Friday, April 6, 2007

Heather~ the "red-nosed missionary"

When we flew to the USA for Christmas, we landed late at night in Miami. We were walking through the airport to meet our Uncle Scott Sutherland, who would take us to spend the night at their home in Hobe Sound. Well, it was a LONG walk in the airport, and I was tired, had slicky shoes and the floor was SLICK too. Before I knew it I had FALLEN FLAT ON MY NOSE ON THE TILE/CONCRETE floor in the middle of the airport. My sunglasses that were tucked in the neck of my blouse, FELL OUT AND I CRUNCHED THEM BETWEEN MY NOSE AND THE FLOOR! OUCH!!! THANK THE LORD that I did not break my nose, or any other bones, but my nose just swelled up and was VERY SORE and red. So, for the first few days of the Christmas Holidays, I did my best IMPERSONATION of "Rudolph the Red nosed reindeer."

Thankfully, by Christmas eve my nose was not as swollen and was looking better.(Phillip and I at the Becker's house)


Gayle said...

Nice Nose! That doesn't even look like you!
Love Ya,
Sis E

Roseanne said...

WOW - words aren't adequate. It makes MY nose hurt.

Anonymous said...

You are still beautiful even with a red nose!!! I like that picture of you and Philip.

Susanna Pilmore said...

I forgot to sign my name on the last comment!!!! I'm so new at this!!!

Beth Dickinson said...

That looks SO PAINFUL!!! But you still look good (smile)
Love Beth

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