Monday, April 16, 2007

~Inter-church Holiness Convention~ (IHC)

Oh, It's IHC time again, I wish we could go!
I've only missed attending 7 years of my 33, you know!
To walk in and smell the familiar smells
And see all of the books, Cd's and pads and pens for sell.

To see familiar faces, dear friends, and greet each other,
And spend happy times with my Father and Mother.
To feel God's presence in a very special way...
Yes, I'll miss it....but I guess I'll be OK. =)

All of you that get to go....COUNT your blessings and enjoy it for us! =) We are praying for a special sense of God's presence in the services. Dad Sankey wrote me that we might be able to hear it live by going to a certain link. YEA! I have already listened to the first IHC service and cried and was praising GOD! I tried to put the link on here, but the blog won't let me! SORRY! =(

Since we were in Costa Rica at Spanish school last year, our last year to attend IHC was I've included a few pics from that year!

MaryBeth, Heather, Susanna, & Kelly~

My precious Kimberly, Noah & Sarah~

Kimberly and Sarah singing in the kids choir~

Michelle, Susanna, Heather, Janet, & Kelly~

Trust ye in the Lord forever; for in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength.
Isa. 26:4~


Stephanie said...

I wish so much that you could be there this year, but knowing you are in God's will is all that matters! I don't know how much I'll be able to be there...all depends on the chicken pox situation. I'm going to go enjoy my already-paid-for suite, anyway!

Sherry L said...

Love your IHC pictures, Heather. I'm glad you are making the best of your stay at home situation. You ALL are my sweetheart troopers!
Love always from "Grandma and Grandma"-as Noah calls us.
Mom & Dad Dickinson

Jana said...

I'm with you on missing it again this year. We have not been able to go for 5 years now :(...maybe next year, if the Lord allows. Always fun times!!

Miss Janet said...

I too will not be attending this year, though I have considered it. As you well know, things have been a little 'different' to say the least. I did think about it today and wished I could jump on a plane last minute and see myself to Dayton. What a great experience!! Great pics!!! :) You're missed and loved!!!

Anonymous said...

Heather, I'm with you in NOT GETTING to attend IHC this year either. But am praying that the Lord's presence will be there and SO real that the ripples will reach us EVEN OVER THE OCEAN. WE too are going to see if we can get the live streaming to work over here... when we are awake anyway. YES.. I loved your poem too... you are so talented. love ya Laura

Marty said...

IHC...tons of memories there!!! I quess I won't remind you of a few on your blog! I'm so glad to hear that you stayed in on Sunday. I am happy that the Lord met with you in your home! Consider yourself hugged by your "little" cousin!

Rob & Deanna Kennedy said...

Rob is actually taking off work for once & we will go this afternoon. Today will be the only day we will go. Last year we didn't go because I won't go by myself anymore. The last time I did I was too tired & grouchy by the time I carried my kids all around there. :-)

Making Memories 1999 said...

Heather, I heard you at IHC today!!! What a neat surprise for you all!! (Your Mom stopped by yesterday and told us that it was going to happen.) Your mother's talk along with hearing you all on the phone brought tears to many eyes in the congregation!! God bless you, dear friend!!

Janette said...

We got to hear you at IHC from our OWN HOME over the internet!!! It was so good to hear your voices as well as Sis. Bryan speaking! We've enjoyed bits of the convention without the hours of travel with little kids and the hectic schedule although I know it's really nice to be there and see so many people. Thank the Lord for advanced technology!

So glad to hear that you finally got your visas!! Thank the Lord! ...And sometimes we think paperwork is bad in the US! :-)

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