm down!!! Smile!!
Tell Sarah her no-bake cookies look so good I almost grabbed one off the computer!!!

Janie said...

Thought I'd share my new recipe with you from this week. Pillsbury's new brownie batter in a tube (like the cookies) just squeeze in a pan and pop in the oven. YUM!! Although I'm sure not quite as yummy as your homemade from scratch goodies. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I want the cappucino recipe. One year ago I learned to enjoy coffee so I think I would love the muffins. Just this morning the Lord had your little family on my heart again. Your active posting keeps us up on your life and we know better how to pray for you. Thank you for being faithful. Keep your chin up :)
Love, Martha Going (Greenfield, IN)

Linda S said...

Dear Heather,
Just so you understand my previous comment....the kitchen gives me the blues. I am not being negative because it uplifts you. Even tho I have cooked for camps,it is only a ministry.
Aunt Linda

Monte & Amy said...

Cookies look yummy, after a long day at clinicals maybe I could just have a couple cookies to help me feel better.
Love Amy

Kimberly N. said...

All the goodies look wonderful..and I identify w/"feeling better" through baking!
I pray the Lord will strengthen and sustain you all in your home and ministry there!!

Tamra said...

You share my love for baking. Everything you posted looks so yummy (I'm salivating)! I bet you are an awesome cook! I enjoy seeing what you and the kids are "stirring up in the kitchen."

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you remember me. It's been ages since I've seen you. I think I met you at the Knoxville Youth Camp in the late 80s. I went to HSBC with Susan and Martha and may have seen you a few times down there.
I'm now married and living in England. It was good to read about your life and see your pictures.

My Blog is at

Anita (Kerr) Dalkin

Making Memories 1999 said...

Thanks so very much for the "heart-to-heart chat" and for being "real" on your blog! I know it's not easy, and it helps us to know what you're going through. I will pray for you today!! I'm so glad HE LOVES US!!! And I'm glad you enjoy baking during those blue times!! God bless you, friend!!

Gayle said...

Oh they look so good!
Sis E

Kim M. said...

Hey Heather, I was so glad to find your blog. You were just at my church (Faith Mission in Bedford< IN)... I think in December. I came up to you and commented on your adorable boy.
Also, I remember sitting behind you at Bible Meth. Youth Camp in Pell City back when we were teenagers and turning green with envy over your beautiful blonde hair. Now I'm green with envy over your cooking/baking skills! I am one of those who has to try and try and try before I can get one loaf right! Some people have it all together I tell ya!
Silliness aside... The church is praying for you and your family and so am I. Hang in there!!!!

Kim M.

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