Thursday, April 12, 2007

~No one can have too many friends!~

God worked it out that we got a SURPRISE trip back to the USA for Christmas!!! HOW FUN! So, while we were back there, we got to see some of our dear FRIENDS! I decided to include some pics for you to see. (obviously I may not have pics of everyone we saw, so if there's not a picture of y'all....I'm sorry!)

Pastor and Mrs. Eisenhart~

Our directors, Bro. and Sis. Becker~

The Beckers "kids" & ours too~

The Kemps and us~

Janie, Susanna, Steff, & I~

Regina & I~

Rob, Steff, & us~

Melinda, Susanna & I~

Sarah & I~

The Holladays, & I~

Roseanne, Nora, & I~

The Edwards, & Noah~

Janet, & we girls~

Bro. Boardman, & us~


Gayle said...

Thanks for posting the pictures Heather. I really am enjoying your blog!
Sis E

Beth Dickinson said...

I love looking at all your pic. Heahter. Its so fun seeing all your friends. We miss you all. Hope all is going ok with out Phillip there. Love you

Susannna Pilmore said...

I count it a blessing to be called one of your friends!!!!! We had so much fun when you were home and we can't wait to see you again!!!

Connie Lavy said...

I like all the pictures of your family and friends. It is so nice to blog and give others a chance to share your joys.

Marty said...


Do you know that I go to church with Rob's half sister, Laurie Terpening? (She is married to Mae Terpening nephew!) Small world huh?

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