Tuesday, April 10, 2007


OK...I already mentioned some about our "Easter Sunday dinner" being on Saturday and then me getting sick, but I wanted to tell you a few things that made our Easter DIFFERENT FROM NORMAL!
I had no store-bought Easter egg dye (the kids love to do it for fun, like art class =) and THEY DO NOT SELL THE EASTER EGG DYING KITS HERE IN COLOMBIA! Since I was sick, I did not have the energy to make a "homemade natural dye" (from beet, or raspberry juice, etc.), so I just let the kids COLOR our COLOMBIAN, NATURALLY BROWN EGGS with their MARKERS. SMILE!
This year, we did not want give our kids a bunch of candy for Easter...(for we spent lots of time and money at the dentist in Costa Rica, and some of them still need more work done). Usually, on the Monday after Easter, we take them to McDonalds or a place like that to celebrate, and we all eat and they play. For eating at McDonalds is a rare treat that they LOVE! (HERE, McDonalds is EXPENSIVE, THE CHEAPEST HAMBURGER IS AROUND $3.00). This month we are having to spend a lot of money trying to get our Colombian visas, so the McDonalds trip was not an option. SOOOO...We just gave the girls some fun, pink, spray-on lotion from Avon, and Noah some Sponge Bob Shampoo, that I had gotten at a GREAT SALE at Avon. They were happy, and their teeth were too. =) (Besides since they have a Mommy that LOVES to bake, and bakes ALL OF THE TIME, they get their share of sweets and goodies.) It was a different, but fun Easter.


Marty said...

Hey Cousin,

Thanks for coming to view my blog...I wish it were my living room! I have seen your a couple of times also...looks great! It was great to hear of your Easter Sunday. Sorry you were sick!

Marty said...

Hey Heather,

Next time you look at my blog...check on making memories 1999...this is Rebecca (Patterson)Hoard. She ask if she could get on your blog.

Love ya,

Beth Dickinson said...

Im glad the kids had a good Easter. I love seeing pictures of them and you all of course too.

Making Memories 1999 said...

My friend, Heather!! I'm enjoying your blog! Thanks for stopping by mine. I enjoy showing pictures of my "answer" to YOUR prayers! :-) Thanks, friend! I've only read your latest entry at this point, so I'll catch up and probably drop you more lines! May God bless you and your family!!!

Tara said...


Thanks so much for the note! I DO remember you very well, though I can't honestly recall when we might actually have ever had a conversation! But the Holiness movement is a small world, so who knows? I'm so glad to be able to access your blog. And we will put your family on our prayer list. My children will enjoy seeing pics of a missionary family. Our oldest is especially interested in mission work..

Look forward to connecting more this way....


Holly said...

It was nice hearing from you! Your kids are so adorable. I was so excited to see pictures of Michael's little guy. Spitting image of his daddy! :-) You guys be careful over there! Tell Phil I said Hi.

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