Sunday, April 15, 2007

~Our Sunday~

The kids and I had a quiet day of worship here at home today. It just is not safe for me to drag my 3 kids ALONE, carrying the heavy keyboard, the stand, the suitcase with hymn books, the cookies and WALK A MILE TO CATCH A CROWDED BUS TO RIDE FOR AN HOUR ONE WAY TO CHURCH (And also trying to make sure my kids do not get run over as we cross the streets!) A LOT OF TIMES THE BUSES ARE SO FULL OF PEOPLE THAT WE HAVE TO STAND IN THE AISLE, AND TRY TO BALANCE HOLDING OUR THINGS AND WATCHING THAT NOAH DOES NOT FALL OUT THE OPEN DOOR. And after church we'd have to do it all over again. I do not feel safe riding in a taxi alone with 3 children either. (AND MOST TAXI DRIVERS HATE TO TAKE US TO THOSE POOR, UNSAFE AREAS WHERE OUR 2 CHURCHES ARE...and a lot of times they try to over-charge us!) TO SAY NOTHING OF THE FACT THAT WE LIVE IN THE KIDNAPPING CAPITAL OF THE WORLD!! So, today we listened to 2 of my Dad's sermons on CD.(Edgar Bryan) To quote my sister Laura Hausman, Daddy's my 2nd favorite preacher, now that I married a preacher. =) We also gathered around the piano and sang songs in ENGLISH, prayed together, and listened to Bible stories on CD.

Some of you may remember my first attempt to make Skyline chili here in Colombia.
1. When Phillip bought "hamburger", THEY SOLD HIM HORSE MEAT!! UGH!
2. We could not find cheddar cheese, so used white goat's cheese, BUT IT HAD HAIR IN IT!
3. The spaghetti turned into ONE HUGE LUMP! (IT ALL WAS SOOO NASTY!!)
Well, today now that I know where to find all the good ingredients I made Skyline again and it turned out DELICIOUS! YEA!
Thanks for stopping by, you are just in time for WARM Choc. chip coffee cake! And THANKS BUNCHES FOR YOUR CONCERN AND PRAYERS FOR PHILLIP, FOR US, AND FOR THE VISAS!


Connie Lavy said...

I am glad you stayed home and had your worship service. The Lord was there with you and taking care of your little family!
God Bless!!!

Anonymous said...

The Children all look so sweet and makes me miss you all the more. We love you and are praying for your precious family and Phillip's safe journey back AND GOD'S WILL for your visa's.
Love ya, Laura

Rob & Deanna Kennedy said...

Oh my goodness, HORSE's MEat????!!!!!!!!!!! That is incredible. Didn't think they would have many horses there.

Sherry L said...

Please tell my sweetheart Kimberly that I am so proud of her learning such an important and wonderful feat as baking homemade bread. I'm telling her again-good thing I am not there because even tho' I am allowed no flour these days, I would eat her bread anyway! Heather, you are a dolly of a patient mother! Love, Grandma/Grandpa Dickinson

Sherry L said...

Please tell my "RuhRuh" that her cinnamon rolls are my very favorite thing to eat-and someday, she is going to make some for me to eat, here in the United States!
I will be waiting for that happy time.
Love, Grandma/Grandpa Dickinson

~Heather~ said...


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