Thursday, April 19, 2007

~"Our" Missions service at IHC!~

(Throw away your magnifying glass...our dear friend Gaylerd Miller just sent me a closer view of Bro. Plank and My Moma speaking to us on the phone! =)

As I already mentioned, I (WE) LOVE IHC...but could not attend this year. BUT THANK THE LORD FOR THE STREAMING AUDIO, we got to "attend" every service in our home here in Colombia. IT WAS AWESOME! It was the next best thing to being there! =)
Some of you may have heard that during the Wednesday afternoon International service, Bro. James Plank telephoned 4 missionary families and interviewed them LIVE in front of the IHC crowd. We got the privilege of being one of the missionary families. Since we were listening to every service on the Audio Streaming...WE HEARD THAT JAMES PLANK WAS HAVING SOME OF THE MISSIONARIES' MOTHERS TALK, BEFORE HE CALLED AND TALKED TO THEIR MISSIONARY CHILDREN! THIS WAS A TOTAL SURPRISE TO WE MISSIONARIES! So, I sat by our computer and wept while Moma talked about my sister Laura Hausman's and my missionary call, (while Keith Bailey was calling Phillip on the cell phone preparing us to talk to Bro. Plank)...then James Plank got on the phone with us, and we talked to him and got to talk to Moma too. She was crying and I was crying, and it was a VERY touching, SPECIAL time. Although before the phone call we did have butterflies in our stomachs. =)

~Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Eph. 6:10~

(James Plank also called my brother-in-law Daryl Hausman in Romania, Sally Sebo in Romania, and Marc and Melodie Sankey in Mexico!)
A dear friend Linda Massengill took a couple pics while Moma was on the platform and sent them to me! =)

(NOW...IF YOU GET OUT YOUR MAGNIFYING'll see that this is when Moma and Bro. Plank are talking to us on the phone! =)

(This is a pic of Janet Sankey talking, and all of the Mothers sitting on the platform, including my dear Mother!)


Susanna Pilmore said...

It was so awesome to hear your voice!!!! I was doing pretty good until I heard you crying and then I lost it. I wasn't the only one though!! It was such a neat service. I really missed you all at IHC. I was talking with Kim and Tim Forsee and we all agreed it isn't the same without all our good friends that used to come and the great times we would have going out to eat etc. We love you so much and are hoping to come to Columbia someday to see you!!!! Give all your children big Hugs from all my children!!!

Gayle said...

I did not get to hear your phone call. I was on my way home from work . I tried to get my husband to get it on and put it on the speaker phone for me but he wasn't home to do that. Just hearing about it gives me goose bumps!
We love you,
Sis E

Sherry L said...

Heather, you cracked me up when you wrote about these pictures of IHC, "now, if you'll get out your magnifying glasses you'll see...". You'll notice during this comment, I am laughing instead of "weeping violently". The phone call to you all, the beautiful sermons, and the bit of church I received from IHC has helped my sanity. Now, if my sanity will stay with me for awhile. Mom/Dad Dickinson

Elizabeth Flowers said...

I am so glad you told me about your blog! I have enjoyed "catching up" with your family! I admire how you look at your unusual and not-always convenient situations with humor!
I missed the afternoon service where they called you at IHC ;o( I stayed at the motel with my children for them to get naps ;o) Had I known that you were going to be called, I would have definitely went! It is obvious that God has and is continuing to bless you! What an AWESOME God we serve! You and your precious family will be in my prayers..keep serving God in Colombia;o)
Your Old GBS Pal, Elizabeth(Hirschy)Flowers

Scott and Libby said...

That must have been so wonderful to be able to talk to your mom while she was at IHC. I'm sure it was a sweet and special time for all who heard. I am sooooo happy about your visas.
Love and miss ya
Aunt Libby

Michelle said...

Heather, I heard about the service and sure wish I could have been there. It brought tears to my eyes just hearing about it. That had to have been such a blessing to the Moms that were standing on stage and all the moms of Missionaries that were sitting in the audience. I guess I have been behind the times lately because I did not realize (or didn't catch it when told) that we could have been streaming the services or I would have listened to all of them in my store! We sure do miss you and are praying for you!!!! We love you...Michelle J.

Marty said...

Heather! How nice it was for you to "speak" at IHC. If I would have know I would have tried to listen to that service. I do think the Daddy's head got in Aunt Linda picture! That's great! Did you have your hair combed when you spoke? Just teasing!!! Love ya! I hope you have a blessed Lord's day!

Kimberly N. said...

So happy this worked out as an encouragement for ya'll!! It's good to know so many are concerned and praying. (And Marty's comments cracked me up!) Love Ya!

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