Sunday, April 8, 2007


That is the greeting that the early Christians used, to greet each other on Resurrection Sunday! Here in Colombia, everyone "celebrates" the death of Jesus, but no one celebrates, or even recognizes that He arose! HOW SAD! "Because He lives, we can face tomorrow!"
Since we are in the rainy, chilly season of Colombia, for days I have been wondering what "Spring outfit" I could wear on Easter...that would keep me warm!?!(more later!)
Our Sundays are WAY to hectic to have a special meal with company over. (Because sometimes we only have 2 hours at home, in between our 2 services!) So, we had our "Resurrection Sunday meal"...on Saturday, and invited Carlos and Gloria. Friday evening we had a church service in Corinto. Then later on that night back at home, I had FUN getting the table all ready for our special meal. [A DEAR friend gave me the beautiful table cloth, and the vase (minus the flowers) was given to me from the wedding reception that we attended last week.] And we sat a place for Jesus...THE UNSEEN GUEST, to help us remember that HE IS ALWAYS PRESENT WITH US!

On Saturday, the meal turned out good, THANK THE LORD. In Colombia I have never seen a HAM, and the ROAST BEEF are VERY TOUGH (Kimberly nearly choked to death eating beef at Christmas time) so my choices for meat are hamburger, chicken, or shrimp. (Of course the Colombians would tell me that I had MANY MORE CHOICES: cow intestines, blood sausage, cow foot, cow liver, chicken liver, chicken feet, chicken gizzard, etc. UGH!) So, I found a new recipe in Taste of Home called "Shrimp with Lemon Linguine" and made that, and it turned out delicious. To accompany the Shrimp sauce and pasta, I made a lime jello for the appetizer, my homemade French bread (with NOAH'S HELP!=), a tossed green salad, and Gloria made homemade fresh raspberry juice to drink. We had a wonderful time of fellowship, and after dinner we moved to the living room to visit more...AND THAT IS WHEN THE STOMACH FLU HIT SARAH AND I. All I could do was sit in a chair in the living room, and hope that I did not loose my dinner. So poor Phillip and Gloria had to serve my 2 desserts: the "Tres Leches" cake, (a DELICIOUS Latin American moist,white cake) and the Fresh Strawberry Pie. By that time, I did NOT want any of the desserts, I was soooo sick. So, needless to say...I decided WHAT "SPRING OUTFIT" THAT I'D WEAR ON EASTER TO KEEP ME warm, flannel nightgown...while I laid in bed SICK! SMILE! But, I was HAPPY that I got everything done I wanted to get done, and the meal over before I got sick. AND THOUGH I'M SICK, I'M STILL REJOICING IN THE FACT THAT JESUS DIED AND AROSE FROM THE DEAD AND LIVES TO INTERCEDE FOR ME! (Phillip told me that there was a good crowd at church this Easter morning, and they had a good service. He took the camera to church, but since he was busy leading the service, he forgot to take any pictures.)


Sherry L said...

Just looked at your site, knowing you would be too busy to write today. Am so sad you & Sarah are ill. You are a REAL Martha Stewart, or should I say REAL Martha Bryan-Smile. You make any place you are at, a very special place with very special meals. This site helps me live better, seeing exactly what your family is up to. Mom/Dad Dickinson

Carrie said...

Aww, sorry to hear you're sick! Hope you and Sarah get to feeling better soon!

Gayle said...

Your table looks so pretty!
What a neat Idea to set a place for Jesus! I am so sorry you are sick! Those cinnamon rolls look yummy! I am still praying you will have to come out of the country by August! Smile
Sis E

~Heather~ said...

Dear Sis. E,
I think I'll join you in your prayers, for it DOES sound fun to be at Carmago camp with y'all. (I was even day-dreaming the other day, and PLANNING MY OUTFITS in case we came. =)

Love, Heather

Beth Dickinson said...

Sorry you and Sarah are sick. I hate being sick like that. And when you have company over too. So sorry. Everything looked so pretty! I wish I could be like you when it comes to stuff like that. As Mom D said you are a REAL Martha Stewart. Thats for sure.
Love you

Martha C said...

It all looked/sounded so nice. Sorry to read you were sick!

Connie Lavy said...

Heather, Sorry you were sick. Praying you are better now.
Your table looked so nice. You have that knack of making things just right.
I'm working on my blog. My little helper daughters are prodding me on. They are such a joy!
I know you know how children, no matter what age, are a joy and delight to have. They keep you on your toes.

becky said...

Hi Heather, You are one amazing woman! What a great meal you created in spite of the circumstances. I remember what a hard time my mom had of cooking on the mission field. The ingredients that are available are so limited and so different from what we have here in the USA. Not to mention the high prices for imported goods.
You all are doing a great job ministering as well. We'll add you all to our prayer list.
Becky Marshall

Stephanie said...

Glad I finally found your site! We love you all and pray for you often. The kids are growing so much! Can't wait to see you again!

Anonymous said...

Heather, I'm so glad to "hear" you say "He is risen"! to herald Easter morn--every Easter I feel like I want to run from house to house singing "He is risen" and don't because I'm too shy. But in my soul, I sing it all day on Easter. I wish Christians still did that like in the days after Christ's death.

Aunt Ellen

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