Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Natasha turns 14!

Today, (April 4th)my dear niece Natasha Hausman turns 14! Natasha is the oldest daughter of my DEAR sister Laura Hausman. Natasha and her family are missionaries in Romania. I cannot believe that she is turning 14. WOW! Time flies. I remember being a freshman singing in the God's Bible School choir, and we went to the church where the Hausman's were youth pastor. Our choir arrived at their church, just 3 short days after little Natasha was born. It was sooo fun to hold my new little niece.

***********HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATASHA!***********

I love you bunches and hope your day is as special as YOU are to us!


sherry and bud dickinson said...

Happy Birthday, Natasha. You have turned into a sweet young lady that takes after her Aunt Heather, Mom-Laura, and Grandma-Martha. Wasn't this a surprise to find your picture and birthday greeting on Aunt Heather's blog-site from Colombia-of all places! Isn't our Heather just the best thing since fried ice cream? Mom & Dad Dickinson

Susanna Pilmore said...

Happy Birthday Natasha!!! I'm sure you don't remember us really good but we had some good memories with your family on our "exciting" fourth of July camping trip. You will have to ask your mom and dad if you forgot about it. It is one of our favorite memories! We love and appreciate your family tell them we will be praying for them.

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