Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Phillip is Gone again....

I'm beginning to think that it has fallen my lot to stay at home and keep the "home fires burning" while he travels around preaching and taking care of our paperwork. SMILE! No, really he had to leave today to fly to Quito, Ecuador to change our Colombian visas from tourist to religious visas. (He had to fly outside of Colombia to do this!) I will NOT go into all the details of the NERVE-RACKING day, STOMACH IN KNOTS, and all that went into us getting him and our papers ready to leave today. It was UNREAL!!! But God answered prayer and now he's on his way. Please pray that God will guide him, protect him, and help him to get our visas, IT IT'S GOD'S WILL! [Quito, Ecuador is where the missionaries Jim Elliot and Nate Saint and 3 others flew into (YEARS AGO), before they went to the place in Ecuador where they were going to ministry, and were killed by the Indians.] Phillip is supposed to come back late Saturday night. The kids and I are doing fine, missing Daddy, but fine. Thanks for your prayers!! (Phillip just called and he arrived safely in Ecuador. Thank the Lord!)

Our good friends from college (GBS), DeWayne and Renee Joslin came with a work team in February. We had a lot of fun, remembering things from our college days, and laughing over DeWayne's hilarious stories.


Beth Dickinson said...

Im glad everthing is working out for you all on the Visas. Sorry you are missing Phillip. I know when Michaels gone I hate it. But I guess that just part of life. Love you all

Mickey said...

Hope the time passes quickly for you! It's tough being mom and dad sometimes but I know you'll get along well! Praying for you! ~Michelle~

Sherry L said...

"I'll do it all for Jesus, I'll do it all for Jesus, I'll do it all for Jesus. He's done so much for me!"
Jesus knows all you are doing for him. "And, the toils of the road will seem nothing, when I get to the end of the way." Although, I realize we aren't at the end of the way, so the TOILS are seeming something. But, Jesus knows!
Love, Mom & Dad Dickinson

Sherry L said...

As beautiful as other people are, none are so beautiful to me as my two children in this picture. Sorry, but mom's have a right to be prejudiced!
Love, Mom and Dad Dickinson

Marty said...

I know how it feels when Larry is away for a few days with work,,,,but he's still in the same country. I can't imagine what you are going through! I'll pray extra hard the next few days!

Today, I felt very bad for you as the boys and I sat down to a .59 cent cheesburger from McDonalds!!! I guess it gave me a moment to stop and pray for you. I pray the Lord will provide extra to "treat" your family to a greasy meal at the big M!

Love ya bunches

Ohhh...check out Mommma's new blog!

Tara said...


My hubby works in Cincy, which is about 2 hrs. from where we live. During the busy tax season (NOW!), he sometimes is gone for days at a time. (thank God for GBS providing him a room for sleeping a few hrs in!). Anyway, the days (and even more so the NIGHTS)are hard enough on me here alone, even with family around. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for you. You are a brave soul. I will pray for you this week, too!

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