Sunday, April 22, 2007


(Our church, before we painted it, and put in new lights.)

~We had a good Sunday in the Lord! Due to circumstances beyond our control...only Phillip could go to church today. (The kids and I had church here!) There were 24 in the service this morning, and God helped. Phillip has been trying to have classes before church on Sunday mornings....teaching the people in preparation for baptism...but every time about 2 to 4 people come. So, today he switched it and let out service about 11:45 and then taught the baptism class for those last 15 minutes, and there were 8 or more people that stayed. YEA! The ones that want to get baptized later on, have to attend these Christian Beliefs classes. There are several ladies that want to get baptized, but they are living in sin. Please pray that God will save their souls and change them, not just for our sakes, but FOR THEIR SAKES!
~As you know our churches, are in one of the WORST areas of Colombia...the Guerrilla ("army" that is against the government, and is VERY DANGEROUS, kidnapping, and killing whom they desire!!!!) is very prevalent in Corinto. Here, people from the USA...are looked at as "MADE OF MONEY!" So, our family is in more danger of being kidnapped for that reason, ...THE GUERRILLA IS THINKING OF RANSOM MONEY!!) Phillip had just finished teaching the baptism class and was preparing to leave the church, when a girl came up to him with a message from her mother..."PASTOR...LEAVE NOW!!" So, Phillip quickly gathered his things, and LEFT! There was a group of men (probably a part of the Guerrilla "army") drinking or drunk near the church...and Phillip had to walk past them to go and wait for his bus to get home. THANK GOD FOR HIS PROTECTION! THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS FOR OUR SAFETY...WE NEED EVERY PRAYER!


(Us in the front of our church...and NO I DID NOT DECORATE THE FRONT! =)


~Heather~ said...

My Sarah wanted to put a comment on my blog:
Dearest Mommy,
Thank you for raising me to serve Jesus, God's Son, and for using ACE, it is the fun! =) You teach me how to play the violin, a little bit, and now I'm one of your special children.
And you play the piano very good, and so you teach me good!
I love you, Sarah (6) =)

Teresa V said...

Reading today's blog makes me ashamed of how easy we have it here and how much we take for granted the wonderful privilege and the opportunity to go about our daily activities in relative safety and comfort. May God go before and behind you and keep His Hand upon you and give you His Peace.

Mom/Dad Dickinson said...

The Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, and plenteous in mercy. He hath not dealt with us after our sins, nor rewarded us according to our iniquities. For as the heaven is high above the earth, so great is his mercy toward them that fear him. Like as a father pitieth his children, so the Lord pitieth them that fear him. Psalm 103

Sherry L said...

I LOVE Sarah's comment to you, Heather. Love, Grandma Dickinson

Beth Dickinson said...

Phillip, Heather and Kids,
Im so glad everthing worked out. And that you all are safe. We love and miss you all.

Juwah said...


I really enjoy your blog, it's like reading missionary adventures except this time I know the missionary. So glad your hubby obeyed the message to "leave now." We will keep you all in our prayers. It's so good to trust Jesus no matter what our circumstances.

Gayle said...

So Glad we can call on the Lord at anytime,anywhere! You did a good job decorating your Church!
Sis E

Liz Flowers said...

I just read your latest entry and as soon as I finished I prayed for you all. I asked God to give you strength, wisdom and boldness for Him and to put a wide hedge of protection around your dear family! I admire your courage and your faith! God will surely honor you for it! Keep serving God and we will continue to hold you up in our prayers!

Uncle John said...

I am trying this again,somhow I forgot my simple password. Thank you Sherry for that Psalm. Heather I am amazed by your seeming calmness in the face of danger. I remember holding Phillip when he was a baby, driving around Phoenix with he and Sherry in my GTO, who would have guessed that one day he would be a missionary with his family in a far off land. I am very proud of your little family! Adios, Uncle John

~Heather~ said...

THANK SIS. E. for the complement on decorating my church. =( I GET ALL OF MY DECORATING ABILITIES FROM MY DEAR PASTOR'S WIFE...YOU!!! =)

We love and miss y'all, thanks for your prayers!

Love, Heather

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